from $12.99 / day

The Park at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport
9800 South Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet
Indoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
The Park at LAX (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 0.4 miles
Type of parking: Outdoor Valet, Indoor Valet
Clearance: 11'0"

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: $1/day

The Park at LAX features brand new indoor/outdoor clean, well lit, and professionally maintained parking facility. It is licensed, bonded and insured with 24/7 camera surveillance. Your vehicle will be parked in first-class parking environment. Free shuttle buses are running every 10 minutes 24/7.

Additional services:
Car wash, exterior or interior detail, complete detail, engine cleaning, gas fill up, oil change and smog check are available on request.

Additional information:
Upon your arrival to LAX call pick-up service to dispatch a shuttle bus that will pick you up at your terminal.

What our customers say about The Park at LAX

- CA

800 # was busy first few times calling after landing. Since your shuttles are a bit slow, people probably end up calling too early which compounds the issue. Shuttle driver drive way too fast in the rain getting us back. There were 4 of us in the van and we all were terrified. He also did not look in your parking lot when backing up and could have hit me and the other vehicle he was pulling up to. Bathroom pretty gross. Seems like this place has changed names a few times, needs someone who cares!
- ventura

This place is the real deal. I'll be using it again. Much easier and faster to use than other more expensive places.
- Orange County

Took over an hour to get back to the parking lot from the terminal. Unexceptable!

Really happy with the experience. Next time I fly out of LAX, I'll be sure to reserve parking here!
- Bakersfield, CA

Will definitely use The Park at LAX again.

Good experience, the only minus is that on their shuttle it does't say explicitly the Park at LAX, but the driver does a good job to find the people. Just make sure you ask what is written on the shuttle when you call them on arriving.

Used them several times and have always been prompt. Great service.

The location was extremely convenient, staff was pleasant, shuttle vehicles were very nice, and the whole process was very expedient, both arriving and departing. My one complaint is that I had requested indoor parking, but my car was outside. Overall, I definitely had a positive experience and would use this service again.
- Lakewood, CA

The location is not too far from the airport and the rates were very reasonable. When I returned my car was ready and waiting. The shuttle driver was quick and efficient with loading the luggage in the back and interior was warm compared to the cool 50 degrees outside. I returned 2 days before original return date and the total was adjusted without any fuss - much appreciated at 5:30 in the morning after a redeye.

The only hiccup in service was the delay in the shuttle. I was waiting for my luggage when I called and was asked if i was already under the red hotel sign since it only takes 5 minutes for the shuttle to get there. Got my luggage within about 10 minutes, went to the sign and called again. It took 25 minutes for the shuttle to arrive, and we were cold and tired.

They did a fantastic job, and I will use them again next time! Great job avoiding the LAX traffic on the way out of the airport!
- Glendale, CA

We've parked here several times before, and generally find it to be price-competitive, if not necessarily the absolute cheapest. Location seems to be safe enough; they have indoor parking if you want your car inside. Shuttle can be a bit hit-and-miss: you might depart for the airport in only 5 minutes, or it can be 15 or 20 (depending on when a previous van departed, etc.).

For returning from the airport terminals, pickup times can be a bit trying, standing there watching the sea of vans from other services streaming by ... typically, we've been picked up within approx. 15 to 20 min. or so. This time it was immediate (!) because the van was right out front as we were about to call. It had been called previously by someone else, so it was our lucky day. This particular driver drove (IMHO) too fast on the city streets; I hope he doesn't ruin someone's travels by putting everyone in a hospital in a crash. Also, this particular van does not have an intermediate step which can extend during loading, making for a HUGE step from street level to the interior level. It's a bit of a nuisance (at the least) and a genuine impediment for anyone with any physical limitations on movement.

I have parked in this lot before and you have been a lot of help and very friendly and always on time. I will only park here and thank you for taking care of my car and me. Would definitely recommend you.
- Irvine, CA

Good indoor facility but a few bird droppings. Pickup wait time about 15-20 minutes as facility a little ways from LAX. Overall - Excellent for the price.
- Yorba Linda

I expected the worse given the location, but actually it all worked out fine. Vans are new and easy to identify. Staff was professional and courteous, car was waiting, got right out of facility and short wait for bus. Bathroom was clean. No complaints.
- Pasadena, CA

I made the reservation for indoor valet parking, but clearly my car was not parked indoors. When it was returned, the car had significant bird droppings on the roof! It was past midnight when I picked up my car and did not notice the droppings until the next morning. So, basically, they were dishonest in promising a service like indoor parking while it was clear the car was parked outside.
- California

Both outbound and inbound drivers were nice and friendly. We were recommended by our son, glad to have found them, resonaly priced. Two and a quarter miles were on the odometer when we returned, so not sure what happened there. Will use them again as drop off and pick up is fairly quick.
- San Diego

Fast and easy! Had no issues and will use them again!

This is a long overdue review. I recently parked at the Mega Parking lot and had terrible service and now have to repair my cars bumper so I thought that I should take the time and give a review to the one car lot that I did enjoy there service from. I arrived on a early morning to be greeted at the door and my luggage immediately loaded onto a shuttle. I went in and paid for the time my car would be parked there and was off to the airport within 20 mins of arrival.

I later called when I arrived back from my vacation and was picked within 15 mins of my phone call. Upon arrival my car was ready and parked in front of the building waiting for me. The shuttle guy loaded my luggage into my car and I was out of there within 10 mins. The customer service was great, and the location, and security of the facility looked way better than what I've dealt with elsewhere. The location is a little tricky to locate but once you find it your golden. I highly recommend this place and after my terrible experience from my recent LAX lot, I will definitely come back here and pay the little extra for the security and peace of mind I gained from that visit.

Everything was great for the price we paid. Not top class, but great for the money. Will definitely be parking here next time.

They drove my car while I was away. The first time I suspected it but wasn't 100% sure. The second time I wrote down the mileage before I left it. The seats, mirrors, even the radio were all readjusted as well. If you are going to use this place, write your mileage on an index card and leave it on the dash so that they know you know what it is.

Expect the pickup to take 30-60 minutes. The van is plain black with almost no lettering, so it is very hard to see. The name on it may not be "the Park". It would help immensely if they put some kind of bright logo on their vans.

They used to be the cheapest but have gotten much more expensive over the past year - I no longer think they are worth the issues above.
- Oceanside, CA

Much improved from last time - maybe better details about pickup and drop off areas and times!!!
- san gabriel

Used this place twice in the last month. I'm happy with their service and price. I will always use them coming to LAX!
- , CA

Thanks guys, this was easy, fun and time was never a problem going either way. I will surely come again and encourage others to do the same.
- LA

Great on the way to the airport - good job!

Coming back was a different story. After being told the van was 10 minutes away, it was extremely frustrating waiting at airport, and watching one after another grey & white Park at LAX pass us by without stopping, calling multiple times, and being told they will be right there.... when it took 35 minutes and then there was a long line to pay. That said, we were pleased that they gave us a discount and free carwash next time, however we will consider another service next time.
- Culver City

Good people and good service. I will use again next time I travel.
- LA

Upon arriving at LAX, it took 45 minutes to be picked up after I called and another 20 minutes to arrive back at the lot and another 10 minutes for them to bring my car up. Not acceptable and will never park here again.
- Long Beach

Flying several times a month, parking at LAX gets really expensive. Yep, sometimes you have to wait a bit for the shuttle and I also recommend (as a previous review stated) that you call when you get to baggage claim. I have been lucky and had a short couple of minutes wait for a shuttle and other times 20-30 minutes. However, this place is $7 a day compared to $25+ at Wally Park, etc. You get what you pay for but all in all, for the price.. you can't beat this place.
- Aliso Viejo, CA

Didn't take 5 minutes to reach the place, but had to wait for some time for the shuttle. Otherwise great service.
- Santa Maria, CA

A very positive experience. Would definitely use them again.
- Brea, CA

The good: the shuttle was very nice and the service was courteous.
The bad: When I was waiting to sign my contract the person behind the counter offered a carwash and a number of services to the white woman he was attending. When it was my turn he immediately crossed out all optional services. I had to state that I actually wanted a carwash. Perhaps my demographic doesn't buy a whole lot of extras?

Also, the carwash itself wasn't worth the money I paid. The inside vacuuming was sub-par at best. Honestly, I was too tired when I picked it up to notice on the spot. The next day it was too late to do anything about it.
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