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Airport Center Express

Los Angeles International Airport
5959 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Self-Park Garage
Distance from Airport0.6 mi
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
Driving distance to LAX: 0.6 miles
Clearance: 6'6"
Open 24/7

Competitive rates and friendly service just a few short blocks from LAX, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Covered self-park facility featuring continuous shuttle service 24/7 on full-size modern shuttle buses. Complimentary luggage assistance.

Additional information:

Self-Park: We have two entrances from Century Blvd. Self-Parking is on levels 4-7 in the parking garage. Elevators are located on each level to take you from your car to the shuttle stop on the ground floor.

Upon arrival back to Los Angeles, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red PARKING LOT SHUTTLE zone in front of each of the terminals. Shuttle buses are cruising through all LAX terminals.

Payment is made at the exit booth after you have retrieved your car.

What our customers say about Airport Center Express


Finding a space was a challenge. The actual space is very narrow even for a compact car. Everyone parked so poorly, they took their space and then some.
- Orange County

I had no issues with the parking facility or services they provided. The drivers were well seasoned to maneuver through the chaos of LAX. I will definitely use this facility in the future. Great Job!

Parking was easy and shuttle wait times were under 10 minutes.

The wait time on pick up was amongst the worst of all vendors per my experience. After waiting 20 min, I contemplated walking to the parking structure. I then called the automated no. and made a pickup request. I waited for another 15 min before a shuttle came. I don't know if me calling did anything or it was coincidental.
- Sherman oaks

I’ve been parking at this facility for a long time and so far I’ve not had any issues or problems, so please keep this facility as safe as possible and I’ll continue to do business with you guys.
- Irvine

Close to the airport and easy experience. Only downside is that the parking spaces are a bit tight but there were plenty of spaces, so we didn't have any issues.
- CA

Driver that took us to the airport was not very friendly and did not help us with bags. Elevator was broken when we returned. Had to go to east elevator.

They used to have pretty good prices, now the prices have almost doubled. It is a convenient place to park, the shuttles from the airport to the parking garage are not that easy to catch as they are few and far between.
- Acton, CA

Nearby LAX. Easy-to-use. Definitely worth it. I will be here again.

Great place to park. Close to the airport. The shuttle from lot to airport was great, but being picked up from airport was terrible!! We waited 40 mins for the shuttle! I know it was a busy evening, but there needs to be more shuttles running. 15-20 min. Wait time is fine but 40 is ridiculous! More shuttles PLEASE!
- Dana Point

Great location. We have been parking here every month for many years. Drivers were better with the prior ownership. So far this year only one driver, a very nice lady, had a great customer attitude! Most of the other drivers are not interested to help or even say good morning or whatever time of the day it is. But they all expect a tip. Tipping is based on good service with a smile and we reward that generously.
- Ventura, Ca

This was a great place to park my vehicle for 4 days. The spaces (I feel) are ment for compact cars and people park their cars like jerks and into other spaces so it was hard to find a spot that fit my truck but I did and it was a tight squeeze but I got in with out dinging the car next to me or mine! I didn't see any marks on my truck either so that works for me! I reserved ahead and got a discounted rate. The ladies in the from were nice and it was quick and simple to get to and from the airport!
- LA

The location is fine, however when I got there on June 17, 2016 they had over booked the parking structure, and I didn't have any place to park my car which I had made a reservation in advance. The attendant actually tried to get me to leave and go some where else which I had no clue where that was and was already in a hurry to catch my 9:00am flight.

There should be a cut off for people who make reservations in advance consideration should be made for those people so that I am not inconvenienced and almost missed my flight because I didn't have a place to park my car until the manager had me park on the side. If this continues I will not be using this location again for my business travel.

When I returned to my car after a 4 day trip it had a 2 ft long scratch on the drivers side door that looked like it was keyed. Where was the security? So frustrating.
- CA

Best parking facility I have used so far!

This is a good parking place, but on busy weekends sometimes it is hard to find the parking spot.
- Moreno Valley, CA

Excellent facility and service.
- Granada Hills, CA

It's hassle-free and a convenient way to park and ride by the airport.
- AZ

Easy to access. fast and helpful shuttle service. Easy exit. What more can you ask for?

Excellent location! Very close to LAX Airport. Parking spaces were decent. However, there weren't any signs to direct us to the entrance of the parking structure. Had to drive a couple rounds until we found it.

I have parked at this facility numerous times. I am looking for a better facility because the stalls are so small that I am always anxious that my car will be all dinged-up when I return. 2/3 times I also have to park on the roof because there are no covered spots left. Shuttle drivers are nice and friendly, but I can't say the same about the staff at the exit cashiers. Not a bad alternative, but not a good one either.

Have parked there before. Always come back to this location. Very convenient.

I've used this parking location in the past and this was the first time i waited close to 45 minutes for a shuttle at 5am. So many people waiting 2 shuttles had to take everyone. Driver, however, was on a mission to get us to the terminals.
- los angeles

I park here almost every week and the past month or so. I've noticed the shuttles haven't been coming as frequently to the arrivals area. Yet when we get to the garage there are often 2 or 3 trucks sitting there with drivers in them. Not very consistent.

Twice the elevators (which are quite dirty and have an unpleasant odor), were out of service. The parking spaces are shamefully narrow.

I have used Airport Center Express a few times already and I'm impress with the excelent service you provide.

overall a very nice welcome experience!!!!!

I parked here first time last week. I parked for 8 days. i arrived at the parking structure friday evening around 730 pm. Sign says you can only park on floors 4-7. As soon as i got to the 4th level, i saw a parking spot right away. For those people saying the elevator only goes to the 2nd floor…. you are either blind or does not know how to read because there is a big sign by the elevator with an arrow pointing to the right (1st building) saying there is another elevator with direct access to the shuttle waiting area. I was parked at the 2nd building so instead of taking the elevator close to where I'm parked, i followed the sign and went took the elevator that took me directly to the 1st floor. I was running late for my flight so while i was on the elevator i was worried that i might have to wait a long time for a shuttle to take me to LAX just like what others complain about. As soon as i got out of the elevator, i immediately saw 2 shuttles parked at the waiting area. Driver helped me with luggages and we left as soon as i sat down… driver didn't even wait for other passengers. i was at terminal 2 in about 3 minutes. When i got back from my trip which was Saturday evening around 8pm, i called the phone number on the parking ticket to request for pick up. i waited by the red sign outside the terminal that says hotel shuttle and courtesy shuttle. The shuttle came in less than 5 minutes. The shuttle was well marked with signs in the front and the side that says Airport Center Express. When we got to the parking structure, there were 4-5 other shuttles parked at the waiting area. I dunno why people complain about having to wait 20-30 minutes for pick up when there are a lot of shuttles available. When i got to the cashiers booth, i showed my online confirmation and the online amount was honored. I did not have a problem with the parking fee like some are complaining about. I will definitely park at this structure again. Cheap and great location.

Parking was easy and shuttle was very quick.
- La Canada

Have used them before. This time the pick up was very prompt. Could work on keeping the facility a bit cleaner.

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