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Sheraton Gateway

Los Angeles International Airport
6101 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15
Park with us at Sheraton Gateway near LAX airport.

We offer complimentary shuttle service to and from airport (15 minute intervals), 24 hours of operation, Starbucks, free wifi in hotel lobby, text for your car service.

Checking in and out is is Fast, Easy and Convenient.

What our customers say about Sheraton Gateway


We landed late at LAX, 2 Sheraton Gateway shuttles passed us at the designated shuttle pickup area after 45 min of waiting. Both shuttles didn't even pull over to the shuttle area to let us know they were full, another shuttle on the way, nothing... just flew passed the pick up area.

Luckily, a Marriott driver (hotel right next to Sheraton and not affiliated) saw the distress from my wife (and our children) and offered to give us a ride to the Sheraton. So grateful for the Marriot driver. Will not be using the Sheraton again.

The service was quick and easy, and everything went great.

I had to wait one (1) hour for the shuttle to come from the hotel to airport. I went inside the hotel and spoke to the hotel manager. She tried calling over 5x and couldn't even reach them, as they are a 3rd party vender. I was about to miss my flight at this point and had to call a taxi to pick me up from the hotel to the airport. I already prepaid my car for the week. The return was just as bad. Waited 45minutes.I saw at least 3 buses with other hotels. The bus was full. Standing only. This was the worse experience I ever had with any company and I have used them all. Would not recommend to anyone.

Shuttle driver for LAX pickup was the worst. Never offered assistance with bags. Had no interest in "earning" a gratuity and received none.

The only issue was the one related to the shuttle. We did not know where to find it at the terminal. Once we ere waiting at the right pickup location, after several minutes a Sheraton Gateway shuttle had not arrived, a Four Points Sheraton shuttle driver offered to help us and dropped us off at the entrance to Sheraton Gateway which worked out very well and was greatly appreciated. Return of the vehicle was then done very quickly by the efficient valet attendant.

All things considered, this was a positive experience.

Drop-off was great. Valet was ready to go and shuttle was there in a couple of minutes. Pickup is where I had trouble. We came in late after midnight. We waited 30 minutes at the airport then finally the driver from a different hotel offered to give us a ride to the Sheraton. Got to the hotel and the driver was asleep in his bus. I tried calling the hotel but it was just a recording. Definitely need more shuttle busses if they're going to continue to use their parking facility. Valet was good.

No issues, felt safe.
- Rancho cucamonga

Much better than garage parking, especially when arriving at night.
- TravelConnoisseur

Great proximity to LAX while one parks at the SHERATON GATEWAY. Shuttles are fairly often, so it's easy to get in & off to your gate ! The valets are super nice at Sheraton, but the wait time could be a little better. The office people are o.kay, but not a super nice as the valets.

Quick, but not the cheapest. Waited 10 minutes for them to get my car. Not too bad.
- Los Angeles

Convenient if you stay at Sheraton Gateway the night before your flight.
- Encino, CA

Can't beat a hotel valet right by the airport with constant shuttles and a friendly staff! They were so kind about helping me with my situation (needed my brother to pick up my car) and their service was great. Truly 5 stars.
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