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UVP LAX Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
11200 Hawthorne Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90304 Map

Outdoor Self
Distance from Airport4.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min30
Lot Capacity100
UVP LAX Parking is conveniently located only 3.5 miles away from Los Angeles International airport and with its pocket friendly rates UVP is your go to off-site parking option near LAX. Complimentary shuttle service to and from LAX airport runs 7 days a week. Customers are advised to arrive at the parking lot a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the time they wish to be at LAX airport.

What our customers say about UVP LAX Airport Parking

- San Clemente

I was reluctant to park my car at this facility due to the location and the report that the van only left every 30 minutes. Nonetheless, I tried them to get their low rate for my 20 day vacation.

Overall, I was very happy with them. I only waited a few minutes for their van to take me to LAX after I parked my car in their guarded lot. The pickup from LAX took about 15 minutes after I called, but I have waited that long for major companies which are more than twice as expensive. Both times, their driver was courteous and helpful. The driver lifted my heavy bag into the back of the van, and I tipped the driver.

I plan to leave my car with UVP LAX Airport Parking on my five day trip, which is planned for the week after Christmas.

Parking lot is very tight, so be prepared to park close to one another. Parking and getting to airport was fine, but the return was non existent. They advertise as shuttles 24 hours a day, but this is not true. The last shuttle runs at 11:45pm, my plane was late and when I called at 11:51pm I was told I needed to get a taxi or uber to the parking lot and their last shuttle runs at 11:45. I knew I would get in late and even noted my checkout time at 12:00am so I needed a parking lot with 24 hour shuttle service. I will not park here again as I had to pay $25 on an Uber. What a waste of money learned my lesson will not come here again.
- Los Angeles

If you have ample time to chill, then this is your choice.

If you are running for business trips, this will not be your option. When I was leaving, the shuttle was good, right on time and it takes 10-15 mins to get to the airport. When I was returning, I waited about an hour just for the pick up.

Then I was leaving for a second trip again, I had to order a Uber. When the Uber arrived, the shuttle also arrived, but by all means I missed my flight and had to rebook another flight. When I was returning, it took me about 45 mins wait. I would not recommend if you are in a rush. You will get the service for the price you paid for sure.
- Los Angeles

Actually super solid. Fast shuttle times, even on the return from the airport to the parking.
- Los Angeles

Thank you for taking care of my parking needs. In checking in I learned it is important to know which website was used to RSVP and I did get a good rate. I didn't realize the parking lot is at Hawthorne and 105 fwy, still a good distance from the airport. This isn't an issue except that the current traffic to the airport makes shuttle waits long. I wonder if a second van could be running on Sunday evening? I loved that I could call and be assured I wasn't going to be left "high and dry" at LAX. The driver was warm and helpful in explaining and showing us the traffic built up. My car was parked outdoors, in a tight parking spot, yet no dings or scrapes - yay!

Great experience using Cheapairportparking, they made the whole experience smooth from start to finish. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.
- Los Ángeles

Lift to the airport was fine, but return was quite bad. Half hour to wait for the shuttle with several calls to the dispatcher.

Worst driver ever. He open the back door and we had to accommodate the suitcases ourselves by moving other people’s while he kept his hands in his pocket. No help on arrival at the parking lot either. He made some other people clean up a spill that a kid made in the van while watching them with his hand in his pocket again. This young guy didn’t seem to want to work whatsoever.

Parking is very cheap, it’s not close to the airport which is probably why it’s so cheap. You get what you pay for, but for a lot of people the minor inconveniences may be just fine. The parking is tight, I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone with an oversized vehicle. I have a mini van and I had trouble fitting in a decent spot. Luckily I found just the right spot that I could back in to so that was a blessing. I was gone for 3 full days and all was well when I got back to my van. Just keep in mind that the shuttle is sketchy. Getting to the airport was no problem, it was getting back that was a huge irritation for me. I paid $47 for 4 days; Thursday night through Sunday evening. When I called for the shuttle the guy said I needed to be at departures and to call back when I get there. 10 minutes later the calls were going directly to voicemail. After several attempts to reach him again I gave up. It was getting late ( 8pm is late for me) so I walked back to arrivals and made my way to the taxis where I paid $25 to get back to the parking lot. Some may think this is ok compared to the prices of other places to park but I made my review detailed enough so you could make that decision up front and not later. Depending on your level of tolerance… The taxi driver was super sweet so that was a plus. Maybe I just need to Uber next time to get a better rate back to the lot? Or park at a different lot for the same price I paid with the taxi but with a more reliable shuttle driver. We’ll see…

I was a little concerned about leaving out vehicle for a week, but these guys are extremely good... Besides finding our car in good condition, the guys that work there are so friendly and helpful... I definitely would go back there.
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