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Marriott LAX Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
5855 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Valet Parking
Outdoor Self Parking
Shuttle Interval, min15-25
Marriott LAX Hotel provides convenient safe and secure indoor garage Valet and outdoor self parking.

Located on Century blvd, only 2 blocks from LAX. Complimentary shuttle busses run every 15-25 minutes.

Hotel amenities for your convenience include:

- Starbucks
- Fedex/Kinkos
- Champions Sports Bar
- JW's Steak House
- Latitude 33 Restaurant

What our customers say about Marriott LAX Parking


Great price and location, but the lot was one parking space that I ended up taking from being completely full. Shuttle to and from was on a good schedule. My only gripe is the size of the lot.
- San Diego, CA

My boyfriend and I live in San Diego and flew direct to Kona, Hawaii from LAX. We ended up leaving our car for 7 nights at Marriott LAX. Shuttles come and go every 5-7 minutes. It was easy and super convenient. I highly recommend this place, would 100% do this again!!

I don't want to give an excellent rating because I am afraid that next time I want to park there, the facility would run out of parking spots. But I have to rate based on my experiences with this company and it's excellent.

My experience parking at the Marriott LAX hotel would have been perfect except that when I got back to LAX and stood outside in the cold, rainy weather at 1 a.m. and watched two, then three, then four shuttles go by for every other hotel and parking lot, but no Marriott, it turned from perfect to lousy. I even called twice and texted right when I landed with my receipt number. My car was waiting for me after the Marriott Residence Inn shuttle driver finally gave me and another guy a ride because there was STILL no shuttle for the Marriott. (He figured he wasn't going to get in trouble at 1:30a.m. even though he wasn't supposed to go there.)

Unbelievable - it was a pleasure leaving and a nice efficient and friendly return.

Best decision I could have made for starting and ending a vacation right.

I did not use the valet parking, i was reading other reviews about the wait time.
I just parked the car on the lot, it's close to the shuttle service, and I did not have to wait at all.

Excellent option. Cheaper than a taxi or uber, lyft. Will definitely use this service again. Very happy...

Great service at affordable price. Using the texting service was great! My car was waiting for me when I arrived at the Marriott.
- California

Easy directions to follow and quick pick up from the hotel. Slightly confusing with different marriot busses at the airport.

Everything was great except on the way back we called from the airport to have our car ready giving ample time and it wasn't waiting for us.

We have used them several times and will in the future.

Everything was great except we had to wait about 25 minutes for the shuttle when we returned to LAX. Fortunately, we were at Terminal 7 United, so no more stops after us.

Great location and good price!
- Bakersfield

The first shuttle didn't stop because it was impossible the way the traffic blocked him out. No problem though because the next shuttle was there in about 15 min. They were running 4 shuttles that Sunday night. Easy in and out.... I'll use them again.

I was so disappointed with the wait time. I have used Marrriott for years. This time I was very very disappointed.

For many years, I have been using this website for Marriott LAX Parking and will continue to do so. Friendly Marriott staff!

Great service all the way around and conveniently close to airport.

Only complaint is that I had to wait 20 min for pick up at LAX airport to return to Marriott. The driver was great!

Very professional, efficient and timely.
- Los Angeles

Rene was my driver when I returned and he was very helpful in placing luggage on the racks and a good driver. He was friendly to everyone on the shuttle. I will park here again!
- Yorba Linda, CA

Great place to park, shuttle was fast.

I vallet and waiting time getting my car was too long almost 1/2 hour. Not acceptable.
- Irvine, Ca

Great location, plenty of open spaces for the self parking lot.

Used your service a number of times and it never disappointed!

Well, my parking was supposed to be covered and when I got there to park they said it was not covered.

Not sure why we had to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle pick us up at the airport.
We did see other shuttles for all the other hotels passed by at least three times before ours arrived.

I've used Indoor Valet before and it has been great, but this time I had to wait for the valet at the hotel to come to my car, I had to ask him to move my heavy suitcase over to the bus and he forgot to write the text # on my receipt. Usually they do that and I text them when I get off the plane, so my car is waiting for me when I get back to the hotel. This time I had to wait 15 minutes for the Marriott valet to get the car.

Great location. Great service and price is awesome.

I've parked there many times. It is always a refreshing experience. Fast shuttles to and from the airport. Great service and easy payment.

I would recommend to everyone!

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