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Marriott LAX Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
5855 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self Parking
Indoor Valet Parking
Shuttle Interval, min15-25
The Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel provides a convenient, safe and secure indoor parking garage and outdoor parking lot.

Garage height restriction is 6'4", vehicles higher than this will be directed to outdoor lot at the same rate. No trailers, RV's or any other oversized vehicles are accepted. For safety purposes, head in parking only in the garage.

- This reservation does NOT allow in/out privileges. You cannot enter & exit more than once.

- Shuttle service to LAX is available from this location at no cost. When you return to LAX, please wait for the shuttle in the Courtesy Hotel Shuttle pickup area(red sign) on the upper level. The courtesy shuttles are white and will have Marriott and Renaissance logos on the side.

- Quoted rates only apply to airport travelers. Daily visitors and hotel guests will be responsible for posted hotel parking rates - no exceptions.

Located on Century blvd, only two blocks from LAX. Complimentary shuttle busses run every 24/7.

Hotel amenities for your convenience include:
- Starbucks
- Hangar 18 Restaurant
- JW's SteakHouse
- Social Market Eatery

What our customers say about Marriott LAX Parking

- Ladera Ranch

The parking experience was negatively impacted by two things. First, you have to drop your bags at the hotel entrance and then drive to the underground parking lot, a 5 minute walk away. And the only way back to reception is by way of a escalator that was out of service. Second, upon exiting the machine had trouble scanning the QR code and once it did scan it charged me an additional amount over and above the prepaid reservation. I was within the reservation dates and times so it made no sense. I kept rescanning the QR code until the gate finally opened. Very frustrating!
- Diamond Bar

We really liked parking here. We had no complaints. However, red flags were raised when we came back from our trip. We gave the valet our parking stub and he left to retrieve the car. He came back a few minutes later and claimed the car battery was dead. Since I have AAA, I called them and they dispatched a tow truck. The tow truck driver said he "tested" the battery and it was dead and could not be recharged. He then offered to sell me a new battery on the spot. I called my husband and explained the situation. My husband said that the battery was less than two years old and there should be no reason for it to drain unless the valet did not fully close the door and maybe a dome light was left on. We were only gone for four days. The AAA contracted tow truck driver jump started the vehicle and said we should not turn it off until we reached home. Well, we made it home with no other issues. The car started fine the next morning and has started just fine since then. I am a little suspicious that maybe the tow truck driver makes a little "extra" on the side selling batteries (at inflated prices, no less) to unsuspecting drivers? Beware of schemes like this if you park at any valet parking service. I prefer self-parking, but that's not always offered or available.
- Los Angeles

I’m happy parking here, this is our 5th or 6th time, we like location and how easy to park and get on shuttle, but only issue I have every time at exit they always want to charge me an extra day. I press button to call operator and it gets resolved, but sometimes it takes some time to let us out.
- Laguna Woods,Ca

Marriott staff was very helpful and really happy to help. They told me they had golf carts to drive us to our parking spot when we returned. True to their word the Marriott staff member took our bags loaded onto the golf card and drove us right to the car.. he loaded the bags into my car. Using QR code to activate gate to enter and exit parking structure was quick and easy and provided good security too.
- Inland Empire, CA

Our go to parking spot every time we fly from LAX! Highly recommend the parking structure and hotel location. The shuttle service is prompt and clean.
- Palm Desert

Great experience as usual. We like being able to park at the Marriott, stay overnight and catch our flight the following morning. Very stress free and convenient.

We always park our car here when we are traveling out of LAX. Super convenient to the airport and the shuttles run very frequently so there's very little waiting. Great spot!!
- Riverside

We always use this location. It's clean and convenient. Makes travel less complicated.
- Orange County

Everything was great to start - the staff was beyond helpful, driver was so upbeat, especially being it was early morning New Year's day. Driver coming back lacked personality, but hey, that's not his job. I showed my reservation code at kiosk, and that is where they fell short. The lady there just told me to use it to check out. Well, that didn't work. The gate didn't move no matter how many times I scanned code or ticket. I called the help button three times and nobody responded. Finally someone let the gate up. I later read that they are supposed to give you something to get out before you scan your reservation.
- Riverside, CA

This was our third time using the Marriott Parking for LAX. It is our "Go To" place for parking and staying for early morning flights.

Especially loved this visit as we scanned the Confirmation QR code upon entry and again when we left. Was quick, easy, and experienced no problems!!

Shuttle drivers are always friendly and helpful to load/unload your luggage from the racks.
- Los Angeles

This is my second time using this service and it was just as excellent as the first time. Staff is attentive, friendly, and kind and we never have to wait long for shuttles. Prices are also amazing for how close I get to be at the airport and for being able to park indoors (parking garage). I'd recommend LAX Marriott to anyone.

For many years, I have been using this website for Marriott LAX Parking and will continue to do so. Friendly Marriott staff!

Great service all the way around and conveniently close to airport.

Only complaint is that I had to wait 20 min for pick up at LAX airport to return to Marriott. The driver was great!

Very professional, efficient and timely.
- Los Angeles

Rene was my driver when I returned and he was very helpful in placing luggage on the racks and a good driver. He was friendly to everyone on the shuttle. I will park here again!
- Yorba Linda, CA

Great place to park, shuttle was fast.

I vallet and waiting time getting my car was too long almost 1/2 hour. Not acceptable.
- Irvine, Ca

Great location, plenty of open spaces for the self parking lot.

Used your service a number of times and it never disappointed!

Well, my parking was supposed to be covered and when I got there to park they said it was not covered.

Not sure why we had to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle pick us up at the airport.
We did see other shuttles for all the other hotels passed by at least three times before ours arrived.

I've used Indoor Valet before and it has been great, but this time I had to wait for the valet at the hotel to come to my car, I had to ask him to move my heavy suitcase over to the bus and he forgot to write the text # on my receipt. Usually they do that and I text them when I get off the plane, so my car is waiting for me when I get back to the hotel. This time I had to wait 15 minutes for the Marriott valet to get the car.

Great location. Great service and price is awesome.

I've parked there many times. It is always a refreshing experience. Fast shuttles to and from the airport. Great service and easy payment.

I would recommend to everyone!

I've been using the Marriott LAX parking for a number of years and couldn't be more pleased with the service!
- Ventura

Very easy, good service, slightly longer wait time on shuttle on retrun pick up from LAX terminal than the larger parking locations at LAX. Overall good service and good value and I will use again.

Have been using this location for 8+ years, super convenient way to park at LAX airport.

More frequent schedule during late night (10-11pm on a Friday) would have helped us get home much sooner. Wait was close to 20 min, by which time some services had come by 2 or 3 times, but everything else (driver, vehicle, hotel staff, rate, etc) definitely great!
- Laguna Niguel

The location, shuttle and driver were all pretty good. I'm usually disappointed most with the time I spend at the airport terminal waiting for the Marriott shuttle. This time the wait was 22 minutes. I can understand a 15 minute wait. When it starts to get longer than 20 minutes, though, I start to begin thinking I have the wrong service provider.
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