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Westin Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport
5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Self Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Covered Valet Parking
Shuttle Interval, min15-25
Garage Valet parking - Safe and secure. Only 4 blocks to LAX - first hotel on left on W. Century Blvd. Just pull in front of the hotel and off you go to the airport. Best Value at LAX. Free luggage assistance.

Free Shuttle bus to & from all LAX terminals.

What our customers say about Westin Los Angeles Airport

- Ojai

Highly recommend it - Thank you for offering this service!

Shuttle drivers do not stop at shuttle stop. 3 drivers passed me last night, I was waiting for 30 minutes to get shuttle to the hotel.

I always park at Westin for convenience and fast service. Whenever I text, by the time my shuttle arrives, my car is already waiting for me, normally. However for some reason, this last parking I texted, I arrived, no car in sight. The valet has to get the car when I asked and it took a while. Then the manager overcharged me $10.00 on my balance. Good thing I checked the receipt and compared it to the voucher I have. I don't normally do that. Thanks to learn that to put it back on my card, it will take them 5 days! Or just apply the $10.00 on my next valet parking. I have to wait way longer because they can't give me an original copy of my signed receipt from their machine, then finally gave me the original and they keep the copy. It's so annoying to go thru this wait since I am already late to work due to the inconvenience. Westin personnel has to put me thru and the wait time, not considering that I have waited for my car from the start and they messed up and still have to wait for them to decide. Really not a good experience with them this time.

The shuttle could run more frequently!

Wait time for shuttle from lax 30min đź‘Ž
- Ventura

First time Westin parking user. Best parking experience in ten years! Almost makes flying out of LAX fun... Well, almost.
- L.A.

I know there is road construction going on around LAX, but being dropped off on lower level when flying out after waiting at hotel for 30 minutes was not great way to start... waiting nearly 50 minutes to get picked up after arriving back at LAX was worse... another passenger on shuttle said he normally takes the Thrify Car Rental shuttle since it is right across from the hotel and more reliable than the Westin shuttle... my car keys were DE-PROGRAMMED by the valet attendant. This is NOT something that can be accidentally done, you have to know how to do this and someone did. My remote access does not work and I now have to go to the dealer to get re-set. THANKS! Price was great, location was great, personnel (to my face) were nice, BUT... wait times, shuttle experience, and screwing with my vehicle not acceptable!

We recently parked our Range Rover at the Westin hotel while we were away on a business trip. I felt very comfortable knowing my car was safe and we were safe and so close buy. I highly recommend Westin LAX.
- CA

This is now my favorite place to park when flying out of LAX. I always do the covered valet parking option. Text them once I arrive with my parking ticket # and my car is awaiting me once I arrive at the hotel.
- Glendale, CA

Shuttle was fast, efficient. Texted the Westin when we landed and our car was waiting for us. Valet was courteous and professional. Would definitely park here again.

Just took a little long with the pickup shuttle!

My latest experience at Westin Airport Parking was 180 degrees different than my previous visit. The staff smiled, explained the new system and was most helpful. Congratulations on the improvement.

Staff was great. Shuttle to airport wait time was only 5-10 min. Wait time from airport to Westin wait was 40 min. Would like to request more frequent shuttle service, especially because ppl are tired from their travels.

I loved parking at the Westin LAX. They parked the car for me and had it ready when I got back.

Only one small criticism… the person at the valet desk INSISTED she had given the keys to my husband, even tho she had just minutes before INSISTED she would NOT give him the keys until he retrieved his check… fair enough. He had to argue with her and remind her of the minutes before conversations, and when she opened her drawer, he had to point out our keys laying there in plain sight. Maybe she was having a bad day, and it was after 10 PM…. not the worst thing that could have happened. Overall, a good experience.

Great location, great service. Will use next time. Thanks Westin!

Great and fast customer service. Will definitely use this parking location again.

Terrible. Waited one hour for a shuttle. All the other shuttles had gone by 2 or 3 times. I called dispatch several times and was told every time that they were at terminal 3 (we were at trerminal 4) and would be there shortly.

I travel almost weekly, and always park at the the Westin. The valet parking staff are almost like family now!
- Pacific Palisades

Far superior to the Marriott and Hilton valet service. It is also less used.. at least the times I have used them.
- El Cajon, CA

Fantastic service, this is the second time using this and will do so again!!

The shuttle wait time is embarrassing; the Westin and Four Points should make the company that runs LAX shuttles run them more often. But the parking guys at the Westin were great!
- Bakersfield

Without a doubt the best kept parking "secret" at LAX!! Why would anyone want to park anyplace else? Everything is top rate. You are minutes from the terminals. Valet parking. Your car is ready for you when you return from your trip. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. The bus driver helps with the luggage by loading and unloading. I will never use any other parking.

I didn't know that the shuttle stopped at multiple hotels. It didn't end up being an issue, but would have been great to know that beforehand.
- Riverside

Service at the Westin is great. However, the wait time at LAX is unpredictable at best. Sometimes they have two shuttles right behind the other which is crazy.

Apparently, they were experiencing some trouble with their automated service. We could not text them that we were coming in so the car could be brought up, nor was anyone answering the phone. We had to wait for them to bring our car but they were very accommodating and waived one day charge from the bill.
- Los Angeles, CA

Everyone at the Westin was perfect and wonderful but when we returned to LAX we waited over 35 minutes for a shuttle. They kept passing us and I kept calling the # but all they said was they were filling up at previous terminals and sending new ones. Once on, we had 6 seats left and a family of 4 was trying to get on at the next terminal but the driver said we were full. No wonder they were "filling up" so quickly.

Checking in and getting to the airport was easy and smooth. Upon my return to LAX I watched one shuttle drive right past a group of us all waiting to get back to the Westin. Then it took another 10-15 minutes before another shuttle actually came to pick us up. When I arrived at the Westin I paid the remaining balance and waited a half hour+ before getting my car. And when I asked no one knew where my car was or where the key was. The car finally pulled up with a driver I hadn't seen during the entire time I waited…. Very frustrating and unorganized.

Great experience! Friendly staff, easy process.

On my arrivals requesting my car sometimes takes a while picking my car and shuttle as well 30 to 40 minutes.

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