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Renaissance Montura LAX Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
9620 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self
Indoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min10-15
First class service airport parking. Indoor garage and outdoor parking lot are located at the Renaissance LAX Hotel less than a mile from Los Angeles International Airport. Free 24 hour shuttle service.

Things You Should Know

- Indoor Garage Height Restriction: 6' 10".

- Your reservation does NOT allow in/out privileges. You can not enter & exit more than once.

- Shuttle service to LAX is available from this location at no cost. When you return to LAX, please wait for the shuttle in the Courtesy Hotel Shuttle pickup area. Look for the large blue shuttles that will have "Renaissance Hotel" and "Sixt Rent-A-Car" scrolling across the marquee.

- Quoted rates only apply to airport travelers. Daily visitors and hotel guests will be responsible for posted hotel parking rates - no exceptions.

What our customers say about Renaissance Montura LAX Parking


All great, but wait was too long with stop along the way. From landing to my car 45 min. Way too long. Took me less time to get home from Renaissance.
- Santa Barbara

This place was great. To get valet parking at that rate is fantastic!

Overall Good Experience on departure. Waited for over 40 minutes for a shuttle upon return.
- LA

Quick pick up and quick drop off. Did not wait long.

Overall experience was great. Only thing I would say is the credit card machine or wifi needs to be working at all hours.

Great place to Park. Staff was excellent. I will definitely use again.
- Orange county, CA

One star because of wait time for the shuttle. I have used this facility at least 14 times since 2010. This is the first time I had to wait 51 minutes for shuttle pick up from the Bradley Terminal. Incident date: Sunday, 11 Dec. Was out in the red wait zone by 9:09 PM. I called hotel 2x (9:30 PM and 9:47 PM). Both times I was told that the shuttle would be arriving shortly. Pick up time finally at 10 PM. Renaissance driver explained that after 9 PM he does the sweep pick up for Four Seasons and Marriott.

While waiting (after 9:12 PM) - the Marriott shuttle made 3 rounds around Bradley - and EMPTY. The Four Season shuttle made 2 rounds - had some passengers.

Question (which I asked the Renaissance driver): Why doesn't Marriott and Four Season shuttle also do sweep pick up for Renaissance? Why ONLY Renaissance sweep pick up BUT not the other way around?

Renaissance driver was polite, helpful and apologetic. Still there has to be a better system rather than wait 51 minutes for pick up (esp since the website says: shuttle times every 15 minutes). Also: Marriott and Four Seasons should sweep pick up for Renaissance after 9 PM.

I was impressed. I came out from baggage and the shuttle was there. I paid at the valet and left. Seamless. A nice hotel, close to the airport with safe indoor parking. I will return!
- L.A.

Fantastic bargain! I love the free infused water in the lobby!

This has been my 10th time parking my car here! It's the best!
- Chismosito

Can only say positives with this location. Have used them for years after the Westin manager of valet became a complete jerk. Dropped my passport one night while leaving from parking garage and employee found it and sent me an email it would be with security next visit. They also allow you to use the Sixt shuttle so the wait for the LAX/Hotel wait isn't so long. Great place, reasonable rates.
- San Diego, Ca

Friendly people, secure location, and super close to LAX. Shuttle was quick and I couldn't be happier with the service. It made getting to an early international flight stress-free, and gave peace of mind to leaving our car behind. Some of the parking spots are a bit small, but I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Waited 35 minutes for shuttle pick up at the terminal and I texted my vehicle claim number 30 min before getting to lot and my car was not even retrieved.

Shuttle wait time was longer than I expected.

I waited 25 minutes for a pick up at LAX. In the meantime every other garage's vans had made at least 3 passes, some 5-6 passes.

I had a long flight with weather delays. Waiting 25 minutes for a van won't happen again. I will not use the Renaissance in the future.
- Downey

Hard to find. Difficult to access the entrance of the parking structure since it is on the side. No one knew when i returned where I had to pay. They had no battery charger or air for tires. Is this a parking place or a burger joint? Horrible, will never park there again.

The 2nd time we used this facility to park and will use is again. Valet service was great. the wait time for the shuttle was not bad we wait about 10-15 minutes for it to show up.
- Orange County

It was an okay indoor self-parking experience.

Easy to find a parking spot, nice ambiance in the hotel. Waited about 15 minutes for a shuttle to the airport (not bad!)

Had to wait 35 minutes for a shuttle after I landed and was not able to locate a number to call for a shuttle. I was not sure where to pay and learned the hard way after waiting in a random line inside. Pay at the valet stand!

Easy exit and access to Century Blvd to get the the freeway.

I was in a rush to catch a plane and this is an excellent way to park and gain some minutes to relax. Well done!
- California

Shuttle wait time from hotel to airport was about 30 minutes. And then we stopped at another hotel and we were packed like sardines. On return, waited for about 25 minutes. Same situation we were packed like sardines. Upon leaving no one at the gate. I had to run back upstairs to get taken care of and they told me I had to go to valet. Then valet sent be back to front desk to run my card. Credit card machine was down. I would never park there again.

Always have had a good experience!
- Huntington Beach, CA

Friendly staff, great location, prompt drop off/pick up time and covered parking at a reasonable price!

Waited over 30 min for the shuttle. People and front had no idea whats taking so long and they had no "power" to call for a shuttle.

finally took a cab.

Waited a little longer than I liked to be picked up, but was within the time promised.

My only negative is the self parking spots are VERY narrow. I was lucky I drove a smaller car and not a full size sedan as I do not think it would have fit.

The shuttle wait time was too long, waited for 30 mins before shuttle arrive to pick-up at airport arrivals.
- Triumph Group Inc.

I have used this option many times. It is quick, easy, and convenient. The reason for my sub-par rating is my car had two door marks on the driver side rear door of my BMW 530i. I check my car everywhere, so I know it occurred while parked. One of the marks was approximately 8-inches long running perpendicular to the ground, the other was approximately 1.5 inches long running in the same direction. Both marks were quite obviously door marks from other vehicles. I did not make a scene at the time for several reasons. First, it was Friday afternoon and I wanted to get on the road and beat the rush hour traffic. Second, they were quite busy and I didn't feel like standing around. But fortunately, they were marks, not dents and I was reasonably confident I could rub out the damage. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was very upset! This was a first, but I will look at other options in the future.
- Moorpark, CA

There was no one at the exit, despite the fact that it was 3:00 PM. and no instructions re: dealing with an on line purchase. We couldn't get out untill we pushed a "Help" button and fortunately someone answered and let us out remotely.
- Laguna Niguel

All in all, a very good experience. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Waited rather a long time before the shuttle to arrived at LAX. Couldn't read the number on my ticket to text for my car since the number was stamped on the bar code, so my car was not ready. At the counter, the clerk had to go inside to scan my credit card. All this was tolerable and not as bad as it looks. But I paid for Indoor Valet, but I am sure my car was parked outside, because it was very dusty more so than when I left it, just looked dirtier, esp. the windows.
- Ventura

I have used the Renaissance many times in the past. This was my worst experience ever. We waited at the airport for over 30 minutes for the shuttle. Then, when we mentioned this to the gentleman at the hotel, his response was, "I know, it's bad". What happened???

Everything worked perfectly. I was able to get to my plane even though I was terribly worried about missing my flight. I parked got on a shuttle and flew with time to spare. You can't beat the price either for indoor security parking.

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