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Value Park LAX

Los Angeles International Airport
9920 s. La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 Map

Roof Top Self
Indoor Self Parking
Shuttle Interval, min25-30
ValuePark LAX is conveniently located just off I-405 and Century Blvd. This indoor parking structure offers seven levels of self, covered parking, as well as one level of outdoor, rooftop parking. Limited, ground floor reserved parking is also available at a slightly higher rate. The clearance at this location is 6'8" which makes it ideal for most vehicles. The team at ValuePark LAX is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complimentary shuttle service, shared with 405 Airport Parking, is provided to and from LAX. Online reservations are recommended to secure a space.

Upon your return to LAX: After obtaining your luggage, proceed outside to the red sign marked "Hotel & Courtesy Shuttles" and call for a shuttle at (310) 216-9235 or text "pick up" with your terminal to (310) 439-5335.

What our customers say about Value Park LAX

- CA

First of all, I booked this facility because of the low cost, not anything else. We had to wait for more than half an hour for the shuttle to the airport. I'm glad to had some buffer time. But they overcharged us when we were about to exit because we "arrived 1 hour earlier and left 15 minutes later" than we had specified in the booking. The thing is, with the extra 1 hour and 15 minutes, we are still way below the 24 hours limit to be counted towards an extra day(given that they are charging by number of days, not minutes). So folks, if you book, make sure you rather specify the time to more than you need to avoid extra charge. Otherwise, you would be taken advantage by their system.
- LA

Location is fine. Facility is never cleaned, wait times are long, shuttle experience is odd - cutting through private property to avoid traffic is weird. Personnel Attitude - they don't have anyone on site for support. And they oversell parking, so good luck finding spots.

Disaster! ALL passengers were upset. Shuttle driver admitted he was the ONLY driver. Outbound, there was a long line of customers that had to wait for round trip of shuttle driver - more than 1hour! Many were verbally saying their flights were within minutes and they had not been picked up.

On return, I arrived at 9:10PM to Red zone shuttle pickup. We all saw the shuttle fully loaded pass us by. Eventual pickup wasn't until 10:25PM and I only got on because he had room for one more. Driver got an earful from everyone. When I was finely dropped off at 10:35, the exit system still charged me $4.00 for going past 10PM - 1.5hrs after arriving for pickup. If you text message them, there is a number that you can call and NOBODY answers it. When you are leaving the structure you have no choice but to pay the overage costs. Their call-help button at exit does not work either.

There was only ONE driver and to make matters worse, they are profiting from it due to late exit fees. I will NOT pay extra for their screw ups. Some people travel was screwed because of them. Customer support call fell on deaf ears so I have REVERSED the charges since they did not provide agreed-upon service, and will NEVER, EVER use this company again. I will also inform all of my fellow government travelers to steer clear of Value Park and 405 Airport Parking serviced by the same shuttle.
- LA Area

I give Value Park LAX five stars for price -- a little over $9 per day for 8 days via just a few days before departure. I actually found a parking space three or four cars from the entrance.

** But !! and this is critically important !! if you don't have a printed copy of your parking receipt with the QR barcode on it when you arrive to park, you won't get into the lot. On the website, you're told something like, if you don't have your printed receipt when leaving, you could be charged a higher rate. This is a totally automated lot with no attendant. It doesn't issue entrance tickets. No barcode, no park. Fortunately, I had printed the receipt, got it out of my carry-on bag and got into the lot . . . otherwise I would have been really pissed off.

Shuttle from parking to the airport . . . two stars. There was a shuttle parked outside the 405 Parking across the street (they share shuttles) with a driver inside. After 20 minutes, the driver got out and walked into the parking structure with about 6-8 people waiting to go to the airport. He did not say anything to anyone, such as, "I'll be back in five minutes and we'll load up."

Not wanting to wait to see if this guy was ever coming back, I ordered a Lyft car ($11 + tip) that came in about three minutes. Just as the Lyft car was pulling up, the shuttle driver returned and started loading. This experience was in line with the comments of many other reviewers. Shuttles here run about every 30 minutes or longer. But even with the extra expense of the Lyft car to Terminal 1, I still saved a bunch on parking.

Return shuttle from the airport experience was some better. After waiting for pick up about 10 minutes, I called the dispatcher to see when the shuttle was coming to Terminal 1. She said it was on the way. About 15 minutes later, the shuttle arrived. Ten minutes later, we were back at the lot. Shuttle service, three stars this direction.

Back at the lot, however, there was a note posted on the entry kiosk: Elevator out of service, please use the stairs. What kind of BS is that? What would a handicapped person do? *Very glad* that I had found a vacant spot on the first level the week prior. Others on our shuttle weren't as fortunate and had to lug their stuff up one or more flights of stairs.

When trying to leave, however, the barcode reader was not working either. An employee from across the street must have seen my headlights as I was stuck at the gate. Took about 5-6 minutes to reset the computer and get out of the lot. For the elevator and kiosk both out of service, one star.

All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience, but there are a number of other lots with much better services for more money. You get what you pay for.
- Texas working long term in CA

The attendants at the parking garage were professional helpful and kind. Both shuttle drivers were very nice and hospitable. What needs to improve is how to inform the customer which shuttle to look for for value park which was the 405 shuttle. I wasted so much time at the airport as well as other consumers.
I would suggest that maybe the shuttle bus drivers need to drive up and stop for just a minute and yell out which private parking lot they go to. Most of the shuttles just continuously passed by without stopping to check at least this was my perception. In addition the shuttle bus was very uncomfortable returning from my trip due to overcrowding with people standing up in the aisle just too many stops in between but I do understand the need to try to accommodate as much people as the capacity allows but at the same with the covid epidemic and respecting one’s personal space I felt violated and put at risk of my safety and health with the crowdedness and people on top of each other this must change. However overall the staff was awesome.
- Lakewood

We had questions about the shuttle, but no one answered the phone. Poor customer service. Great location, the drivers were awesome.

There is additional charge at checking out due to minor hours difference. While other parking lots do not charge this.

Great value for covered garage. Attendant was helpful. Easy text system to call shuttle.
- Visalia

Easy parking and access to elevator, courteous shuttle driver, fast service dropping off & picking up to and from airport.

It really sucks when the driver did not help me with my bags but helped others.

Had to wait 40 minutes at the airport for the shuttle. Once I got to the garage, I found that neither elevator worked. I had to drag my luggage up to the 7th floor.

Best value for covered parking. Shuttle times aren't as frequent as some of the bigger names (Wally park, Parking Spot, etc.) but you pay like 3-4 times more there so you get what you expect.
- Los Angeles

Location is close to the airport and the staff was very friendly with very quick in-an-out from the parking lot. The only negative was having to wait 45 minutes at LAX for a shuttle pick-up. Granted it was a VERY busy Sunday night at LAX, but I watched numerous shuttles from other parking lots drive by many times. I saw one company where 9 vans passed my terminal 7 location. I would suggest that 405/Value Park simply add more shuttles to improve their pick-up times during peak hours to become a 5-star facility.

Overall an excellent facility, with good bus service and friendly drivers.

I've used them a few times and highly recommend them to anyone parking near LAX. They are not the cheapest, but well work the extra $2 - $3. One of the other ones I tried turned out to not be a self park, even though it was listed as such.

Sometimes wait has been long, but there is a lot of traffic near and around LAX.

Safe travels!
- Porter Ranch

Waited 45 minutes to be picked up from terminal 7. I had to get on a bus by force, even when the driver said there was no more room. My wife and I were standing. I couldn't wait any longer.

Good place to park. Cheap rates.

The only ick was that someone had peed in the elevator… a wet and stinky ride up to my car. Otherwise, the price was right, the ride there was fine as was the return. I didn't have to wait too long for either. I'll definitely be using Value Park LAX the next time parking/shuttle is needed at LAX.

I like this parking lot, my car is always safe, parking spots are tight to park in, but the staff is nice and has been friendly after a long trip.
- Ventura County

I have used this park and ride close to five or six times now. I like it because it's so easy to get to right off the 405. Every time I have used it I have loved the ease if parking and knowing it's a covered lot as well as a shuttle always being there for pickup! The drive is fast and efficient and gets you to your terminal quickly. The only thing going to LAX was the fact the lady shuttle driver didn't get up to help with luggage. I was clearly pregnant and had a heavier piece of luggage and could have used some assistance. She asked, but I didn't feel like I should have had to say yes when I feel that's part of customer service! On the way back it was a minimal wait. One thing I noticed was that instead of calling for pickup you now text! It was much easier and an immediate response. The shuttle driver on the way back on the other hand was quick to jump out of his seat and help! Overall, I have been very satisfied with using this facility every time and will continue to do so.

Good budget option for parking at lax for long term, more than a week.

Everything was perfect - location, facility, shuttle service, as well as price.
- southern california

you get what you pay for folks.
cheap? yes. value? no.
when I landed at LAX I called the number for pick up that they give you when they drop you off. it rang about 20 times, they picked up the phone and then hung up on me. I had to get a ride from another shuttle about four blocks away and walk the rest of the way to the parking lot. when I asked who was in charge of answering the phones everyone there passed the buck to someone else. and when I attempted to talk to the on duty manager, he had the nerve to blow me off and would not even talk to me or apologize for the terrible service. it was about 1 oclock in the morning on sat dec 13 2014. so they were not even busy. if I were a corperate person of value park reading this review I would suggest you go down and talk to the person running your business and give him some training on how to deal with customers. very disappointing experience overall

Great experience. Very helpful driver. Short wait time. Much better experience than with prior operation. Now my #1 lot at LAX.
- Los Angeles, CA

The parking facility was clean, safe and easy-to-find. The staff, however, from shuttle drivers to the cashier were unfriendly and lacked professionalism.

Our outbound shuttle was satisfactory however, there was nearly an hour wait for a ride from the airport back to ValuePark. The driver blamed it on traffic, but we saw the same vans coming around again and again for other parking companies/hotels (same vehicle numbers.) When we boarded and complained to the driver, she told us, "We can get out and wait for another bus, if we want." The cashier just went through the motions, however our price was exactly as expected. I would be hard-pressed to try ValuePark in the future, based on this experience.

Love the new texting! Response time from airport to garage was very good. This is a huge convenience, and huge improvement. Also, I was surprised to not wait long to depart the garage to lax...this time was much faster than my first experience in April where I called a taxi to come pick me up so I wouldn't be late for the flight.
- L.A.

Shuttle was waiting when I was departing and only I only had to wait 10 minutes on my return. Thank you for the service.

I felt comfortable leaving my car there for 10 days and the price was right. The drivers were very courteous. The shuttle was there to take us to the airport when we walked out from the parking structure. The only negative thing I can say is that it took around 30 minutes for the shuttle to get to the airport once we landed and called for it. There were many shuttles from other parking companies coming and going and we were the last ones of the passengers to be picked up.
- Whittier

Easy parking, great shuttle service to and from airport. Great price for 10 days.
- Thousand Palms, CA

This was the first time we had used any parking facility at LAX and we were very happy with everything! We were even surprised that our car had hardly any dust on it. We would use this facility again if we needed to and would recommend it to our friends!

I will only park at this place!!! Excellent location, big parking structure with plenty of parking spaces, great shuttle experience, and super friendly staff! If I HAD to complain (which normally I wouldn't), it would be about the shuttle time. When the shuttle picked me up from the facility I only had to wait 5-10 min., but when the shuttle picked me up from the airport coming back I waited about 20 min. Hoewver, I absolutely did not mind because I was in no rush. Word to the wise... You should always give yourself AT LEAST an extra hour time to spare so you won't be in such a hurry or just in case you miss your shuttle. Happy & Safe Travels!

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