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Value Park LAX

Los Angeles International Airport
9920 s. La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 View map
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This LAX parking facility is convenient to the 405 Freeway. Don't fight Century Blvd traffic, relax as our drivers take you to and from the airport in comfortable walk-in 18 passenger shuttles.

We offer a clean and safe place to park at LAX at a reasonable rate. Our drivers are courteous and professional and will assist you with your luggage.

We are always open and our shuttles are always operating 24/7.

Garage clearance is 6'8".


What our customers say about Value Park LAX


you get what you pay for folks.
cheap? yes. value? no.
when I landed at LAX I called the number for pick up that they give you when they drop you off. it rang about 20 times, they picked up the phone and then hung up on me. I had to get a ride from another shuttle about four blocks away and walk the rest of the way to the parking lot. when I asked who was in charge of answering the phones everyone there passed the buck to someone else. and when I attempted to talk to the on duty manager, he had the nerve to blow me off and would not even talk to me or apologize for the terrible service. it was about 1 oclock in the morning on sat dec 13 2014. so they were not even busy. if I were a corperate person of value park reading this review I would suggest you go down and talk to the person running your business and give him some training on how to deal with customers. very disappointing experience overall
R L W - southern california
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The parking facility was clean, safe and easy-to-find. The staff, however, from shuttle drivers to the cashier were unfriendly and lacked professionalism.

Our outbound shuttle was satisfactory however, there was nearly an hour wait for a ride from the airport back to ValuePark. The driver blamed it on traffic, but we saw the same vans coming around again and again for other parking companies/hotels (same vehicle numbers.) When we boarded and complained to the driver, she told us, "We can get out and wait for another bus, if we want." The cashier just went through the motions, however our price was exactly as expected. I would be hard-pressed to try ValuePark in the future, based on this experience.
MmmDietCoke - Los Angeles, CA
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I will only park at this place!!! Excellent location, big parking structure with plenty of parking spaces, great shuttle experience, and super friendly staff! If I HAD to complain (which normally I wouldn't), it would be about the shuttle time. When the shuttle picked me up from the facility I only had to wait 5-10 min., but when the shuttle picked me up from the airport coming back I waited about 20 min. Hoewver, I absolutely did not mind because I was in no rush. Word to the wise... You should always give yourself AT LEAST an extra hour time to spare so you won't be in such a hurry or just in case you miss your shuttle. Happy & Safe Travels!
Sasha P.
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This was the first time we had used any parking facility at LAX and we were very happy with everything! We were even surprised that our car had hardly any dust on it. We would use this facility again if we needed to and would recommend it to our friends!
ELEANOR A NEL - Thousand Palms, CA
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Also love this place because it's self parking in an enclosed building structure. The only way in or out is through the security attendant on the first floor of the building. Super safe! I even took my car keys on the trip with me just to be extra cautious! BONUS POINT!
Sasha P.
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I felt comfortable leaving my car there for 10 days and the price was right. The drivers were very courteous. The shuttle was there to take us to the airport when we walked out from the parking structure. The only negative thing I can say is that it took around 30 minutes for the shuttle to get to the airport once we landed and called for it. There were many shuttles from other parking companies coming and going and we were the last ones of the passengers to be picked up.
Jayme A.
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Shuttle was waiting when I was departing and only I only had to wait 10 minutes on my return. Thank you for the service.
Marc - L.A.
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Great experience. Very helpful driver. Short wait time. Much better experience than with prior operation. Now my #1 lot at LAX.
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Everything was perfect - location, facility, shuttle service, as well as price.
S. Lee
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I was in a rush so I ignored the online directions. Turns out that I should have followed the printed directions (duh). The building sign is rather obscure and easy to miss if you're not paying attention. Other than that it's just fine.
Gary W. - Los Angeles
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