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Value Park LAX

Los Angeles International Airport
9920 s. La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 View map
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This LAX parking facility is convenient to the 405 Freeway. Don't fight Century Blvd traffic, relax as our drivers take you to and from the airport in comfortable walk-in 18 passenger shuttles.

We offer a clean and safe place to park at LAX at a reasonable rate. Our drivers are courteous and professional and will assist you with your luggage.

We are always open and our shuttles are always operating 24/7.

Garage clearance is 6'8".


What our customers say about Value Park LAX


I've used this location twice now both times I waited less than 3 mins, they loaded my luggage, the lot was secure and clean and the drivers were very nice!

I will only use value park every time I travel. A few tips for people... call for the shuttle pickup while you get your checked bags. Know what the 405/ and Valuepark shuttles look like so you can flag them when you see them coming around. Make sure your standing in the correct location for pickup. Always get a card from the driver, so you have the pick up number handy when you return.

Print out your reservation and have it with you when you pay. If you do these things you will get the best price for covered parking and the best service possible. 5 stars for Valuepark!
William L. - Littlerock, CA
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I had no problems parking in this garage. I will definitely use their services again. The shuttles did not take long to bring us to the airport and took about 5-10 minutes to bring us back to the garage. The drivers are courteous and very helpful. Take note: I am one of those people who allow myself a lot of time so that I don't get stressed about the possibility of being late and missing my flights.
Belinda U. - Cerritos, CA
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Splendid service. Easy access.
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I waited for the shuttle 45 min, I called 4 times to check where they are and why is it taking so long. On my way out of the structure I waited another 15 min after paying because the attendant didn't know how to put it in the system and open the gate, he had to call another person. None of them apologized or explained what is happening. Even though I nicely told them that I really need to be on my way.. They just ignored me. Honestly I used couple of different structures and this was the worst experience I had. I am not sure if its because 405 parking just took over this lot and don't have enough people to run it or if they just don't care.
Zuzana H. - Los Angeles, CA
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I missed my plane, there were other factors, but the shuttle definitely didn't help.
Argus S. - La Mirada, CA
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We've used this location several times (there are 2 options one on each side of the street - different reservation sites but they use the same shuttle). These seems to have the lowest rate for inside, self-parking and we've always been able to park close to the elevator. Very easy access from the 405. There's never been an unreasonable delay for the shuttle.
Janet R. - Huntington Beach, CA
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You got AAA discount to get under roof spot.
Shuttle waiting time is about 10 minutes at the LAX.
So that is very good experience with this price!!
Family - Lomita, CA
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Simple, inexpensive, prompt shuttle to airport and pick up when I returned... what more needs to be said. I would use them again.
Doug H. - Lake Elsinore, CA
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Good prices, but shuttle wait times are horrible. The two parking structures (Value Park and 405 Parking) are now owned by the same company and they are located right next to each other which means one shuttle for two lots.
Candace - Torrance, CA
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I had a great experience with this parkjng facility. The wait time for the shuttle from the airport was not too bad about 15 to 20min, understandable since the traffic is really bad. i recommend calling them as soon as your plane land so they could be ready by the time youre outside the airport. The drivers were very nice and helpful.
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