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Sams Park

Los Angeles International Airport
5700 W 96th st., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet Parking
Distance from Airport8.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min5-10
Sams Park LAX is located just 2 blocks from the airport. Free shuttles run every 5-10 min. We use brand new Mercedes shuttles to provide 1st class service.

The parking lot charges additional $1/day for SUVs vans and pick up trucks.

What our customers say about Sams Park

- Santa Monica , Ca.

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I was running late and they went out of their way to see that I made it on time. I will definitely be using your services. Thank you all again
- Ventura, CA

Best experience parking at LAX. Prompt service. Fast shuttles. Never have to wait long. Staff is always kind and courteous. Will continue to use Sam’s for all my parking needs!

Everything worked out perfectly! Cheaper than paying for an Uber.
- Brea, CA

Worked out great. Shuttle took us as soon as we arrived. On the way back we called and were picked up within 15 minutes and my care was ready for us to drive away as son as we got there AA++

I’ve tried about 5 offsite parking facilities at LAX and Sam's Park is by far the best.

Not only do they have great pricing, but the entire experience was top notched.

Wait times are not bad, especially when arriving to be picked up and taken back to your vehicle.

I love Sam's. I use them quite frequently. The staff is always friendly, and the shuttles are usually pretty quick to take you to the airport and pick you up.

They are great. Good service and courteous.

The place is a little hard to find and not well marked (brick building on the SW side at the curve of the road) and lobby is sparse and old, but it's a parking facility. People were very nice and shuttles are newer white vans.

Time to the airport is about 10 minutes and shuttles leave about every 15 minutes. Pickup time on my first visit when returning to the lot was about 25 minutes, but second time was less than 10 minutes. Overall, a good value with friendly staff.
- Rancho Palos Verdes

I am a regular. Good pricing and frequent shuttles. Expect to pay $1 more per day for SUV. Office isn't much to look at, but service is quick and affordable. Shuttle is white van with small signs on the side - easy to miss if not watching. Everything is valet service and car is just feet from office whenever I arrive for pick up.
- Long Beach

The shuttle to and from the airport was fast and easy, the staff was friendly, our car was safe and well-cared for, and the price was fantastic. We would definitely use this service again. Our trip was 8 days long.

You get what you pay for, I suppose. Cheapest rate, but question security of vehicle, and shuttle pick-up at airport was confused and poorly organized. Unable to see lot name on the shuttle from the front of the vehicle.
- CA

I would advise not to use this service. The slightly cheaper price is NOT worth it. I would have paid double than use these guys again. After haggling to try to get a shuttle (they would not pick up the phone, or put me on hold, I would call back and put me on hold again) ended up paying for a taxi, leaving my wife and kids at the airport and went there to pick up my car. It was a nightmare. I warned you. I think they have 1 shuttle bus. Just look at the rest of the posts. It's no accident.

Shuttle driver is an older guy, not friendly, but I gave him a tip anyway.

I've experienced problems with pick ups from the airport back to the lot, they usually take longer than they say, about 25-30 mins, so that delays my commute to work.
- Hollywood

Overall good experience. Wait time for the shuttle back to my car after a long trip was longer than I would have liked, but my car was ready and waiting for me as soon as I got to the lot.

Fast, friendly, cheap! Excellent!

With no other pickups, it took the shuttle 30 minutes to show up from the time we called. G Maps says it's a 7 minute drive in high traffic. I won't use them again.
- Anaheim

My experience parking here was as expected. For the price and the time it would take to use the Parking Lot C, I would park here again.
- CA

Everything went perfectly. We will use your services again.
- Rancho Cucamonga

Excellent customer service. I will do repeat business.

Found you by accident since I'm new to the area, but glad I did.
- North Hollywood, CA

Was directly because they still had availability during the holidays. The lot is off the beaten path, but I read good things. The outfit was somewhat disorganized on arrival. There was path to drop off and the shuttle was not prompt, so not prompt that I chose to call a Lyft from the lot to ensure I made my flight. The staff inside was fed up with each other and when I needed to run back to my car to get something before I left the keys, it ticked of the cashier.

On the return, the shuttle driver was accommodating and my car was waiting for me. However, the engine was left running so long that my car was shimmying and tons of gas was being wasted. Too many instances of unprofessionalism to want to return.

Note that it is a small parking lot where you drop your car off and then it gets driven who-knows-where. Difficult to find as the first time we drove right past it in search of an actual building. There is a small office and a small 15-space or so parking lot next to it where you park your vehicle and take the shuttle.

Shuttle driver was VERY fast, meaning he had a lead foot. Hard fast turns, accelerations, and sudden stops. We got there safe. Called to be picked up and shuttle was there within 5 minutes.

I have parked second time at Sam's. I really recommend it. Shuttle was on time and overall positive experience.
- Topanga, CA

These guys run a tight ship! Have parked here several times and will continue to use them!

Shuttle was faster than at any other place I've every parked at LAX. I found a small ding on my car, not sure if it was already there, but just for safety check your car before you leave it there.
- Ladera Ranch, CA

Friendly and prompt. Although the facility was off the beaten path, so to speak, they more than make up for it through excellent service and professionalism. I will definitely be parking there again. Thank you to the entire staff at Sams Park!

Do not park at Sam's Park! On February 2nd I dropped my car, a 2013 Ford Edge, off at the Sam's Parking lot at LAX airport. The car at the time of drop off was in perfect condition without any scratches or dents. Upon pick up on February 15th the car was delivered by a Sam's parking lot employee and left in a designated spot for pick up. No information of the damage was communicated to me at that time. When I approached my car, I noticed immediately that the car had damage to the front driver side bumper and head light. The damage consists of scratches, dents, displacement of the front bumper and cracked and scratched headlight. A police report was made at time of pick up.

I've been to Sam's Park many times now. It's close and convenient from LAX. Majority of the time the shuttle leaves within 5-10 mins. Once I had to wait a lil over 15 mins. Shuttle picks me up from LAX usually about 15 mins after I call and my car is ready when I come back. Everyone there is really nice, courteous and friendly, always striking up a conversation with you. Once I had to call them to pick me up from the airport since I forgot something in my car, and they were very nice about it and were able to pick me up right away. Also, price is very reasonable compared to all other parking lots I've been to. This is my goto parking spot.

Thanks to all for being so kind!

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