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405 Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
9800 La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 Map

Roof Top Self
Indoor Self Parking
Shuttle Interval, min25-30
405 Airport Parking is conveniently located just off I-405 and Century Blvd. This indoor parking structure offers self, covered parking, as well as one level of outdoor, rooftop parking. The friendly and professional team at 405 Airport Parking is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complimentary shuttle service is provided to and from LAX. Online reservations are recommended to secure a space.

Upon your return to LAX: After obtaining your luggage, proceed outside to the red sign marked "Hotel & Courtesy Shuttles" and call for a shuttle at (310) 216-9235 or text "pick up" with your terminal to (310) 439-5335.

What our customers say about 405 Airport Parking

- San Diego

Really close to LAX. I think there was only one person working the shuttle, but we did not have an issue getting to the airport or getting back 2 weeks later. I would stay here again.

Indoor self parking is great with sufficient lighting. Parking lot looks clean and it is secured. Wait time for shuttle is great when we arrived and about 15 mins wait from airport, which is not too bad. Driver is very helpful, but the shuttle itself can have some improvement on more comfortable seatings. Remember to keep the parking ticket from the gate. It is needed to leave the parking lot to avoid lost ticket fee.

25 - 30 minutes shuttle wait time is unacceptable. Plus, sometimes, not stopping to pickup arrival passengers, the wait is even longer.

Generally good experience. Wait could be better, except pick up, which by accident was perfect. Van drove up as we reached the pick up site.

Definitely one of my better parking experiences going in and out of LAX. Service is consistent and facility is in a convenient location. Haven't had to wait long for shuttles either to or from the airport. Drivers and staff are friendly. Definitely going to park here again.

Disappointed only with the cashier at the checkout.

Easy to park, but we had to park on the side wall instead of a real spot. It was difficult to find our shuttle when we came back, but that might've just been impatience on our end. Great place to park!
- Escondido

It would be great if you had a fast charger/boost starter. I travel a lot for work and after my last European trip my battery was flat when I returned. I had to wait just over one hour for road side assistance. I arrived after I travelled for 18.5 hours of flights and still had a 2.5 hour drive ahead of me towards San Diego. If you could offer a jump start I would have been very pleased. Hope this constructive feedback helps.

PS. If you'd offered a quick wash on the day of return, before I pick up the car, I would also use that service.
- West Hills

Used this facility twice. Both times worked well in terms of timing and service. Was a bit concerned when parked this time as the sign outside said "FULL" and there seemed to spot for me inside. But eventually I did find space.

As a frequent flyer, I often use this airport but can not help but compliant about the one and only issue I have and that is the wait time. I can not understand for the life of me why it takes so long for someone to pick us up. Shuttle after shuttle for other companies come by but 405 is by far the slowest.

Normally I can look past the wait time since, I'm never in a rush but this particular time my flight experience was poor and I was exhausted. We waited for almost 30 mins for a shuttle to pick us up and I was not happy about that.

The driver was very courteous and helpful but that wait just drove me nuts. I will give another company a try and see how it goes.

Parking is only available past the 5th floor and parking spots are small. Once I got back I had to call 4 times and waited an hour before the shuttle came to pick us up. After the driver picked us up we made a stop at the holiday inn and the driver decided to have a little chat with the attendant at the hotel. Every time I would call to get an update on where the shuttle is the staff was rude and kept saying the shuttle will be there in a few mins and that they only had one driver. In the mean time we saw shuttles for Joes parking, Quikpark and 105 parking pass us by at least 3 times. I would not park here again!!

This place has become our go to place to park when we fly out of LAX. I only wish we had found it sooner.

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