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405 Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
9800 La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301 View map
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405 Airport Parking LAX 405 Airport Parking Indoor Lot Renaissance LAX Parking Lot


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405 Airport Parking is conveniently located at the intersection of I-405 and Century Blvd. Our affordable airport parking facility is safe and provides covered self parking, with a height restriction of 6'4".

Our services include continuous shuttle transportation to the airport 24 hours a day and luggage assistance.

Shuttle Frequency: every 15-20 minutes.


What our customers say about 405 Airport Parking


I waited for 45 min to get picked up after calling an letting them know I was there at Terminal 5.
Christian S. - Woodland Hills, CA
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Okay lot, only one shuttle I think, almost missed my flight leaving because they had us waiting 25+ minutes for it, on the way back I called and got a shuttle inside of 30 minutes, which is not terrible but not great if you have somewhere to be.

Biggest issue is payment on the exit - only one cashier and I got stuck behind a line of three cars all paying - it took forever and it was only until I pulled up that I realized why each car had such an issue! I reserved a spot here on cheapairportparking.org, paid a deposit and owed a $21.40 balance. Even after handing her my print-out that stated in no uncertain terms what I owed, the surly cashier first asked for the entire amount - I pointed out that I paid a deposit and she ran through a little calculator typing in probably 15 different numbers until she landed on another one ... still more than I owed, but I needed to get out of there so I just paid rather than have to sit through more inane calculations. But I did ask why the inconsistency when I had a receipt that said what I would owe... Was it because I was 30 minutes after my predicted leave time? That was the shuttle's fault and not mine. I'll never know though because she just ignored me.

Bottom Line: Okay physical space to park your car, but may have issues with the price and payment.
LF - Los Angeles, CA
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Not acceptable to wait 35 minutes on the curb at LAX... other shuttles came 3, 4, 5 times... then i complaint to the driver and he confirmed you guys only have 2 shuttles going back and forth!!! How could you do that on a Friday night ???

Saverio - Los Angeles, CA
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Parking the car and getting to the airport was a breeze. The Shuttle driver even helped us getting our luggage out of our car, in the elevator and in the shuttle. Thank you very much!

Getting back to the car was a nightmare. We called the number to notify them when we entered the baggage claim just as instructed. The bags did take a little time and when we were finished the shuttle just went off and ignored our waving. Anyways, no shuttles 20 minutes and 40 minutes later, we saw him driving on the departure level but he didn't come down to arrivals. The 3rd time he briefly stopped and was just about to leave again if we wouldn't have jumped in front of the shuttle. The driver didn't help putting our luggage in the shuttle. I hope the second part was an exception.
Jens L. - Sunnyvale, CA
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I've parked at the location prior however my flight landed at 8:30 am and I did not get picked up to go back to get my car until 9:35 am. I called the parking lot at least 5-6 times and the young lady was very rude telling me each time that she has sent someone to pick me up. No one ever came.
Other shuttle services came around at least 4 or 5 times and continue to look at me like "who the heck are you waiting for". Finally, I called and told the attendant that I needed to go and would need to take a cab to the garage to retrieve my car. She then said she would send someone else. Finally a lady came to pick me up and said she was on her break. The garage seems to need more shuttle buses and employees for a sufficient business operation and stop trying to place the blame on the customer asking if I was under the red shuttle sign. Duh! I travel a lot and called 5 times for an hours. Unacceptable and a joke.
Therese T. - Chino Hills, CA
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I bought self park *covered* parking. Arrived at garage and attendant said I had to park on uncovered roof. She stated, "Yes, I see that your receipt states *covered* parking but the price you paid is for uncovered". Huh!?

I have read many other comments and the flakiness of pricing is a common complaint. Even the employees cannot figure it out.
Steve E. - San Diego, CA
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It was not indoor self - we were told to park our car on the first floor and they would park it so we handed over our keys. Getting picked up at the airport took over 45 minutes after we called. The shuttle driver offered NO help loading OR unloading our luggage. He just got off the shuttle and let everyone fend for themselves. Then when we arrived at the parking garage, we were handed the keys and told to find our car on the 6th floor at 12:30 in the morning! When we got in the car, our new car smelled like cigarettes and still does every morning I start the car. (3 months later) We do not smoke! I can't be sure but I think there were more miles on the car than when we dropped it off. This was the worst experience we have ever had with a parking garage! We use one at least twice a year for a minimum of 10 days.
Pauline H. - La Mirada, CA
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Shuttle was slow. Other than that, everything was great. Staff was friendly, and costs were relatively cheap. Will park there with the right price.
Ling - Porter Ranch, CA
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The rate was great. security cameras everywhere. staff was pleasant, localion was great. need more be said.
Karel K. - Clovis, CA
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Worked out great for 3 nights of parking. Plenty of self-parking spots to choose from on a Saturday morning. Shuttle picked us up from the lot within 10 minutes of parking and got us to our terminal quickly. Shuttle pick up from the airport on the return trip was also fast (~15 minute wait), even at midnight. Paying was simple, quick, and my charges were as promised. I would definitely use 405 airport parking again.
Tom - Los Angeles, CA
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