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LAX Parking Curb Express

Los Angeles International Airport
9144 S. Sepulveda blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet
Indoor Valet
Distance from Airport1.4 mi
Shuttle Interval, min5-10
No shuttle is needed, we are strictly valet, our uniformed valet will accompany you from our facility to your terminal at LAX. There is no waiting, no shuttles, no lines.

Description: Lax Parking Curb Express is the only valet parking company that solely does curbside to curbside personal valet at the LAX Airport.

- A personal valet will ride with you from our location to your departure airline terminal curbside, in the comfort of your own vehicle.

- The valet will assist you with your luggage, then he will drive your car back to an indoor secured parking facility.

- When you return, your car will be delivered to your arrival airline terminal curbside.

- Our service eliminates the hassle in traveling and the time consuming that traditional parking offers.
- Your car will be parked in a covered facility that is clean, well-lit, secure, and professionally maintained.
- Our location is very convenient. We are located just half a block from the LAX airport
- We are licensed and fully insured.
- Our courteous valets are experienced drivers with clean driving records that are audited regularly.
- We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Note: Our parking structure has a height limit of 6.9 ft.


Why LAX Parking Curb Express?
- Our service is fast, safe, easy, and convenient way to park at LAX.
- We are unlike other traditional parking services: self or valet. We value your time and eliminate delay and inconvenience.
- No waiting for shuttles to and from LAX.
- No luggage transfers between your car and the shuttle.
- No searching for your car in remote or dark areas.
- No line to wait for service.
- We welcome all types of travelers, business and leisure.

What should I do when I arrive back from my trip?
Airport police restricts parking at terminal curbside: If you have carry on bags only, please call us after you get out of the plane. If you have checked in luggage, call us after you collect your bags, so your car can be delivered in a timely manner to you at the terminal's curbside. You will not have to return with your car to our facility when it is delivered back to you after you arrive back in town.

What our customers say about LAX Parking Curb Express


As always great experience with Curb Express. It's simple and easy to access especially with kids.

Inadequate personal for morning rush, space for entry is too small to allow more than one car at a time.

Drivers were pleasant and helpful, just not enough of them.

Speedy service, great location, and great customer service helped load and unload our luggage!
- Los Angeles

First time using the Curb Valet and I will definitely do it again. What a treat to not have to worry about hauling my luggage back and forth into a shuttle, waiting for the shuttle at the curbside, etc. My experience was fantastic, from being able to hand over my keys at curbside, to having my car delivered to me within 5 (or so) minutes after getting my luggage, and just taking off from there! The guy wouldn't even let me take him back to the facility! AND, as a side note, I accidentally left a $20 bill in my cup holder that I keep there for an emergency. It was still there when I got my car back. Sad to have to mention that it was still there, it should just be assumed, but nowadays we have car wash people grabbing spare change out of our kudos to the staff for being so honest! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
- Downey, CA

Excellent experience..... Will definitely use again !!!!

Expensive, but very convenient.
- San Dimas, CA

The best way to go at LAX airport.
- Bakersfield, CA

The service provided was very convenient and got us on the road shortly after receiving our luggage. I will use your company again.
- Yorba Linda

This is the best service EVER! Very courteous staff. My husband even left his phone in the car after being dropped off, and the driver ran after him to give it to him! Was concerned about pick up, but they were there in literally 5 min. It was 6am-so may take a bit longer during busy times as they have to navigate through all that traffic. But that isn't their fault. After parking at the Westin last time, and not being told the shuttle stops at different hotels for pick up and almost missing our flight, I highly recommend this service. Wasn't much more and service couldn't be beat!! Only complaint was it was a little hard to find. Not on Sepulveda, actually around the corner, I would recommend better signs!
- Los Angeles, CA

LOVE this service - THANK YOU! FINALLY parking made easy for the dreaded LAX. My car was at the curb before I was! I didn't have cash on hand for a tip and felt terrible - both drivers were so gracious... I'll be sending a tip today for them. THANKS AGAIN!!
- Seal Beach, CA

i will definitely use your service again and recommend it to my friends.

Location is a bit confusing, particularly at night. The entrance is not on Sepulveda, but around the corner. Probably I should have paid more attention to the printed directions from their site.

Arrived around 8pm, pulled right up. The nice gentleman working looked at my reservation, took my credit card, we did a walk around my car & then about 5 minutes later we were off to the airport. I had the attendant drive. Got dropped off at American Airlines & away my car went. Planned parking for 2 weeks & extended my trip to 3 weeks. When I called to extend my parking, the very nice lady found my paperwork & agreed that they would honor the original rate. Many places will charge you the published daily rate if you stay past your contracted rate.

When I arrived back at LAX @ 1:00am, the attendant was calling me as our flight landed. I called them when I finished at baggage claim & waited out front of the terminal for less than 15 minutes. The driver showed up with my car and we checked it out, then I signed off and was on my way.

Everything worked out very well & as good as expected. I will absolutely park with LAX Curbside Parking again.
- Canoga, CA

Awesome.... You guys are great. I am glad I found you. You totally improved my parking experience.
- Manhattan Beach, CA

I was happy with the whole experience, but have a suggestion. I think it would be a good idea to ask the customer to show ID to your driver at the time of pick up. If someone loses their curb express parking receipt and does not realize it until they are back, the person who finds the receipt can call a little bit earlier than the estimated time of arrival which is stated on the receipt along with name, phone number, the car description and the airline name, get the car AND the keys and vanish. I know it is not very likely, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!!
- Long Beach, CA

This is nothing like a park and shuttle or door to door service. No waiting or going round and round the terminal picking up other riders. The next best thing to a personal drop off and pick up. Just pick up the driver in your car and in 5 minutes your at the airport. When you return, call and in 5 minutes your car is their, your bags are loaded for you and you get in the drivers seat and drive your own vehicle back home. And for $20 a day!!! (cheaper than airport parking). I will recommend this service and use them again.
- Newbury Park, CA

Very efficient. Drop off registration took only s couple of minutes and returning car delivery went smoothly. We were on out way home quickly. Don't even need to take the driver back!
- Pomona, CA

This is definitely the way to go if you know you'll be tight on time. Very happy with this service!
- Thousand Oaks, CA

It was not exactly easy to find the place.

Other than that, this was the most convenient parking ever.
- Los Angeles, CA

The best way to get to and from the airport. I highly recommend this service. It was affordable, efficient, and the best way to get in and out of LAX.
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