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Top Spots in QuikPark

Los Angeles International Airport
9821 Vicksburg ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Indoor Self
Distance from Airport0.8 mi
Shuttle Interval, min10 - 15
Lot Capacity200
Top Spots airport parking shares space with QuikPark LAX - the premier parking facility at LAX airport. The multilevel parking facility is located less than 1 mile from LAX and shuttles run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This garage was built in 2014 and has spacious parking stalls, keeping your car scratch and dent free. Shuttles run every 10 - 15 minutes.

Garage clearance is 6'6".

What our customers say about Top Spots in QuikPark


Good location and price is reasonable. Best services for shuttle bus.
I am impressed and I will park here next time.
- Riverside, CA

Always a pleasure to use Quick Park and Top Spots worked the same. Would definitely use it again.
- Bishop, CA

Very nice covered garage, large parking slots, great location (short walk to the Hyatt or the airport).
- Malibu

One of the best Parking facilitis in LAX area. I have used this garage many times and have always been extremely happy.
- Los Angeles

I am completing my 17th visit and I am always impressed.

Maximum wait time to get a shuttle to the terminals is 5 minutes.
They have a lot of shuttles so rest assured you will be fine.

Once on shuttle they will stop at the Hyatt LAX (which is only 30 seconds away - really)

All shuttles say HYATT - purple lettering with HYATT logo. Making it easy to identify their shuttles from all the other brands when you need to return to your car from LAX.

Tiping your driver goes a long way. I always give $5 as they will load and unload your items.

Returning to Quik Park - average wait time is 10 minutes (MAX). When ready to find your shuttle - return to the Drop off / Departures level - NOT the baggage claim level.

Cons: It can take extra time to find a spot during peak times. It is a large garage. Plan up to 10 minutes in your search. They should have staff informing incoming cars which level.
- Riverside, CA

I didn't use the shuttle and the personnel are not unkind but they are not friendly. I park there often and am very satisfied.

Staff was very polite and helpful. I have a large truck and staff helped me park it and accommodated the fact that my truck could not fit in the parking lot and allowed me to stay on the first floor. The driver we had got honked at a lot and made sudden stops, but I think at LAX that is expected. The shuttle was a bit run down, but was clean on the inside and out. I would definitely use this service for long term parking again.

The location is great! Takes only a few minutes to get from the structure to the airport. Pick up shuttles are hit and miss. Sometimes the shuttle is there quickly and other times we have to wait a while.
- Temecula

It was our second time parking here. Never failed. Bus on time day and night. Will never look for long term parking anywhere else. Highly recommended.
- O.C.

Great staff, from check in to shuttle driver, both ways! Close to LAX. Great prices! Will be our go-to place from now on!

First time doing airport parking at Top Spots Quikpark, everything went smoothly.
- Los Angeles

I think Quik Park and the less expensive Top Spots are the best airport parking garages near LAX. The frequency of the shuttle is their biggest asset, and why I'm willing to pay a little more than, say, at major LAX hotels. The hotel rates tend to be cheaper, but the ease of parking, the proximity and access to the QuikPark/Top Spots parking structure, make air travel so less stressful.
- Murrieta, CA

Just what I was looking for in terms of covered airport parking. Good price. Great location. And right next to the Hyatt Regency. Allowed me to stay the night at the hotel, so I didn't have to get up early for a morning flight. Will definitely use this location next time I fly out of LAX.

Unfortunately I got covid while traveling and voted not fly home and I had the parking stub with me. I made one phone call to your facility and the gentleman was extremely helpful with instructions for my family to pick up my car.

Overall, this is a great facility. Pay more and you’ll get more. Convenient location, minimal shuttle wait, ample parking spaces, and quick/safe drivers. Looked great when it was new, but now getting dirty. Discounts for regular customers would be great.
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