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Los Angeles International Airport
9800 South Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet
Indoor Valet
Distance from Airport3.5 mi
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
One of the largest off-site airport parking facilities servicing Los Angeles International Airport.

Our focus has remained and will continue to be on customer satisfaction. Our view on providing parking services is more than just distributing tickets, parking cars, and collecting revenues - we feel that providing parking services not only requires a great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations, but also, affordable prices, comfortability, convenience and security for you and your vehicle.

What our customers say about

- Ontario Ca.

Very quick and easy. I was shuttled to the airport promptly. When I returned from my trip, I was picked up from the airport very quickly. I was very happy with the arrangements.
- Ventura

Fast, efficient, and a pleasure to do business with. Kind and friendly.

The place is very good, I just didn't like the fact that they drove my car for one mile in a super small area, that or they drove around for a while because to put one mile in a car driving it around in a parking lot that would take some time. Anyway, I got a last minute deal and overall was pretty good but I'd prefer to keep my keys and having the peace of mind that nobody is touching my vehicle.

Very kind team. I chose the deluxe car wash for $22. They did a great job and held the car indoors to avoid the car getting dirty again even though I'd paid for outdoor parking.

They were not busy and very prompt to drop me off and pick me up.

Thanks for the great service!

Thank you, all went great, better than expected.

Good facility

I reserved and paid for INDOOR valet parking service. When I picked up my car, I found some bird's droppings all over my car. I suspected that my car was not parked indoor, but outdoor instead.

The driver and help desk person were really friendly. That made me hard to make my complaints to them.

I honestly was very disappointed. We had paid to have our car stored inside. Upon returning to our car it was covered with dirt/dust- this was very disrespectful.

Going to the airport was okay. The individual who checked us in at the front desk was great. He was very kind and very professional, he was a great help (I believe he lives in Anaheim and still attends college), so thank you. However, the driver would not drop us off at the "Departure" section of the airport, but he dropped us off at the "Arrivals" so we had to walk around and upstairs to the "Departure" section of the airport.

The worst part of our experience was the drive from the airport back to the parking lot. We had called for pick up and we waited 13 minutes before the shuttle picked us up (this was totally fine), but then the driver kept circling the airport picking up 8 other people (which took nearly an hour). We returned to the parking lot about an hour after we got into the shuttle to take us back. Upon return we saw our car parked outside, full of dirt/dust.

I am very disappointed with this experience, and until I receive some sort of apology and this company mitigates these issues I will NEVER park at this location again.

I was happy about the whole experience, very friendly and professional.

I have good experience with LAX Parking.

I was a little disappointed to have cat hair all over my convertible top when I paid for indoor valet parking and my car was not pulled out when I arrived at 12:30am. But I was refunded some money to make up for the issues which was great.

I used these guys three times already and have had a good experience with them. It took the shuttle about 15 to 20 minutes to pick me up after I called them. The parking is hard to find because the sign has fallen for awhile and they have not fixed it yet. The shuttle drivers were very courteous and helpful. I would definitely park here again as they normally seem to have the best rates.

Couldn't find the place. It's a tricky spot to get to. Employees are super helpful. I will definitely use them again.

Maybe it's because I was in a bit of a hurry, but I felt like I was waiting for the shuttle for awhile. Overall, I would use this service again and just allow myself more time.
- LA

Definitely a VIP experience. My car was waiting, washed and ready to go as the shuttle pulled in. Thank you!

My only recommendation is putting a sign at the entrance or the building to identify the location.

Fast friendly service, would recommend to everyone.

Great experience although got my car was a little dirty from sitting outside one day, but nothing a car wash can't handle!!!

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