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AC Hotel by Marriott

Los Angeles International Airport
2130 E Maple Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245 Map

Indoor Valet
Indoor Self
Once you arrive at the AC Marriott, please see a valet attendant and present them your parking confirmation for airport parking. They will be ready to provide great customer service and fulfill your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shuttle service is available from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM 7 days a week. Shuttles run On Demand.

What our customers say about AC Hotel by Marriott

- Apple Valley

I should have read better I did not realize that I would need to get lift because my flight arrived after 11. I finely got a lift but I did not get the $50.00 Voucher to pay for it I was promised. After the long trip at 12:30 AM I had to download lift and I finely got home about 4AM At 73 I think I need more help next time to make sure my transportation needs are met ahead of time with no surprises.
- Northridge

Safe parking and the free coffee was nice. But we almost missed our flight due to the lag times with the shuttle. Took about 40 minutes and once he came we got minimal help with the luggage and there was no trunk room so we had to pull all the bags on the bus where we sit. The pickup was better but still not super helpful with the bags. We tipped both times but would’ve tipped more. The valet staff at the hotel were nice and friendly.

The staff at the AC Hotel was great, very friendly and informative. I arrived, checked in and was on my way to the airport in less than 30 min. However, on my way back I waited over an hour for the shuttle to pick me up. The number I was told to call or text would not pick up or respond, it would go straight to voicemail. After multiple texts, voicemail messages and between 1-2 calls, I finally called the hotel directly they told me to call the number again as dispatch was going to be picking up. Again, multiple calls later no answer. I called the hotel direct again who then made arrangements for my pick up. The shuttle driver picked me up and then proceeded to make 2 more rounds around the airport after picking me up and complaining and cussing the whole way and driving like a maniac.

I finally made it to the AC to pick up my car. I did let the hotel staff know how bad the driver was hopefully something will be done.

I won't be using the AC for parking again which is a shame because it is a nice place to park and very close but after a long trip home the last thing you want is to wait for over an hour to make it to your parked car.
- Palm Desert

Everything was fine until we got back to LAX. Went to baggage claim and texted for shuttle and got txt back car is at valet. No Uber voucher for $15, so took cab for $25 with tip to AC hotel. Arrived at AC and car was with valet even though I was staying the night at AC and had paid to pick up car next morning.

Everything good except the hotel didn’t get us back from the airport to the parking lot.

I am a Marriott rewards member and I generally like to park at a Lax Marriott property when flying out of LAX, it was my first time selecting the Ace hotel, they don’t have a shuttle, the velvet ordered a Uber ride for my departure flight, and text me a $15.00 voucher for my return flight the Uber ride back to the Ace hotel cost me a small fortune for the same distance, Uber rides available that night were starting above $40.00 up to $80.00 dollars minus the $15.00 dollar voucher I spent and additional $26.00 dollar to go 10 minutes, I normally park at the airport Marriott on century for $11.00 dollars a day parking with free shuttle, this was overpriced I felt taken advantage of… suggestion provide people with possible inflated Uber charges on return, so we can make a informed decision. I complained to the hotel clerk and he said he hears these complaints often.

Great clean facility and great staff. The only thing is when we arrived, it was a busy time in LA (8:30PM) so Lyft and Uber were charging way more than $15 credit the hotel provided. Our Lyft invoice went up to $37.44 total.
- CA

Yes, I would use this service again, but it was a hassle taking bus to Uber stop (there was not a green pillar where we exited). We are not from L.A. or familiar with the airport and facility overall and were exhausted from the previous day having to get a covid test to fly internationally and horrible airport hotel where ac wouldn't turn off and we froze. I'm used to calling for pick up right when we land and walking to wait area, but I understand how huge LAX is I think it's a great idea to use the green bus.
- Los Angeles

A $15 voucher does not go far when Uber wants to charge $50 to get from LAX to the AC. Unhelpful surprise after a long trip.
- Simi Valley

Easy in and out. Beats the high prices at the airport and a free Uber to LAX is included. Great deal! I will use AC Hotel again.
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