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WallyPark Premier Garage

Los Angeles International Airport
9700 Bellanca Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Uncovered Self Parking
Self-Park Garage
Indoor Valet Parking
Distance from Airport1.8 mi
Shuttle Interval, min5
Lot Capacity700
First Class Service. Often at economy rate. WallyPark is located about five min shuttle drive from LAX airport.

Wally Park if a premiere airport parking facility offering an unmatched airport parking experience, with benefits that include secured, covered valet and self-parking, exclusive WallyGuard Door Ding Protective Pads, 24/7 shuttle service, immediate check-in/check-out, free Wi-Fi Internet in the lobby, complimentary amenities and more. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, WallyPark LAX will make airport parking the most enjoyable part of your trip.

What our customers say about WallyPark Premier Garage


They don't pay for lighting in the structure so it's pitch black and scary. If you self park, you have to get your stuff to the elevator and down to the shuttle, no shuttle comes to you. There is NO security. If you are not on the corner watching for the shuttle for airport pick-up, they will fly right by you. I won't park here again. There are better options.

Everything was great except the wait for the shuttle at LAX.

First time and super impressed with the service.

We had a great experience this time. Previous experience with this company was not as good. However, it appears they have improved all aspects including the vans used for pick up. We Waited about 10 seconds for pick up by the van once we were at the curbside pick up location.
- Pasadena

Unfortunately at this location if you arrive earlier than your reservation and/or of your flight is late, they will charge you an extra day. I was charged an entire day because of a 3 hour difference on my arrival and departure time. It didn't matter that my flight was late. I understand policies but just to rub it in the checkout person was extremely rude to me. After a long day of travel, this is not how you want it to end. She had trouble explaining it to me and I felt like I had been duped. Overall, not a great experience and it costs me more than I had planned.

Great facility and service! The best parking garage I have been to around LAX by a mile!! There are closer lots, but this is a covered garage with a LOT of shuttles so short wait time, and I didn't even have to call.
- Studio City, CA

Everything was quite good except the signage in the garage which should guide the customer to and from the parking area on the roof for those not utilizing the valet.

Great place leave the car.
- Glendale

WIll now park at Wally Park whenever I need to park and fly!

Great location. Friendly staff.

Very nice place, clean parking spaces and pleasant people to deal with. Good prices and close to the airport. Shuttle is very efficient too.

I agree with the other complaints. Can not find the place easily, no signs. Made reservations a month ago and prepaid at that time. Called 2 days prior and confirmed my reservation, all was good. Arrived at 4:30 am on the morning of my departure and after hunting down a person was told the lot was full. I stated I had prepaid and had a reservation, they did not care. They gave me a phone number to call and be redirected to another lot. I called and it was a recorded message telling me to leave a massage and someone would get back to me in 24 hrs. We left very frustrated and found another place near by. When I called upon our return to Orlando, I spoke to a very rude lady named Diane who told me she only worked there and could not help. I asked about my refund and why my reservation was not honored and she became angry and stated she only worked there! I asked for a manager and then she transferred me to a voice mail and I have not heard back from them. Nor have I received my refund. I will never use this company again and would NEVER recommend them to anyone!! Where we ended up parking was twice the money, (Park and FLy) and I am not sure that they are not owned by the same company and it is just a scamm to get you to go to the other lot and pay twice as much! THIS PLACE IS A BIG SCAMM!!!!
- Ocala, FL

Pro: Economical parking cost.

Con: No sign for the business; impossible to find in the dark. There were no shuttle vans or any indication that I was at the right place.
- WY

I'm on the border with this one. For starters the locations was a little confusing as I booked with Premier Airport Parking, but was EZ park (?) at the address. I had booked online and therefore was a bit worried I was at the wrong place. The attendant took my voucher I printed off and said "thank goodness you're not with Premier."...I was a little confused, was this where I was supposed to be. The lot was pretty much an empty, cleared field. A little worried about that as far as security. The shuttle got us to airport quickly, didn't have to wait too long there. When I got back into town I called the number to be picked up; they gave me instructions of where to wait and it was 10-15 min before was picked up (~1 AM). They did call me to see if I had been picked up, which was impressive and received another call to see if I arrived to the parking area, again impressed with that. Will I use again? Maybe; the price was right and I guess I have to lower expectations if I'm going to pay for 3 days what it usually costs for one by the airport.
- Debary

Arrived at 5:30am for a 7am flight. There was a long line of people waiting to check in. We waited 20 mins for a shuttle and to park. After that a driver pulled up to drive to the airport only to say he had to go for gas. It was 30 mins we waited with no sigh of the van, so we drove to park at the airport, just making our flight. Contacted Premier parking main office with no reply. I just disputed the charge on my charge card. Beware of parking here....
- melbourne, fl

Great for the cost. Plan a bit more buffer time for the shuttles, but I'd do it again.
- Sebring, FL

Over all I was well pleased with the park and fly experience. Did have some trouble finding the parking lot. It was early morning and the sign and address was not properly shown.
- York

I was a little surprised that there was no mention of Premier Parking on the sign outside the parking lot. Everthing else was very acceptable.
- Davenport, Fl

We could not find the parking lot. Missed it and wasted time looking for it. You need signs!
- Lake Placid, FL

I arrived in Orlando 5:30 AM to park and there was not a sign visible to even find the lot. I drove up and down that road and couldn't find the place. I had to park in one of the other lots that were visible and very courteous. I tried once I got to the airport SEVERAL times to contact this lot and no one would answer. I left three messages and to this day they have never returned my calls, but you can be sure they took my money. I would not recommend Premier EVER to anyone!
- Sanford, FL

I thought we were to park at Premier A P O, however the lot said Park EZ Fly. We were confused as where we would park.
- Deltona, FL

I'm late writing this about Premier or EZ Parking but I would never use them again that are owned by the same company. I had made reservation AND PAID 2 months before my trip on December 27, 2012. (My reserved dates were 12/27/12 to 1/8/13 PAID) I arrived to park my car and I was told the lot was full. It made no difference that I had about 30 minutes to get Orlando Airport to be within 30 minutes of my flight. There were spaces that my Little Chevrolet Colbalt would fit and I offered to pay additional and someone could park it as valet and I was told no. I missed my flight looking for a lot to park and I was very upset. I would never use them again in life. Two weeks after I arrived back home my credit card was credited for the amount I paid. Premier and EZ Park are the pits and I wouldn't recommend them to anybody after my ordeal and the extra money I had to pay.
- Santa Monica, CA

"A parking lot is a parking lot, I only park in the lowest priced lots that are. Hey I found a space on Century Blvd. I am going to park there!" If this is you good luck.

But if you're someone looking for a smooth transition from the lot to airport, piece of mind while you're in the air and out and about WallyPark is the place for you. Parking is easy even when the lot is "full" they'll take care of you, when you're at the lot and in need of a pick me up treat yourself to a cup of fresh Wally brewed coffee, or a refreshing bottle of water. There are plenty of Wally Buses circling arrivals and departures 24/7 ready to sweep you up as soon as you arrive. But my favorite part of WallyPark is the Wally Wall or whatever they call them, they are thick curtains placed between each parking stall to protect your vehicle from absentminded or inconsiderate doors which may bang into your vehicle while you are away, this small but valuable perk is why I park at WallyPark every trip. The only downside is the fact that it is not a fully enclosed building, but it is dang close.
- Suffield, CT

I was concerned, when i could not reach any one by phone. We got our luggage and then we called. We did not get an answer, no one picked up the phone. When the driver picked us up, he was very cordial and helpful the ride to our car was very good.
- Sebastian, FL

Fast, Reliable, Safe, Courteous!!!
- San Marcos

I made a reservation online the night before I was to fly out of Orlando Airport. I printed out the confirmation sheet and brought it with me to the parking lot. It was a good thing that I got there a little early. I walked up to the parking lot office. I was greeted by a friendly person who asked to see my reservation. I gave them my confirmation sheet. He took a look at it, then apologized and said that they were all full. I said that I had a reservation confirmation number. He said that it did not matter and that the website that gave me the confirmation number gave it to me in error. He said that it was a different company, and that I had to call that company to get a refund. I asked where was I supposed to park. He said he didn't know. I asked him if there was a place nearby that was in business with the company I had a confirmation with, and he replied that I have to call them to find out.

I think this was bullshit, and I think he was holding out to get more money from people coming to the airport without CheapAirportParking reservations (demand was very high at this point).

To make matters worse, I called Premier Parking. The rep I spoke with could not have been much more unprofessional than she was. I asked her if there was another place to park, she said not in Orlando. I asked her if I was going to get a refund, and she said yes. She spoke poor English (she sounded like she was from the getto). She said it would take 48 hours, or something like that, to post the credit. But it is now two weeks later, and she did not credit my credit card (I just checked--thanks for sending me this evaluation reminder as I now have to file an AMEX dispute). After this business was completed, I complained and asked her is this typical for how they do business, and she said "don't be complaining to me! You've got no beef with me--I just work here!". She was an ignorant, classless person that needs people, and really life, training.
- Orlando, FL

I paid in full online when I made my reservation and so imagine my surprise upon my return when the office gentleman tells me I owe additional funds for the shuttle service after generously tipping the shuttle driver to begin with. I advised the office guy that I paid in full and he asked to see my reservation which I advised was taken from another office guy the day I dropped off my car stating it was company policy. I requested he pull the confirmation and he said he could not. When I advised I would be making a formal complaint he quickly stated to disregard the fee but I paid and left.

Not happy at all with the office service!
- New Smyrna Beach, FL

Dark, unpaved lot. Waited 20 minutes for bus to airport and watched fellow traveler miss flight. Waited 45 minutes for pickup bus. Tried to call several times, no answer. Grossly understaffed.
- Fort White, FL

Overbooked lot and didn't call or email me to inform me there wouldn't be a spot for me. Had to drive to another lot and pay twice as much. Also there's no phone number to call this company if you need a refund. Still waiting on an email back.
- Brandon, FL

Our trip was cut short due to Hurricane Sandy. Although we had reserved online, the attendant was happy to reduce our pre-arranged charges to adjust for our early arrival home.

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