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WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport
120 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ 07114 Map

Outdoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min5
With competitive low daily rates and quality shuttles leaving every few minutes for Newark Airport, WallyPark EWR offers a convenient and reliable parking service for those flying out of Newark.

Free airport shuttles depart every 5 min.

Lot Open 24/7, 365 days a year.

What our customers say about WallyPark Premier Airport Parking


I have used Wally for quite some time and the service has gone severely downhill. I have waited 30-45 minutes for pick up at the airport everytime over the last few months. They admitted that they have decreased their number of shuttles, which are also falling apart.

Very conveniently located. Good value. On arrival we didn't have to wait for the shuttle to drop us off. It was ready to go when we got there. On return we waited over 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up and bring us to the parking lot. Also had to wait a few minutes to get our keys once we arrived. They could use another person at the desk to check people out.

Overall though a good bang for the buck. Will use again.

I've used WallyPark several times in the past and had good experiences. However, this time there were two things which really concerned me:

1) Our passenger seat was reclined when we picked up our car. It was not like that when we dropped off.

2) The radio was tuned to a station we never listen to.

This leads me to believe our vehicle was used by your staff in some manner as it sat parked for two weeks. If so, that is unacceptable.
- CT

Overall very good experience... seemed professional and secure. We left our car there an extra day because our flight was cancelled and had no issues. I would recommend them.

There were ten of us picked up at the bus stop and I was the last one off the bus and within five minutes I was in my truck and on my way home. The woman at the counter was very pleasant and efficient. After being delayed at MCO for over ten hrs this was a very pleasant experience.
- MA

The drivers could be a little more helpful with luggage. Overall excellent and smooth operation. Will use again.
- Pennsylvania

Personnel was courteous and prompt.
- Pennsylvania

When we arrived at the facility, the gentleman who drove us to the airport was very personable and assisted my husband with the luggage. We were more than happy to tip him and felt very confident that our trip back to the facility after our FL trip would be just as positive. I personally was disappointed with the attitude of the female driver who picked up up at Newark Airport. No ASSISTANCE, HELLO, GOODBYE. But overall, our experience at Wally Park was VERY POSITIVE, including the lady at the desk, as well as the men in the lot. I would recommend them to all my friends.

30 minute wait to pick up from airport in freezing cold weather.

It was my second time using WallyPark and it went seamless. Looking forward to using them again next time I fly.

I have used Vista parking in the past. This was closer and cheaper, will definitely use WallyPark again.

Everything was beyond amazing!! Shuttle took us directly to our terminal, driver was very helpful, and they picked us up directly from our terminal when we got back. I will definitely use again and recommend!

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