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Newark Liberty Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport
100 International way, Newark, NJ 07114 Map

Self Park
Shuttle Interval, min10-15
Newark Liberty Airport Parking is the newest and most attractive parking lot servicing Newark International Airport. We priced at the lower end (most of the time) with the absolute best service. Newark Liberty Airport Parking offers over 1,500 self-park spaces and all new shuttle buses.

We provide a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service between our gorgeous all new 15-acre facility and each of EWR terminals.

What our customers say about Newark Liberty Parking

- Wallkill, NY

First time I've ever used long-term parking and no complaints whatsoever. I would definitely use their services again!
- NY

First time parking here and was very nervous about arriving on time for my flight. I found the lot easily and found a spot quickly. I also was impressed by the bus driver's attention and professionalism who drove to my car to pick me up and drive me to the terminal. Returning back also had a great experience because the bus was quick to arrive to take me back to my car. I also liked the fact that i was able to self park and take my keys.

Overall great experience, will recommend and will park here again in the future.
- Brooklyn

I drove in, got my ticket and was told to park in specific lot, when I've got there shuttle was already picking up other customers, so by the time I parked, shuttle driver nicely took all my bags and put them in the shuttle. We were in our terminal in less than 10 mins after that.

When I came back, I called to confirm where should I be and was told that shuttle will be there in 5-10 mins. Shuttle was right there in no time - I literally didn't have to wait - just to cross the road, but that's my luck - I know that. I also knew that my battery died because I can get notifications on my smartphone via cell notifications, so I asked driver to give me a jump start ahead, so on a way to drop me off, he stopped to pick up his jump starter and was also curious how did I know that my battery was dead, explained to him that my Viper smart system allows that. Overall, very great experience and if I would ever need to park here, it is no brainer where to park.
- New Jersey

As soon as I pulled into the lot, the shuttle driver followed me to my parking spot. I told him not to wait because I had a great deal of luggage. He said no problem, and helped me take the luggage out of the car, and on to the shuttle. Helped again at the terminal.

Upon returning to Newark, the shuttle was right there waiting. Could not ask for better service. A+++++++
- PA

This parking is about 5 minutes from the airport. It's tricky to find the place because the address on the reservation email and the actual location doesn't match. So you have to go to the end of the street and THEN you will find the parking lot entry.

Another thing is that instructions are not quite clear... You have to take a ticket to gain access to the parking and you pay when you come back to pick your car with the ticket and the email of your reservation so you can claim your discount rate instead the normal rate.

Watch out for the driver... Sometimes he's distracted and forget to tell you where to step out. if you are not aware you may pass either your terminal in the airport or your car in the parking.

Ahhh, don't forget where you parked, the place is huge and you may spent a while if you don't recall where you parked.

Other than that I definitively will use them again...

Used this once before, and was shocked when I parked my car and the shuttle pulled right up. It was like they were waiting for me. Less than 5 mins. to the airport. Pick up from airport was about a 10 min. wait. Less time than when a friend picks me up. I liked it so much I'm using it again. Price was also awesome.
- Morristown, NJ

This was my first time parking at this location. I reserved online and my total for nearly a week was $48 - that's like 1.5 days if you parking in P4 run by the airport. The shuttle driver when I dropped off explained how everything worked, picked me up at my car - even told me what aisle to go down to find a close spot, gave me a card to write down my car location. Leaving, I happened to see a shuttle right when I walked out (luckily for me, since it was raining). They dropped me off right at my car.

They also have a loyalty card - I think after $100 you get a day free, which won't take much given I travel all the time.

It is a bit challenging to find but my GPS found it, no problems.

Excellent service. Driver picked us up quickly at our vehicle. On return, driver was there within 2 minutes of calling. I would definitely use again!

Better directions and signage would greatly help those parking at your facility for the first time. We had a tough time finding your location until we called the number listed on our reservation. Land marks would help like what facilities are located before your location.
- Staten Island, NY

Courteous, fast and safe. I will definitely use this place again.
- Oak Ridge

I was happy with the price and service to the Terminals. I was a little disconcerted at first because the name on the web-site and the name at the parking lot were different and I questioned whether I was in the right place, but it worked out well. I also wasn't sure how to redeem my reservation but the shuttle driver advised me. I'll park here again if it is still the cheapest for long-term parking.

The only problem that we had, that we had to pay for an additional day of parking because we were less than an hour over our predicted time for leaving the lot. Part of the reason was that we were not picked up and had to call a second time.
- Holmdel, NJ

The personnel was very helpful to get my car battery started in a very reasonable time. Everyone had been very helpful and pleasant. I will definitely park there each time I need a long term parking.

Thank you for the excellent service!
- NY

The ratings say it all - I was pleasantly surprised all around. Will definitely park with you again. I especially like the touch of the reminder card with parking location.
- MD

Very difficult to find the southern entrance to the facility. Otherwise, a good experience even with the blizzard.

Shuttle driver was right there in lot when we arrived, and we only waited about 5 min at the terminal when we returned. Good job.

Excellent service. A shuttle was waiting for me as soon as I parked my car.

A little more clarity on the pick up point at the airport should be given to passengers. I was dropped off at point 2 and told this was where I would be picked up, but the actual pick up point was much farther down, near point 7. Luckily I noticed the shuttle at that position. My wait time at the airport was only about 5 miinutes, even at near midnight.

I understand, it is hard to plow a parking lot full of cars, but the entire lot has become quite icy and snow packed, which makes it hard to find a clear place to park.

Got what I paid for.

Only issue was that snow built up behind my car and there was no one with a shovel to help me get it out, had to barrel out and risk damage to the bottom of the car. It was late, cold and dark. Perhaps the shuttle should have a shovel on it that could be loaned out when needed.

Everything else was very good, shuttle came both ways very quickly.
- Souderton, PA

Buy your drivers some better snow shovels that are not plastic and made only for light cleaning of sidewalks! But the driver made a valiant effort with the one that he had, bad as it was for removing a mound of frozen snow from behind the car in the frigid weather!
- Brooklyn

Wow, I admit I was concerned that a budget parking would be an awful experience, but I did have high expectations from all the great reviews.

I was not disappointed! The staff was courteous and helpful, the wait time was short, and location wasn't bad. Price was great.

When we got there, bus driver saw us unloading, and came to our parking spot to pick us up with our luggage. On our way home, I gave them a call and we were picked up within five minutes. Five stars!
- Andover, MA

A little tricky finding the entrance, but this is the place to park! Fast service, the right price and the pick-up/drop-off van was on time.
- north jersey

Great Service... Will use again.
- Hawthorne

The van was driving through the lot as we arrived, saw where we parked and pulled up as we got out of our car. The driver got our bags out of the trunk as we were gathering our papers and we were off to the airport and arrived in probably 5 minutes. Upon our return we called and he was there to pick us up in just a few minutes, dropped us right at our car and put our bags back in the trunk. What service!! I kept my reservation form and noted the price as I got to the window to pay, just to be sure I was being charged the price quoted and I was. This is the second time I have used this lot and will surely use it the next time I fly out of Newark. Courteous, friendly staff.

The location was great - but it was a little hard to find and there are 2 addresses that give you different directions on GPS. But luckily I was going during the day and you can see from highway. Shuttle to and from was quick & easy - waited less then 5 mins both times. Reservation was quick and simple. Definitely would do again.

The nicest people and best price! They pick you up within 5 minutes of your departure and arrival!
- Blauvelt,NY

For years, I was using P6 long term for business travel or limo service from home when longer stay.
This time I've tried for almost 2 weeks Liberty.

Easy to find, easy to get to terminal, easy to get picked up, no phone call, just wave, drivers very helpful with luggage, easy pay with card the rest of bill.

Personal very helpful. Definitely use again. Nice job, keep rolling.

Great experience - both going and coming!

Overall very good experience. On return waited less than a minute for shuttle.
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