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Seattle Airport Marriott

Seattle/Tacoma International Airport
3201 S 176th St., Seattle, WA 98188 Map

Outdoor Self
Outdoor Valet
Distance from Airport1.7 mi
Shuttle Interval, min15
The Seattle Airport Marriott is located only a 5 minute drive from Seatac Airport. This location offers two parking options - Self and Valet. The curteous shuttle drives offer complimentary luggage assitance. Complimentary airport shuttle runs every 15 minutes 24 hours a day.

What our customers say about Seattle Airport Marriott

- Seattle

Third time we have used the Marriott through Cheap Airport Parking and have had overall good experiences with it. Good price and shuttle is usually quick. This past trip the pickup at SeaTac was a little long as we waited over 25 minutes and two shuttles arrived at same time. This may not have been Marriott’s fault as construction was making the area crazy. Would definitely park there again and use this site to save money.
- Hoquiam

I parked in the "secure" parking lot and came back from my trip to find that someone had smashed in my window and broke in. They left quite a mess and damages of over $1000. The Hotel security had taped plastic over the window, so the weather didn't do too much damage, but they mentioned it was a fairly common occurrence. The Hotel assumes no liability, so I'm on the hook for my deductible with my personal insurance. There are a lot of homeless people in the area and the crime rate is very high. I filed a police report, but the police said they won't investigate or prosecute unless there's personal injury.
- Anacortes

Very easy process. Hotel was helpful and courteous. Checkout was explained and handled well. I would definitely use again.

We were lucky. We only waited a few minutes for the shuttle upon our return to Seattle.
- Tumwater, WA

Easy process, good staff, very prompt shuttle. Only downside is you might get rained on.
- Seattle

Everything went smoothly. Shuttle runs every 15 minutes. We only had to wait 5 minutes at the airport for pick up. For check in, you park your car and get a ticket. For check out, you show your confirmation print out + ticket to a parking attendant outside of the hotel entrance door. The attendant will stick a barcoded sticker to the ticket. You just slide in the ticket when you exit. For parking, I entered from 32nd Avenue South and took right-hand side parking entrance.

Super convenient, relatively secure parking. Some difficulty at exiting due to change from scanning print out to getting sticker for parking ticket from hotel, but the savings more than made up for the minor inconvenience. Marriott was helpful and understanding.
- Auburn

Everything was super easy and convenient. The only thing that was a drawback was the super long walk from the back of the lot, around the building to the front. I probably could have walked through the hotel, but didn't really fancy getting lost inside. Everything else was almost too easy, from the short shuttle ride to checking out with the valet, who was also really friendly.

What a quick and easy experience. Thankful that I could depart / arrive at any time of day and still conveniently come and go with my car with peace of mind everything is ok!

Best part? I get to wait in a hotel lobby and use a hotel restroom.

Park here every time I fly. Good facility.
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