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Seatac Crest Motor Inn

Seattle/Tacoma International Airport
18845 International Blvd., Seatac, WA 98188 Map

Outdoor Valet Parking
We are located just one block south of the Seattle/Tacoma Airport. Fenced, locked and monitored by security cameras.

Free shuttle drop off and pick-up at Seatac International Airport.

What our customers say about Seatac Crest Motor Inn

- Snohomish

It was fast, efficient, and the driver was super friendly and nice. The only downside to the whole experience was that the map link in the email confirmation literally guided us to the wrong lot, taking us to Park & Jet. Maybe it's owned by the same parent company or something. At any rate, when we got there, both we and the lot attendant were confused, and we had to hurry to the correct location (Motor Crest Inn) which was thankfully only 5 minutes away. The map link really needs to be fixed. Other than that small issue, it was a positive and stress free experience.
- Woodinville

SeaTac Crest Motor Inn is my preferred parking solution for SeaTac airport. They always have room for me, and accommodate my departure and arrival times regardless of what they are. Every time I've had a flight glitch they've been willing to make adjustments to ensure my car is available when I actually return. The staff is helpful and accommodating. I've never had the slightest problem.

I wasn’t able to park here after making reservation and prepaying deposit.

No one there when we arrived, had to call motel reception from a phone in lobby (a facility that leaves lots to be desired).

After a 10 minute wait shuttle driver arrived. My van is length of a normal vehicle, but tall. Nowhere in the reservation did it obviously indicate a tall vehicle could not park here as it seemed to be an open lot, which usually it’s fine.

The driver was quick to say we couldn’t park there and we needed to get out of the way immediately. No suggestion of what we might do, no help or service provided.

We had to scramble to find last-minute expensive parking at the airport.

To be honest, I’m not sure I would’ve felt safe, leaving the vehicle at that motel location anyhow.

Overall experience was terrible.

Close, convenient and a good value. Great customer service
- Everett, WA

Great experience, and absolutely fantastic staff! Not sure how they're doing to recruit and keep these types of wonderful people, but I want to know their secret!
- WA

I’m very happy with this parking space. I’m using it all the time I’m flying out of Seattle.

Right on open street, no fence. Staff friendly and helpful. Timely trip to airport and about 10 minute wait for pickup. Will use again.

The facility is nothing to look at, but the people were pleasant. They used the Days Inn shuttle on the way out and the guy was super cranky and obviously didn't want to be working. On the way back, the shuttle driver was the front desk person and was super pleasant and helpful. The only real issue was that it was heavily snowing and they had trouble getting my truck out of their parking lot, so I had to do it.
- Seattle, WA

Was pleased with the experience once at the facility. When initially making the on-line reservation, I attempted to use my coupon. However, there was no data space where I could enter the coupon. In talking with the company rep, they would not honor the coupon once the reservation was made. Very disappointing.

I was very pleased with my experience. My GPS didn't take me to the SeaTac Motor Inn, but a quick call and the owner was able to give me clear directions and I got there with no problem. When I told them I was running late, they quickly ran through the paperwork with me and got me on a shuttle the airport. Arriving home, I called and was told it would be fifteen minutes for pickup. It only took ten. Totally reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to friends.
- Puyallup, WA

We arrived in from our flight and called the number listed on th ticket. We both called and double checked the number with the website as well. Both my husband and I called over 12 times and used the courtesy phone. Finally we took a cab. We get there and this condescending front desk girl is sitting on the couch playing on her cell phone. We explained we called numerous times for the past 25 min. she says, phone's ringing so it works. We left it at that. We will never use them again. It's funny because as soon as I called it back, suddenly it worked. I left two voice mails as well. Our outgoing shuttle was just fine. We parked and then had a shuttle ready for us. They can only seat five, so if you plan on being a party of two and they have another group of four, you will have to wait an additional 15 min.
- WA

The shuttle drivers were very nice. But the gal behind the counter was rude, condescending and had no customer service tack at all!! I walked in, to her complaining to the shuttle driver, about the previous customer and then she smiled at me and pretended that everything was great. I gave her my confirmation email from Cheap Airport Parking and she said "oh I hate this company, they always mess things up!" She then took my paper, figured out what she thought was the correct price for me to pay and demanded I pay an extra day then was quoted. I argued forever with her that she was wrong, that I have used the website many times and never had a problem. She just over talked me the whole time and acted like I was 5 years old. She claimed that they charge per day not per 24 hours which I assume is how cheap parking figures the pricing, as I dropped the car off at 7pm Thursday night and picked it up at 12pm Monday. So instead of paying for 4 actual days parked (which would be the case if you went from 7pm thurs to 7pm mon) I paid for all day thursday thru all day monday! Then when I picked up my car on Monday, she was still rude and very snitty to me! Not a lot I will EVER park in again or recommend to anyone!
- Seattle, WA

Check in and check out were easy and quick; longish wait for shuttle to pick me up at airport.
- Tacoma, WA

Thought it was advertised as "self-park" and was a little dismayed to have to give up my keys. Also, when I checked in, the guy said the price quoted on the web might have been too low (a mistake). Turns out it wasn't, but wouldn't have been real happy with agreeing to pay a certain amount on the website then being told I owe more half an hour before I need to be at the airport.
- Snohomish, WA

Great job! WIll use this place again. Good prices, professional.
- Seattle, WA

The desk clerk had an attititude. He seemed the feel that I was a waste of his time. It took too long for the shuttle to arrive when I arrived back in Seattle.

Friendly and fast. No worries at all with these folks, and a very good price!
- Aberdeen, WA

Was very happy with the whole deal. Every one was very helpful and nice. Price was great.
- Aloha, OR

Really smooth process. Fast service and as expected.
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