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Marriott LAX Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
5855 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
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Marriott LAX Hotel provides convenient safe and secure indoor garage Valet and outdoor self parking.

Located on Century blvd, only 2 blocks from LAX. Complimentary shuttle busses run every 15-25 minutes.

Hotel amenities for your convenience include:

- Starbucks
- Fedex/Kinkos
- Champions Sports Bar
- JW's Steak House
- Latitude 33 Restaurant


What our customers say about Marriott LAX Parking


Extremely easy parking and pickup, and staff is friendly and responsive.

In other reviews I've read complaints about the shuttles taking time to reach pick-ups at the airport, but people, this is LAX. Congestion is extreme.

When I landed the other day, all three lanes were merged into one for construction. The center islands were loaded with people waiting for their shuttles which were effectively stopped. I opted to overpay a cab to take me the 4-5 blocks instead of waiting, but I cannot blame Marriott Parking for poor planning and heavy traffic in freakin Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, CA
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I have used their service at least 4 times during the last 2 years. The trip to the airport has always been quick, but the return pick up has always been extremely slow. The last time that I used this service, my car was parked outside when I had paid for indoor, valet parking. Had I not asked about why there was a wet, oil spot on the hood of my car, I would not have known that my car had been parked outside. They had explained that when there are no spaces for indoor parking, your car is parked outdoors. I did demand that they reduce my charges, and they did comply. Shortly after that experience, my credit card information was stolen. I can't be sure that it happened there. I had used my card at both O'Hare airport to pay for a bag charge, and I had used it at a local auto service dealer that I have frequented for 10 years. Needless to say, these people have lost my business. I now use another facility, and the pickup to and from the airport was fantastic!
Margaret M. - Altadena, CA
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Parked here twice. First time I was sent from the Renaissance when they were over-booked. I paid for indoor valet. Car sat for a week, very obviously outside.

Second time, it took one hour for a shuttle bus to come by the United terminal. Once I got to the Marriott, it took 20 minutes to get my car. Bottom line, it took longer to get my car than to fly from San Francisco. This is my last choice for LAX parking.
Jay J. - Ventura, CA
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As usual, the morning shuttle was outstanding and the evening shuttle took so long I had to use another company shuttle.
Dale B. - Torrance, CA
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The shuttle service has gotten progressively worse for the "blue shuttles" (Marriott, Hilton). Last night, I timed that it took 40 minutes from the time I arrived at the curb until I stepped on a shuttle.

In the meantime, I counted 8 shuttles from Wallypark. If the hotels want to be competitive, they need better shuttle service.
Ken H. - Valencia, CA
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The only problem was the shuttle from LAX back to the Marriott. I had to wait almost 40 minutes at the curb. Not sure what the problem was, but it was an excessive wait time. I think shuttles should be rotating the airport every 15-20 mins max.
Todd K. - CA
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Good airport parking solution. Waiting for the shuttles to LAX and then back to the Marriott was tolerable. We will definitely keep the Marriott LAX Parking in mind the next time.
C. M. - South Bay, CA
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The shuttle picked me up from Marriott immediately after dropping off my car at 5:50 am. We made one stop at the Courtyard. On the return they had only one attendant to take payment so there was a wait of about 10 minutes. Otherwise, all went well and I will definitely use again.
Kara - Los Angeles, CA
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Wait time for the shuttle upon arrival at LAX was extremely long, not the usual experience.
Cary F. - Irvine, CA
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I fly out of Burbank a lot and always use this parking. I normally just walk to the airport for the exercise but when I do take the shuttle it's always on time. The only thing I didn't like about the shuttle experience one time was when they came to the terminal, the driver came off the bus to help me with my bag so of course I get on the bus, and then he comes back and says "you have to get the bag". Um what? First of all, the way he said it was rude. He didn't even give me a reason but thank goodness I do crossfit because his weak self couldn't handle a 30 pound bag. He definitely didn't get a tip from me. But other than that one experience, I will always use this parking.
SB - Ventura, CA
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