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Westin Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport
5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Self Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Covered Valet Parking
Shuttle Interval, min15-25
Garage Valet parking - Safe and secure. Only 4 blocks to LAX - first hotel on left on W. Century Blvd. Just pull in front of the hotel and off you go to the airport. Best Value at LAX. Free luggage assistance.

Free Shuttle bus to & from all LAX terminals.

What our customers say about Westin Los Angeles Airport


Everything went very well. I love your site I have used it a couple times.
- Burbank, CA

Attendants were all helpful, polite, and in a hurry to help!

I've had nothing but good experiences when parking at the Westin. The Shuttle runs on a regular basis and I can get in and out without any problems. I have only used the self parking service. Would recommend to others. Their rates are very competitive also.
- GG, CA

Convenient & reasonably priced. Will definitely park here again.
- Fullerton, CA

Great facility and fast, convenient shuttle pickup and drop off. Will definitely use them again.

Shuttle took 40 minutes. I called twice to ask its estimated arrival. When it arrived, the lady shuttle driver was clearly stressed. She did not stop at all the hotel shuttle stops and instead honked her horn as if the passengers can see her. I understand traffic is bad around LAX, but the shuttle company should field more shuttles during peak times. I saw competitors drove by multiple times during the time I was waiting.
- LA

I have parked here many, many times. Always a great experience. This time was a fail. Upon returning to LAX, they never responded to my text stating that I was back. The shuttle driver was a maniac. Returning to the Westin, my car was not ready. The valet handed me a ticket and told me to retrieve my car. I valeted it!! Finally, they sent someone to go get my car. The final straw was someone stole my hands free cell phone mount. I'm shocked and really disappointed, as this was our favorite spot to park at LAX. We will never be back.

Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to long term airport parking.
- Orange County

I've been lucky in that I've always had a good experience parking at the Westin. Fast shuttle service. Easy in and out of the parking structure. The staff are professional and friendly.
- Ojai

Highly recommend it - Thank you for offering this service!

Shuttle drivers do not stop at shuttle stop. 3 drivers passed me last night, I was waiting for 30 minutes to get shuttle to the hotel.

I always park at Westin for convenience and fast service. Whenever I text, by the time my shuttle arrives, my car is already waiting for me, normally. However for some reason, this last parking I texted, I arrived, no car in sight. The valet has to get the car when I asked and it took a while. Then the manager overcharged me $10.00 on my balance. Good thing I checked the receipt and compared it to the voucher I have. I don't normally do that. Thanks to learn that to put it back on my card, it will take them 5 days! Or just apply the $10.00 on my next valet parking. I have to wait way longer because they can't give me an original copy of my signed receipt from their machine, then finally gave me the original and they keep the copy. It's so annoying to go thru this wait since I am already late to work due to the inconvenience. Westin personnel has to put me thru and the wait time, not considering that I have waited for my car from the start and they messed up and still have to wait for them to decide. Really not a good experience with them this time.

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