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Sams Park

Los Angeles International Airport
5700 W 96th st., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
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Brand new LAX parking facility located just 2 blocks from the airport. Free shuttles run every 5-10 min. We use brand new Mercedes shuttles to provide 1st class service.

The parking lot charges additional $1/day for SUVs vans and pick up trucks.


What our customers say about Sams Park


DO NOT USE THIS PARKING LOT! I park and fly all the time out of LAX, usually I use Airport Center which is ALWAYS amazing and professional and my car has always been safe and not damaged. This time I saw this place had high reviews and was much cheaper so I decided to give it a chance. BIGGEST mistake ever. I rarely take the time to write a review but I don't want anyone having the horrible experience I had. It almost caused me to miss my flight.

First of all the address listed is incorrect according to my brand new car's navigation system and the iPhone. Not only was it incredibly hard to find with the makeshift plastic banner falling off on one side, it was poorly lit and did not look like any parking garage I've ever seen. There was no one outside to take the car or issue a ticket or anything. I had to park my car and go inside to this shady makeshift office where this rude and shady guy told me just to give him the key and they would park the car later in some other lot. NO ONE in this office looked professional. It looked like a scam. Handing my keys to some shady guy inside is NOT valet service. Valet service is when a professional comes to your car takes your key and hands you a ticket and promptly parks your car safely somewhere. He wouldn't tell me where the car would be or anything. He also insisted on keeping my keys. Do you really think I'm gonna hand over my keys to a brand new 2014 Mercedes to be parked like sardines and have my car moved around whenever they needed to. How would I ever prove they damaged my car if I came back and there was damage. The guy refused to refund my prepaid reservation and was not helpful in anyway. I'm also considering turning Sams Place into the Better Business Bureau. The people in that office and who ever runs that rip off need to be held accountable. Do yourself a favor and park somewhere else. I don't know why some of these other people gave high reviews but seems fishy to me.
Thomas - Hollywood, CA
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The first two times we used them they charged us correctly but the last time they took our reservation when we dropped off the car and input the wrong rate and then when we picked up the car we did not have another copy of our reservation and they overcharged us by 25%.
Charles B. - Port Hueneme
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Have use Sam's Park before and have a great experience. The waiting time is minimal. I come in with my reservation the office personal check me in on a couple of minutes and wait for the shuttle no more than five minutes after the driver was notifiting us he was ready to leave and on our way we go. At check out my car was already waiting for me.
Tara A Jones - , CA
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Wait time was 35 minutes and when the shuttle finally came it was a different name of company, not "sam's park". The dispatcher called me and said they were just there and didn't see us. The driver nor the shuttle said SAMs park and we had to wait for the next shuttle. Total wait time 50 minutes...not a great experience!
Jeff L. - San Clemente, CA
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Fast, efficient, low cost with no surprises; exactly what i was hoping for and received with sams park. will use again the next time.
D. K. - Los Angeles, CA
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This is my third time using Sams Park and as usual, I had a great experience. Drivers Ivan and Steven (sp) are so friendly and helpful. This will continue to be my preferred parking facility for LAX.
Denise C. - Valley Glen
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I come to the office and it takes us just two minutes to check in and another few more and we were on our way on a already busy morning for us. They were friendly and polite, they are well organize all other traveler seem to be happy and on time. This is a very good experience for us.
Clarissa A. - los angeles
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I have park with Sam's several times, they always come true for me, normally I'm running late and make it up for me on dropping me off at the airport. When I come back call them when I'm ready at the red sigh and whiting minutes the shuttle come and pick me up back to my car. Office personal already know me and treat me like family, my care is taken care while I'm traveling and good price. Will use them again and again.
Peter S. - Northridge
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Quick, easy to use! I booked online and was very impressed with EVERY EMPLOYEE. I came into contact with!! I will say this... I was so impressed that I took the time to come online and review this company!! Let's face it... For the last 8 years I have regretted going to the airport! I will never think twice about using them again !! My flight was delayed until 2:00 am, these guys came straight to my gate and my car was waiting by the front door 5 minutes later !!!
Kenneth C. - Pasadena, CA
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Easy access, friendly and efficient service!
, CA
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