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Sams Park

Los Angeles International Airport
5700 W 96th st., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
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Brand new LAX parking facility located just 2 blocks from the airport. Free shuttles run every 5-10 min. We use brand new Mercedes shuttles to provide 1st class service.

The parking lot charges additional $1/day for SUVs vans and pick up trucks.


What our customers say about Sams Park


Do not park at Sam's Park! On February 2nd I dropped my car, a 2013 Ford Edge, off at the Sam's Parking lot at LAX airport. The car at the time of drop off was in perfect condition without any scratches or dents. Upon pick up on February 15th the car was delivered by a Sam's parking lot employee and left in a designated spot for pick up. No information of the damage was communicated to me at that time. When I approached my car, I noticed immediately that the car had damage to the front driver side bumper and head light. The damage consists of scratches, dents, displacement of the front bumper and cracked and scratched headlight. A police report was made at time of pick up.
Michael G.
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DO NOT USE THIS PARKING LOT! I park and fly all the time out of LAX, usually I use Airport Center which is ALWAYS amazing and professional and my car has always been safe and not damaged. This time I saw this place had high reviews and was much cheaper so I decided to give it a chance. BIGGEST mistake ever. I rarely take the time to write a review but I don't want anyone having the horrible experience I had. It almost caused me to miss my flight.

First of all the address listed is incorrect according to my brand new car's navigation system and the iPhone. Not only was it incredibly hard to find with the makeshift plastic banner falling off on one side, it was poorly lit and did not look like any parking garage I've ever seen. There was no one outside to take the car or issue a ticket or anything. I had to park my car and go inside to this shady makeshift office where this rude and shady guy told me just to give him the key and they would park the car later in some other lot. NO ONE in this office looked professional. It looked like a scam. Handing my keys to some shady guy inside is NOT valet service. Valet service is when a professional comes to your car takes your key and hands you a ticket and promptly parks your car safely somewhere. He wouldn't tell me where the car would be or anything. He also insisted on keeping my keys. Do you really think I'm gonna hand over my keys to a brand new 2014 Mercedes to be parked like sardines and have my car moved around whenever they needed to. How would I ever prove they damaged my car if I came back and there was damage. The guy refused to refund my prepaid reservation and was not helpful in anyway. I'm also considering turning Sams Place into the Better Business Bureau. The people in that office and who ever runs that rip off need to be held accountable. Do yourself a favor and park somewhere else. I don't know why some of these other people gave high reviews but seems fishy to me.
Thomas - Hollywood, CA
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I was very impressed! Easy to find, friendly and reasonable. Will go again and recommend should I be asked. Keep name in my file for futere use.
Ruth R.
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Great price, overall great service!
Felipe R. - Hemet, CA
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Considering this is 1/4 of the cost of other parking lots, I feel it is worth it.
Approx 5 min from airport. I checked my bags curbside first then back to park for fear of a shuttle delay.

The facility was clean, I didn't notice water bottles or coffee nor were they offered to me. I was in a hurry (low priority). There was very narrow parking on arrival for valet. The shuttle is parked there also. One gentleman managed the valet and the shuttle (10pm for redeye flight). On return, curb side as promised and car was waiting on side.

The shuttles are very nice/new and you have to call for pick up. We waited about 30 minutes and the shuttle was FULL after we boarded. The personnel were great, all smiled and were attentive and made sure we were headed to the correct parking lot.

Overall, for the price it was GREAT!
Makesha L. - Torrance, CA
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The first two times we used them they charged us correctly but the last time they took our reservation when we dropped off the car and input the wrong rate and then when we picked up the car we did not have another copy of our reservation and they overcharged us by 25%.
Charles B. - Port Hueneme
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Great parking experience. Convienent drop off and the shuttle arrived quickly when I called from the airport. Half the price of the shuttle service from my area. This is my new parking place at LAX.
Janice B. - San Diego, CA
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I was skeptical with the low price and seeing that Sam's Park was new with no reviews. But I gave it a shot and will definitely use this location in the future.

Upon arrival the shuttle driver asked how I was doing as far as time goes to catch my flight, I said I was running late due to traffic. He hurried up, jumped in and got me there in a jiffy!

Then when I returned to the airport, called for shuttle pick up, the driver arrived within minutes and went above and beyond to attempt to pick up other passengers that had called for a lift. He even got out of the van at a few terminals that he had been told had customers- walked up and down the pickup area announcing "Sam's".

The ONLY minor complaint is the directions to the actual parking location. There needs to be a sign that points around the corner - as it really isn't directly across the street from the location stated in the directions.
Angela K. - Canyon Lake, CA
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I read reviews before deciding to park at Sam's. Review said it was hard to find and found that true. We went by it a couple of times. Van on lot said Park Place and not Sam's Park.

Everyone seemed friendly and it was nice that the car was waiting when we returned. A van full of people when we were finally picked up at the airport. It seemed they were waiting on other flights before picking us up but really they are 5 minutes away so feel that they could come right when called.

Not sure of security in lot since we only see the valet lot but good service. Even with van full of people, paying was fast. We will use Sam's Park again.
Randall M. - Lompoc, CA
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Took 35 min to get a van to pick us up from Bradley terminal, then it was not one of their advertised mercedes buses; but some car/van.

A $1 a day for trucks and SUVs is just another way to make money, there is room for them. If they have an off site lot we were not aware as their little lot is where we parked our truck and picked it from the same spot. Price was ok; but the wait is painful expecially when you are coming back from overseas and are very tired. The airport is a mess; but I saw at least 5 Wally Park Vans in the same time it took us to get one of Sam's. Also all these car lots buy and sell out frequently and many have very similar names. There are no Van's maked Sam's only the name of the business they bought it from which is very similiar to two other van companies. I might use them again.
Dave - Camarillo, CA
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