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FOX Auto Parks

Los Angeles International Airport
10121 Glasgow Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90045 View map
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Fox Auto Parks - Valet Service at Self-Park Prices
Just minutes from LAX airport
Free shuttle service every 15 - 18 minutes
Easy In - Easy Out
Convenient access from 405 and 105 freeways

At Fox Auto Parks - Serving LAX parking customers since 2001 with our Valet Service at Self Park Prices!

We are located less than 2 miles from LAX and offer free shuttle service 24 a day, every day.

Our professional and friendly attendants quickly check you in so you can jump on our shuttle for a quick ride to your departing terminal.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day providing you a safe and secure place to leave...

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What our customers say about FOX Auto Parks


I've used a variety of off-site parking for LAX and have had varying experiences. Although I acknowledge good and bad days, unfortunately my experience with FOX Auto Parks this time was a poor one.

Waited about 40 minutes to be picked up upon return to LAX. Texted the customer service as instructed--was accused of using the wrong number despite reading it back to them (it was the correct one). After that, called about twice just to check on the shuttle status only to be told by FOX Auto Parks representative that it wasn't their job to check (when we were departing, the representative clearly used to the radio to check the status of shuttles for picking us up). My car was in good condition when I returned, so, ultimately it was satisfactory. Just poor customer service.
Gene - Southern California
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Happened to use their service while they were slowly training a new hire... wasn't worried that several people were rushing to catch a flight.

Plus side is that shuttle is shared with the rental car so on the return, shuttles are going by pretty frequently compared to other lots which may require you to call for a pick up.
Philip C. - Arcadia, CA
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I never have ANY real problems when I park here. Sometimes the shuttle guy doesn't get out when I am boarding at airport to help me with my bags but I adjust tip accordingly. I never have had to wait more than 10 minutes for a shuttle on either end and they always have my car ready. Occasionally I wait 5 or 10 minutes to pay if other people in front of me but overall this is the best value at LAX.
Barbara S. - Santa Barbara
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Our return driver was very surly - didn't get out to help at all with luggage and was semi-impatient for riders to get their luggage loaded.

Location not as convenient as some closer to airport, but not out of the way. For the price, you couldn't beat it.

We texted the number they give you on the receipt when we picked up our luggage. Got a prompt response and our car was pulled out and waiting when we arrived at the parking lot.

First driver and inside personnel were excellent.
Rebecca H. - Moorpark, CA
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Thanks for always being so professional. I never have to wait for more than a few minutes for a shuttle. That is a relief. Drivers are always courteous and friendly. When I return, they always have my car pulled up to the front door, so, I can just hop in and drive home.
Lawrence B. - Santa Clarita, CA
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This was fine and worth the price, but the price I paid didn't match the original advertised price. This needs to be corrected.

MORE IMPORTANT: the wait time for pick up at the air port was at least twice the 8 minutes they claim it will be. The problem was they seemed to only be using one bus to pick up both the Fox Auto Park people AND the Payless Car Rental customers. The bus was jammed when we finally got on it.

What was nice, however, was the fact our car was waiting for us to drive out once we paid our balance.
Stephanie S. - Glendale, CA
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This was my first time using Cheap Airport parking and I went with Fox. My experience on the whole was very good. The staff and drivers were courteous and what really impressed me was that they had my car waiting for me when I texted my ticket number to them. My only real complaint is that the shuttle was so crowded, both on my arrival and departure. My wife and I also waited a bit longer than I thought we should have for a shuttle to come by. Suggestion: Run a few more shuttles. Hey, you will help the employment situation in L.A. and have happy customer too. win-win.
Michael S. - Canyon Country, CA
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The price was great and we were pleased with our overall experience. We will park here again.
Ronald M. - San Marcos, CA
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I have parked here about six times. My BIG complaint is that you can wait a while for the shuttle to come when you are dropping off your car. Allow 30 minutes. The good news is that they have your car ready to go when you return.
John M. - Laguna Hills, CA
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Very convenient and affordable. This turned out to be a great parking option for long-term travel from LAX.
Anne R. - Los Angeles, CA
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