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Peachy Airport Parking

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
3100 Sylvan Rd, Atlanta, GA 30354 Map

Outdoor Self (Domestic only)
Indoor Self (Domestic & International)
Distance from Airport3.1 mi
Shuttle Interval, min5-10
Lot Capacity3,000
Peachy Airport Parking is conveniently located 3.1 miles just 5-minute shuttle ride to the terminals. The parking facility is state-of-the-art with wide spaces, 24hr security surveillance. We offer travelers both an indoor climate controlled and outdoor parking option. Friendly shuttle drivers will assist with your luggage.

The parking lot offers complimentary Car Wash, EV Charge, USA Today and Bottled Water.

What our customers say about Peachy Airport Parking

- Fayetteville, GA

When we booked here, we were told wait times would be between 12 - 15 minutes going and coming. We waited over 20 minutes before we left parking lot heading to the airport, and upon return, we waited for shuttle outside at airport over 35 minutes in freezing temperatures before we could get our vehicle. We plan to book at The Parking Spot next time since we noticed they had a shuttle at the airport for pickup every 5 - 7 minutes.

Love parking here. One thing to note, the Cheap Airport Parking qr code doesn't work, so you have to take a ticket and go see an attendant on check-out to get it all sorted out. Kinda annoying.

I got off the shuttle at the wrong lot, and as I was wondering around looking for my car a very nice young man came over to help me. While answering his questions we discovered I had gotten off at the wrong lot. All of the employees were very very helpful in getting me to my car!! I really felt safe!! Thank you all for great job!

Everything was perfect. The bus, the driver the parking, everything. I’m really happy.

Perfect place, parking at the airport I’ve heard that others had to wait for the shuttle for hours! That’s not true! I believe that those who had to wait it was because they did not know where the pick up point it was! When I arrived at the airport parking lot, I had to wait one minute! I would have loved to see the driver come two minutes later, cause, my luggage was still in the trunk , however, even though the driver came so fast to pick me up, he gave me enough time to do my thing, not rushing me! When I came back from my trip, same thing, because I knew where to go for the shuttle, believe me, the driver was right there! I didn’t have to wait a sec! He was right there! Guys don’t look for your shuttle outside where every car picks someone! Go downstairs for ground transportation! Follow the signs! Your driver will be there and if is not there right that moment, wait a min , he will come! These shuttle buses are coming every 5 min! Thank you Peachy shuttle for your business! I’ll always use this parking lot! Fast service, good driver!

I have used Peachy airport parking before. I had a good experience both times. The drivers was very courteous and the ride to and from the airport was timely.

Great parking - affordable rate and fast shuttle times! Will always park with y'all instead of the airport.
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