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WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
3811 Wallypark Way, College Park, GA 30337 Map

Covered Valet
Outdoor Self
Covered Self
Distance from Airport1.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min5-10
WallyPark Premier Airport Parking provides both covered and uncovered self parking options. The shuttles run every 5-10 minutes, picking you up directly at your car and taking you to the airport terminal. Open 24/7 365 days a year, the lot offers waiting area, luggage assistance and more.

Limits of Liability:
THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY - READ IT. Customer and WallyPark agree as follows: This contract licenses you to park and lock one vehicle in a designated area at your sole risk and posted rates. WallyPark does not guard or assume care, custody or control of your vehicle or its contents and is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss. Only a license to park is granted and no bailment created. YOU PARK YOUR CAR AT YOUR SOLE RISK; YOU AGREE to LOCK YOUR CAR. WALLYPARK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR POSSESSIONS AND THE CONTENTS OF YOUR VEHICLE. YOU AGREE TO THE POSTED RATES AND OPERATION HOURS. ANY VEHICLE LEFT AT WALLYPARK (OR APPLICABLE FACILITY) FOR MORE THAN 90-DAYS WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION WILL BE SUBJECT TO TOW AND IMPOUND AT THE OWNER'S EXPENSE. THIS CONTRACT CANNOT BE AMENDED OR ASSIGNED. THIS IS THE ENTIRE CONTRACT. CUSTOMER WAIVES ALL RIGHTS IN CONFLICT WITH THIS CONTRACT.

What our customers say about WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

- Boston, MA

Had a great experience. Everything was quick, from entering the garage to being picked up.
- Tifton

Everyone was very nice! Great experience! No long wait time!
- Athens, GA

No complaints with parking, personnel, etc.

Very big concern with wait times for shuttles from airport to the parking lot. Twice now in a row it took over 25 minutes for someone to come. Not acceptable, given that I saw many other companies’ shuttles come by several times in that timeframe. I will try WallyPark one more time' but if the wait time is the same, I’m switching to someone else.

I've used Wally Park several times and always thought it was a good to great experience. But they seem to be going downhill a bit. Shuttle wait times have increased on both ends. Typically when you pull in to park, a shuttle will almost immediately go to your parking spot to pick you up and hand you a card with your space number on it (to give to the shuttle driver when you return from your trip).

This time there was no shuttle to be seen anywhere on the property for a while. I finally called the number and was told the shuttle would be there soon. But they didn't even come right to my spot. I walked over to them and the driver gave me attitude about not walking to the front even though I've been here multiple times and it has never worked like this in the past. The driver then SPED through the lot at a near-unsafe speed while shouting "SEAT BELTS ARE IN THE SEATS" several times.

Shuttle pick up on the way back has taken longer and longer as well. You will see every other parking shuttle make the trip multiple times before Wally Park shows up. Worth the hassle for the cheap prices, but if you're typically in a huge hurry, I'd steer clear.

Although I appreciate not being able to exit facility without scan - I didn’t know that and held up exit lane- signage or notice would be nice and I didn’t know I had to go downstairs for return to cars 🚙- I know now - so I’m prepared and will use your service again.

This is the third time I parked here and had the worst wait time ever. It took me 35 minutes to get to the airport once I was in the shuttle, thanks to the long wait lines at the check-out that the shuttles couldn't move.

I am never parking at this location ever again.

As soon as I parked, the shuttle was right there to take me to the airport, very efficient! I will use Wally Park again!
- Georgia

The lot and parking was great, I felt like I was leaving my vehicle in a secure area. The drivers didn’t attempt to help with bags as they did to others when they got on, the driving was tossing us around and even caused my suitcase to fly from under the rack and almost hit another passenger.

Good, Good, Good

The shuttle drivers were terrific. I would come back to Wally's just for them.
- Holly Springs, GA

The facilities are looking very tired. However, they do appear secure and that's the main thing. The lot personnel were helpful. Entering the lot, what the driver is supposed to do is confusing. The shuttle drivers were absolutely fantastic. Best I've ever seen. Particularly Mr. R.C. Godfrey.

The checkout procedure needs some work. I had prepaid part of my fee, but had to give up my only receipt from that to prove it. Don't you guys use computers?

Consider the above constructive criticism. I will be back and recommend WallyPark to anyone.
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