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Gold Park Orlando

Orlando International Airport
7350 Narcoossee Rd., Orlando, FL 32822 Map

Outdoor Self
Outdoor Valet
Distance from Airport3.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min15
Lot Capacity800
Gold Park is conveniently located just 3 miles from Orlando International Airport.

The shuttle runs between the parking lot and airport terminals every 15 minutes, 24/7. The friendly shuttle drivers are happy to assist with your luggage.

What our customers say about Gold Park Orlando


I have used Gold Park several times and not had any issues despite them having pretty bad reviews. However, my last reservation will be the last one. I waited for 45 min for a shuttle at the airport. Called them 3 times and all that I was offered was a lie that the problem was traffic. I told them the map did not indicate traffic and he basically hung up on me. There were literally hundreds of other shuttles that came through without any issues. Sure enough, the trip back to the parking area - there was no traffic, shock! Waiting for that long at 10:00pm is one thing, but being lied to is another. Saving a few bucks for this kind of crappy service is not worth it.

It was very difficult to find. No big lighted up sign. They told me they would be right out to direct me where they wanted me to park. Waited 15 minutes or more before someone came out. It took them about 10 to 15 minutes to process my reservation when I arrived The employee was talking in a foreign language on the phone and was distracted from checking me in. Very difficult to understand them as they had a bad accent. It took a long time before they got me to the parking lot after they picked me up. About 45 minutes to an Hour. I did not think the woman driving the van was a safe driver. No turn signals and almost missed the exit. I thought they would know where I parked since they told me to park and should have made a note of it where I parked. I did not like the little stub they gave me and asked me to present when I got picked up.. They should know your name and take me to my car. Not very friendly.

Slow process to get to Airport. Office was slow, unprofessional, shuttle process took way too long. The whole process took more than one hour. A bit of a third world experience. I will not use Gold Park again.
- The Villages

All services were delivered. However, website states shuttles every 15 minutes... but I waited 30+ at airport for pickup, 10 min on the shuttle. Then when arrived at the parking facility to retrieve my car, we stopped to pick up other departing passengers. I'm waiting another 15 min to load others, before getting to my car. (Raining hard, so didn't just get out an walk). And about 12-14 people got on (more than seats) along with luggage. So, now I'm trying to shout over the people to explain where my car is. It was uncomfortable for all for that short time. I noticed at the airport while waiting, 4 vans in that time frame from another parking lot, and 3 from yet another. So there may be a better option.

Would not ever consider going back to this place. Employees are rude, crude and classless. Had to Uber to and from the airport. It may seem cheap to park here, but its not worth the aggrivation and humiliation to get in return. My suggestion: RUN from this place.

Disappointing at best. I never had to argue with a dispatcher about where I was standing or about where he said his driver was. Surprising. It ended well but took a long time.

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