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Best Rate Parking

Orlando International Airport
7652 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL 32822 Map

Outdoor Self
Outdoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
Complimentary shuttle for pickup and drop off, luggage assistance. Best Rate Airport Parking is open 24/7.

What our customers say about Best Rate Parking

- Orlando

Shuttle would not drop us at departures. Took us to the arrival spot, so we had to walk through the airport with our luggage. I would not use them again.

I love parking my car at your lot! It’s convenient, the shuttle is always prompt and the price is right!!

I have used Best Rate twice in the past year. Last night when we showed up after calling for a ride and giving the person answering the phone my ticket number, I expected to have my car pulled up.

They told us it was in the second row, actually in the edge row and one of your people had parked a car that blocked us in. I got one of your people to come out, he got the ticket number of the blocking car, then had to go back to the office, get the keys, and then move the car out of our way.

I said to him I thought the reason we gave you our ticket number was so you could bring up our car.

He said they can’t move cars. I said, you all drove it when you parked it and what’s the difference? His answer seemed like a BS answer to me. I don’t think he want Ed to be bothered.

The previous time we had used you all, our car was brought up and ready to go rather than screwing around for an additional 15 minutes.

After a 7 hour flight from Reykjavík, my wife and I were tired and ready to go when we finally got to your parking facility.
- Orlando, FL

The addresses on Narcoosee Road are not well marked. It is a busy road and traffic is heavy. I drove by three times before I located the correct turnoff.

Check-in was very easy. I received good instructions as to where to pick up the van on my return. I was told to just call the phone number and they will be at the airport to pick me up in 15 minutes. Everything worked out fine when leaving the car. Prompt ride to the airport.

Upon arrival, after retrieving our luggage we called the phone number and got a recording, no voice mail, just a recording. After calling the number about 50 times and waiting over 40 minutes, someone finally answered the phone and we were picked up in about 15 minutes.

The driver gave up many excuses, that he obviously had memorized from prior experience, he had to eat his dinner, a wreck blocked traffic for 40 minutes, and others.

I have never had that bad of an experience in over 50 years of travel, and will never park there again, even though the price was really good.

Raise your price a small amount and fully staff your business. Under staffing can ruin a business, especially a service such as yours.

The people were great and everything went smoothly. Our flight was 4 hours late, but no problems picking up the car. When pulling up to the facility it looked like it was closed because it was poorly lit but that's fine and just my first impression.

I wish I would have read reviews before booking. Best Rate is awful. The shuttle never came to pick us up at the airport after an hour. Because there is no way to contact the lot, we had to get an Uber back.

When I returned to Orlando my flight arrived at 8:37pm. I went to pickup location and called at 9:03pm, being informed shuttle runs every 15-20 minutes. At 9:30pm I called again. Shuttle finally arrived at 10pm. Waited an hour..

To get my car - it took almost 49 minutes to find it and drive to the front. Horrible experience.
- merritt island

Almost an hour wait for pick-up. Could not contact anybody due to recording on number. That is ridiculous to run a business like that.
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