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Purchase Park 2 Fly

John F. Kennedy International Airport
124-10 South Conduit ave, South Ozone Park, NY 11430 Map

Outdoor Valet
Outdoor Self
At Purchase Park 2 Fly we are delivering JFK International Airport's best boutique parking experience.

- Only minutes to terminals. Really.
- Brand new Mercedes shuttle coaches, not your typical bus.
- Always free luggage assistance
- Safe, secure, fenced, manned 24/7
- All major credit cards accepted.

SELF PARKING is available upon request (Please Note Limited Self Parking Spaces). We are the closest premium parking service to the airport entrance.

Our brand new vans operate ON DEMAND so there is always a van waiting for YOU! Our vans offer the comfort of padded seating and the safety of individual seat belts for all passengers. The shuttles are driven by friendly, professionally trained and uniformed chauffeurs, who gladly offer luggage assistance, and a personal touch.

PARK PLUS AIRPORT PARKING is less than 1 mile to the Airport entrance. WE ARE CLOSEST TO THE AIRPORT! Be at your terminal minutes after leaving our secure and comfortable parking lot.

Experience how pleasant off airport parking experience can be at PARK PLUS AIRPORT PARKING!

What our customers say about Purchase Park 2 Fly

- brooklyn

I was satisfied with almost every aspect of this business. When I first arrived I was a little confused by the line of cars outside the office, but didn't want to wait so just walked into the office. A sign outside telling the customer what to do could be useful, or instructions somewhere. The drop offs and pickups at airport were both timely and efficient.

When I called for pickup, the location instruction from the dispatch person were very accurate. There were a lot of cars blocking the curb by the pickup spot and I had to move the luggage to the triple parked bus, but this is out of their control, more of an airport issue. My car was waiting right by the office trailer when I got back from vacation. Thank you!
- Hudson Valley

A little difficult to find if you don’t know the area.

EXCELLENT place to park!! Was always miserable parking at JFK with having to walk so far and then taking the tram. We arrived, got into a nice warm van and then were dropped off right at our terminal. So convenient! Pick up when we returned was also easy and quick Highly recommend parking here!

Great as always.

Park Plus needs to have their counter/phone representative be more clear of the information they give your customers. The lady that I spoke to when I parked my vehicle was very clear and helpful. The gentleman that was at the counter needs to take some classes from the lady. But besides that I would use this facility again.
- Queens, NY

Overall, very good experience. My car seemed to have been well taken care of. Personnel all were polite and professional. I'm not asking for any more. Will definitely park here again in the future.
P.S. I'm still sorry I had no tip for the return driver.

You won't be late for your flight. The driver is the man. Need for Speed. Lol

Outstanding, Courteous, Professional Service, will definitely use in the near future as my regular source of transportation to and from the airport. Keep up the great work!

Shuttle was only a 10 min. wait. Only complaint was that the car windshield was covered with snow and ice. They cleaned it by dumping window cleaning fluid on it but not scraping it off. Took us 5 min. before we could leave.
- New Jersey

I will definately use this location again. First time going to JFK and I was very nervous about making my flight and the return. They were there upon arrival to open my door and take out my luggage and put us immediately on a shuttle to JFK. Service was fantastic!! The return was just as easy .. just a call to them and they were there bringing us back to our car where they loaded up our luggage and had our window in the car open to let fresh air in. I highly recommend this location!!!

Totally unacceptable. I wasn't even able to FIND your parking facility. You should have signs bearing the names of each of the multiple lots in the area.

I had to park in a different lot and pay the full charge to park. At the very least, I want a refund of my prepaid amount.

OK for the money. Easy in and out.
- NY

We parked here for the first time. The staff were very efficient and there was absolutely no wait time in dropping/picking up the car. The shuttle was very clean. The wait time at the airport for the shuttle pickup was also less. We will definitely park here again!

Easy, fast and flawless. I would definitely use them again!

This is a good location with prompt shuttle service and I have been using it for the last 4 years. However they have made some changes now (appears to be a management change or something). When I returned from my trip to collect my car on July 2nd, I collected my car and drove to the security at the exit to pay the balance and leave. The guy demanded my credit card, full home address, telephone number, Drivers License and Credit Card. He indicated he could not process my Credit Card without all this information and documentation. After he took them I sat and waited and waited for over 20 mins. Finally when I walked up to the booth the man appeared to be all fazed as he DID NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN A CREDIT CARD. When I asked him to call his manager or supervisor to help him with the credit card as it was over 20 mins and after a 5.5 hours coast to coast flight I was tired waiting and needed to get home. He got angry, asked me to leave the booth and sit in the car, refused to return my credit card and documents, or let me out. I did not know what to do and I also called the Newark cops but they did not show up. After waiting for a full 34 mins (5.31pm to 6:05pm) I tried to hail and stop one of the shuttles that was passing by. The shuttle driver listened to everything but said he could not do anything and drove away. I kept reaching out to the cops repeatedly to rescue me and release me from my detention by this angry cruel and incompetent man that was holding me behind the closed doors in my car for over 45 minutes just because he did not know how to run the card through. I went back again to the booth and begged this guy to return my documentation and let me go. AFter mocking me and screaming at me he returned my credit card and license but refused to let me go. Finally one of the shuttle drivers called the manager and almost 50 mins later the Manager named Martin showed up. Martin assessed the situation was apologetic. He indicated that this person was at fault and that he did not know how to run the credit card and should have immediately called the manager versus forcefully detaining a customer against his free will for over 50 mins. He opened the gates immediately, and also gave me his number. He assured me that for the inconvenience caused I would not have to pay the balance. 3 days later I find out that my Credit Card was charged 3 times for the balance amount as the security guy who held me apparently kept charging my card over and over again!!! WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF ALL THIS? NOW IT'S UP TO YOU TO PARK OR NOT.

I never write reviews. This place is awful, they don't tell you how to pick your car up when you come back. There are signs on the shuttle, if you don't take a pic youre in trouble. I called them at 6:00 am they picked up 1/10 calls. they told me to wait in the wrong area, then the person taking my credit card did not know what she was doing. Stay Away!
- NJ

Lot is used for Airport employees. Lots of pot holes at gate area. Getting in was ok, had to wait for security guard to hand write all my info as nothing for non-employees is computerized.
Getting out was fun - I asked the driver where I was suppose to pay and he said if I had not prepaid he had no idea.
Guard at gate is were you pay but he either does not kpow how to work C/C or it does not work. Took 30 minutes but finally got it right.
Sound like public parking is new to the group and I think after some growing pains they could be good.
They need more then one person working and an easier payment system.
- Shrewsbury, NJ

This was a great parking experience! And the cost was one of the cheapest we saw.

The shuttle was ready when we arrived at 5:45 AM, which was a great relief because we had an 8:00 AM international flight. Valet service upon arrival and our bags were promptly loaded onto the shuttle. There were 7 or 8 others on the shuttle some of whom were going to a different terminal. We were dropped off at our terminal just after 6:00 AM.

The return shuttle was just as efficient. We called Park Plus as our bags hit the carrousel and were told where the shuttle would meet us. After clearing customs we walked out of the terminal to the meeting spot and the shuttle arrived just as we did. One other couple was picked up and then we returned to the lot. As we pulled in we saw that our car was out front with the trunk open. We paid the balance due and were on our way home.

Signs to the lot are non-existent. It doesn't make sense. If I didn't look at a map online the day before I may have never found the lot- and probably would have missed my flight. And I wasn't the only one- in the few minutes when I arrived on Sat. and left on Mon. I saw numerous cars stopped in the road trying to figure out which was the correct lot. Leaving was a joke as well. It took about 10 minutes at the gate to have me pay by credit card. My receipt? A "note" from the girl at the gate handwritten on a blank piece of paper with the date and amount.
- Bridgewater,NJ

PARK WITH THESE GUYS. Arrived on time in the middle of a flood. (5/1/14 04:30 AM) We were checked in and jumped on the parking shuttle and arrived at the airport in 5 mins. OUTSTANDING!! When we returned from Instanbul, (5/14/14)the airport was quite crowded at 11PM. We called Park Plus, the shuttle arrived in 3 minutes and we were whisked back to the location, where checkout was simple. Our car was out front and ready for us. Professional, courteous, efficient! I WILL use these very nice people again. STANDING "O"s!!!

The shuttle service is terrible!
- Central NJ

Convenient location, clean comfortable vans with fairly quick drop off and pick up. My SUV was in great condition upon pick up. Would recommend this place to anyone flying out of JFK!
- NJ

The location of the parking was adequate. My biggest gripe with the facility was the attitude of the driver. I was picked up from my spot by the driver and what appeared to be a man training the new driver. Both of them were not helpful at all with getting my luggage on board, asking me where my flight was leaving from,what I needed to do upon arrival, or even greeting me with a Hello. I wouldn't have noticed that this was an issue until they picked up the next group of people. Who the trainer went hopping on out of the bus to help carry on their tiny bag and was super friendly to, and explained everything. They actually drove past my gate and told me to "oh just walk back that way" while the other group was escorted of the bus with their luggage. I guess he figured he could squeeze a tip out of them, but I wasn't worth any effort.

Parking was the same as employee parking. Clerk did not get the cc prosess to work when checking out, so I had to pay cash after almost half an hour waiting. Next time will pay up front.

I found it easy to make the reservation and the ride to the airport was short and easy. I was a little concerned about how the pick up would go, but it went flawlessly for us and we picked up 3 other couples on the way out. The trip back to the lot seemed a little longer but the driver and everyone were so nice and the transfer to our car and the payment was made flawlessly.
I would definitely use Park Plus again. It worked for us amazingly.
- Rye Brook, NY

Great service and very friendly staff. Would definitely use them again.
- long island

At first I was a little comprehensive, but the entire experience was excellent. Service was great, staffing was responsive and the rate was great. A very positive experience. I would recommend this facility to everyone who asks my opinion.
- West Haven, CT

Our car was so dirty with purple bird droppings all over the windshield and entire body of a white car. We were running late and had no time for a wash. Everything else was outstanding.
- West Orange, NJ

Great job -- virtually no wait either getting to the airport or back to the facility. Brief wait at best for the car. Very courteous staff. Will certainly use Park Plus again.
- Boston, MA

The experience I had was great - all along the way I was thinking "This is too good to be true." On the way there, we pulled up and they handed us a slip. The shuttle was waiting and off we went. When we got back, we called once we had our bags and the shuttle was there in 5 minutes. Our car was waiting for us when the shuttle pulled into the lot. A quick swipe of the credit card to pay the balance and a signature, and we were on our way. It was such a great experience that I had to write a review - which I don't usually do. It really made our trip easy, when the airport to/from can usually be the worst part. We would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

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