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Aloft San Francisco Airport

SFO International Airport
401 East Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030 Map

Outdoor Self Parking
Distance from Airport1.1 mi
Shuttle Interval, min20-30
Lot Capacity700
Parking Lot Operation and Shuttle Hours
The parking lot and your vehicle is accessible 24/7

Arrival Info
Please turn immediate right as you enter the facility and the Shuttle pick up station will be in the center of Aloft Hotel's west side (next to Freeway 101) parking lot.

What our customers say about Aloft San Francisco Airport

- Santa Rosa

Great parking alternative for SFO airport!
- San Francisco

Great location. Make sure that you look for the signs with the QR code to register that you have arrived... info on that wasn't mentioned when i set this up. Easiest to go to Aloft lobby to get shuttle.

Shuttles are very regular with friendly drivers.

The parking site was well lit and appeared very safe. There was no check-in since we did everything online. The shuttle to the airport was prompt and comfortable. The shuttle driver indicated that we should call the hotel when we got back regarding the return shuttle.

Our return flight did not land until after midnight and we attempted to contact Aloft by phone to get information about the shuttle (given the lateness of the hour) but couldn't reach anyone. We tried perhaps a dozen times and each time got a prerecorded answer saying that it didn't recognize our input and asking us to re-enter it. There was no menu of acceptable inputs so we entered a variety of key inputs and voice commands but none were accepted. Finally, we just went to the hotel shuttle stop and a shuttle eventually showed up.

When we got back to Aloft, there was no checkout that we could see so we just went to our car and left for home. All of this could have been avoided with more specific instructions at time of booking. Had that been done, we would have had a very favorable parking experience at Aloft.

Both drivers got us to our destinations safely, but they both were a bit aggressive. We had never flown a certain airline internationally through SFO before and wanted to clarify what stop we should get off on on our way to the airport. The driver became aggressive saying “it’s this one, that’s what I told you earlier!” When we used the shuttle service to get back from the airport the driver basically insisted on a tip (we were all out of cash from our international trip) and when we were walking away he made gestures of waving money around and shaking his head at us. Online booking and parking services were easy and good, drivers were the reason the overall experience went down.
- Fairfield

The best location and price - excellent value!

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