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Sheraton Miami Airport Parking

Miami International Airport
3900 NW 21 St, Miami, Fl 33142 Map

Outdoor Self Parking
Self Parking
Valet Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Shuttle Interval, min10-15
Valet or self-park, it is your choice but one thing is for sure, you will save money on airport parking when you choose the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel. This airport parking location is popular with travelers flying in and out of MIA airport and "cruisers" heading to and from the Port of Miami. It is known as a preferred parking alternative when disembarking from a cruise ship and have some extra days to enjoy the hotel's amenities. The hotel shuttle service is prompt and due to its close proximity to the airport and major highways, expect a fast ride to your destination. The parking and shuttle staff go out of their way to accommodate any parking needs their customers may have. To sum it up, this park and ride facility is excellent, has affordable parking, and is just minutes away from Miami International with easy check-in and check-out process.

The Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel is located on NW 21st Street, right in front of MIA and across from the Melreese Country Club. The property sits between two major avenues, NW 37th Avenue and LeJeune Rd. (NW 42nd Avenue). Being in the midst of these two main thoroughfares ensures customers an effortless arrival to the hotel and airport.

Please note that self parkers are designated to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the hotel's parking garage. Because this is a low-rise parking facility, there is no elevator service. While the walk down is only a couple of floors, this should be taken into consideration for older guests or guests traveling with small children. Children and luggage can be unloaded at the valet stand prior to parking. Parking is covered, however, at peak times, some customers might only be able to find parking on the 3rd floor which is a partially uncovered roof-top area. We want to make sure customers are aware of these attributes so that they can make the best-informed decision for their parking needs.

Upon arrival at the hotel property, customers need to check in with the park and fly attendant. The attendant will inform you of the next steps based on whether you have chosen valet or self-park service. After valeting or self-parking, travelers can board the next shuttle to MIA's Airport terminals.

Parking Lot Amenities
- Complimentary airport shuttle
- Luggage assistance
- Covered parking facility
- On-site security

What our customers say about Sheraton Miami Airport Parking

- Pembroke Pines, FL

Excellent experience. Two minute drive to MIA. Both parking attendants
and shuttle drivers were very friendly and helpful. Will use again very soon.
- Lake Worth, Fl

Superb experience, but the gate didn’t work properly, so I had to call extremely polite guy from the front door to help me to get out.

Check out was very unusual as the machine said I had a bill of $220 but calling for help the concierge’s took care of it immediately and I drove away with my cheap airport parking experience!
- Canada

I want to thank Sheraton for a wonderful parking experience! I had booked through an outside company that uses your facilities. After entering and parking the car, I was supposed to check in but for various reasons it didn't happen. When I returned to pick up my car, the attendant assisted me in exiting without any issues.
Great service and location, I couldn't ask for more!!
- Port St Lucie

When I used this service in the past, there was an option for valet or self-park. This time there seemed only to be self-park option. When we arrived we were directed to the garage and told that if there were no parking spaces to return to the reception area. There were no parking spaces and we did return. We were then directed to a parking lot on the property where we parked the car.
- Gainesville, FL

Decent Experience. Pluses: shuttle service very good, short wait to terminal, almost none at 6am pickup. Very pleasant and helpful drivers and bellhop. Cost reasonable vs alternatives.

Minuses: Poor instructions from Cheap Airport Parking! You need to stop FIRST at hotel entrance, unload luggage and passengers, then drive to garage gate and get ticket. Drive to 3rd floor and park. Stairs down, no elevator. On return, show bellhop ticket and your receipt, go to car, drive to gate, buzz "assistance" and he will open gate. Then load luggage and passengers. This process SHOULD be on the receipt from CAP.
- Miami

We use this parking garage every time we travel. It is located next to the airport and the shuttle service is very convenient.

This was our first time parking at Sheraton Miami Airport and everything was perfect. The parking staff was very helpful and the shuttle to and from the airport departed and arrived in a timely manner. We will definitely park with them in the future.

We enjoyed our night at the hotel before we departed for our three week trip to St. Maarten. The parking was sensational, your staff represented all of the customer service one could ask for.

This facility is only a few minutes from the airport. The facility is clean and you park in covered parking. The shuttle runs about every 15 minutes, I waited 20 minutes because they were extra busy. The shuttle driver was cordial and helped me with my luggage.

The only hassle is the gate to get out of the garage. It has to be opened by the bell desk from inside. If no one is at the desk when you are ready to exit, you might have to wait awhile. I was told to come inside and make sure the bell desk knew I was ready to leave, so they would open the gate when I buzzed them from the gate. Great parking experience and good rate. I will be using them again.
- Indian River Co. ,FL

Given the crowding at MIA's own parking decks and lots, the Sheraton looks as good as it did at Cheap Airport Parking, a simple short drive from the terminal and also accessible via an airport people mover whose terminal is across the street from the Sheraton (didn't try it),

We had the same Sheraton driver coming and going. He and the lobby staff (contacted when there was a glitch with exiting the parking deck, very quick service) were fine.

The walk from the parking deck through the second-floor hotel lobby, down to the front entrance, and back, indicated the hotel, where I've stayed occasionally, is in good hands.

The Cheap Airport Parking rate is nowhere to be found at the hotel's website, and is a third of the nightly rate for hotel guests. A screaming bargain.
- Miami

We enjoyed our night at the hotel before we departed for our three week trip to St. Maarten. The parking was sensational, your staff represented all of the customer service one could ask for. You do a superb job!

Not a smooth exit. Must push help button too many times to get someone to lift the gate to exit.

Shuttle times listed as every 15 min, are actually every 30. It made for longer wait times and travel times than expected. Also, when calling the facility It is not easy to speak with an actual person which is very frustrating. The location is convenient and those working have always been very nice, friendly, and professional.

Overall, a good experience. However, entry into the facility and especially the exit out of the facility is unattended. Some signs or instructions would be helpful. Upon my exit, which occurred very late at night, the gate would not open. In addition, the gate system asked me to pay an additional $133.
Fortunately, I cancelled the transaction and somehow the gate opened.
- WEst Palm Beach, FL

Everything went well until I got back from vacation. I jumped in my car and the battery was completely dead (not sure why). I went to see if I can get help and was told that they could not touch my car. All I wanted was at the least help with a jump box but they said that they couldn’t help and told me to get AAA. Well after signing up with AAA, I was told that there will be a “3” day wait before service would be available to me. That to me is UNREAL! If a person is calling for service it’s for right now and not for 3 days from now. Anyways, I fell that if a place rents parking spaces they should at the least have a jump box for those who need it. I know that I wasn’t the first nor am I gonna be the last person who has a dead battery. The location was great but the service when needed wasn’t up to par.

Very close to airport, friendly staff, only downside is you have to take the stairs from the 3rd floor with luggage. it's a pain, but bell staff watched my luggage while I parked, so that was great.

Wish self park included 2nd floor of parking garage, otherwise great everything.
- Miami Lakes

Shuttle runs every 15 minutes on the dot! Once you leave the hotel's driveway, you are already inside the airport. 4 minutes to the first terminal!

Fast, convenient and great price!

I normally like or love your facility, however this time I did not get the chance to use the valet, and really made the experience poor. The team you have is great, but self parking sucks there, have to drive to the 3rd level, then walk the length of your building and go down stairs, to catch the van.

It was not clear how to get out of the hotel lot, so I drove up to the gate, but had to park the car to walk to the lobby to get someone to open the gate for me.

I also had to wait over 25 minutes for the van when I arrived.
- Coral Gables

Quick and convenient. Great personnel.

Very Good service and customer focus approach!

Great Location, Cheap and the best that my car was safe for all those days gone.
- Venice, FL

It was raining, One parking spot in entire garage, paid for indoor parking had to park outside. I had to park in 3 inches of standing water, good thing had pair of shoes in suite case. I think they over sold this place, But the place was easy to find, bus pick us up as their schedule said, so only real complaint I have was I have to park outside.

Had reserved self-park indoor, but no space was available, so had to leave with attendant. I really can't be assured the car was actually parked indoors all the time or not- also having valet unexpectedly of course had to tip both ways in and out- the shuttle driver had called with our stub ticket number but somehow they had the wrong car, so we had to wait a bit for ours, but they were apologetic and friendly enough.
- Ft Myers

This is the third time I have used this facility and it is excellent.

Paid for under roof parking and parked in exposed parking because under roof parking was full. Not pleased with that experience.
- Sarasota

We arrived and were told to park anywhere on 2nd or 3rd level. We paid for covered self park. My husband drove around and there were no parking spots, people were even parked on the ramps. He called me from his phone because he couldn't exit the garage. The worker had to go over and let him out and seemed to question us that there were no spots. Eventually after being questioned by everyone at the front desk, we were told to park on the side lot outside but we would have to be let in. It was not what we paid for and was a hassle but eventually they accommodated us.
- Panama

There are no elevators, so you need to walk up and down by your own the 3 floors. That's the only problem, all the rest is great.
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