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East Coast Car Rental & Airport Parking

Miami International Airport
3939 NW 26 st., Miami, FL 33142 Map

Indoor Valet
Outdoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15-20
East Coast Car Rental and Airport Parking is located 1 mile from Miami International airport. We provide indoor garage and outdoor airport parking. We have on demand free airport shuttle to and from your terminal.

What our customers say about East Coast Car Rental & Airport Parking


impossible to find...

Waited over an hour for pickup at airport. That is our only complaint.

First where I had to go was extremely shady looking location. Taking me to the airport in my own car was the second most uncomfortable thing that happened. And lastly, having to take a taxi to my parked car which had my key very visibly seen on the back tire was an experience that made me never want to return to Miami or your business. I would hope that your phone employee "Alvaro" who was also extremely uncourteous would not be on your payroll any longer. I was told I would be picked up on Sunday regardless and this never happened. I would like you to know that I work for an attorney and my in-law is a news anchor. This definitely would make for a bad reputation as I took pictures of my car.
- Boca Raton

Better signage may be a good idea - wasn't sure if I was in the correct place at first, but after that, everything was great. Excellent value, great location, quick pick-up and exit. 5 stars!
- Palm Coast, FL

East Coast Parking is the best. I will always park here.

It is literally on the street, no security at all, I got there and nobody opened the door, I had to go and park at the airport because I wasted a lot of time waiting for someone to receive the car.

All smoke and mirrors... They hit you up for more money when you arrive. And furthermore, They did not show up to pick us up... Had to take a cab to get my car...

Do Not Use This Company !!


They are a rip off scam... They charge very little, but then hit you up for indoor parking and then again to have your car vacuumed and washed for your return.. My car was not washed on my return.. Furthermore.. They give me a number to call on my return for them to come and pick me and my daughter up.. I called 6 times, which kept going to voice mail... I had to take a cab to get my car which cost me $12 dollars more.. Lastly the person didn't speak a word of English when I finally got to my car... My total experience cost me almost $40 dollars to park overnight. I was totally ripped off... Don't you be too !!!
- Punta Gorda, FL

Everyone we dealt with was very nice. We were just hoping that we'd get picked up a little faster.
- Coral Springs, FL

I made reservation one month prior to my flight. When I arrived at East Coast Car Rental & Airport Parking, they didn't have my reservation and the lot was full. I spent almost 1 hour looking for a next parking lot and paid 2 times the amount.
- Florida

Little hard to find even with navigation. Need to post sign with address on road area. A lot of businesses in area. Safe lot.
- Orlando, FL

Fast service, very close to airport. I will recommend this company to all my friends.
- Fort Myers Beach, FL

Everything went very well, I'll use it again.
- Naples, FL

Located in an industrial/warehouse area that is very crowded with cars, trucks, etc. Very short drive to MIA. Receptionist and driver very friendly, personable. A great value.
- West Palm Beach

Gene R's review brings back painful memories. When we arrived at this dump it was too late to change our minds. We were persuaded that indoor parking would be better so we ponied up extra money. Upon our return the shuttle took forever to arrive and we found scratches galore along the driver's side of our car. The shuttle driver/desk person said it had never happened before, got out the famous bottle of rubbing compound and ineffectually tried to put things right. When we asked for a refund, he said "the woman who handles that" wouldn't be there until the next morning. The only thing we could do was drive away and vow to never use any of these off-airport facilities again even though our previous experiences elsewhere hadn't been too bad.
- Palm City, FL

We had a GREAT experience with East Coast Airport Parking. Reservations were very easy to make online. Everything was just as advertised- great directions, very reasonable price, friendly staff, and very close to the airport. We will definitely use the next time we are flying out of MIA and need a place to park!!!
- Fort Pierce, FL

Will pass on to our friends. Great Service!
- Naples, FL

This was hardly a good indoor valet experience. It's in a run down industrial area with cars jammed into a small lot in front of a small garage. They are parked 6"-12" apart. Door dings looked inevitable. I should have trusted my instincts and found another place. But it was late and we had to get going.

After squeezing my car into what I thought was their lot, (poor signage), I squeezed between cars to reach the front door. The desk guy was ok, but charged me an extra day. I was scheduled for an 8am arrival on Friday with an 8pm pickup a week later. We arrived at 8pm the night before, so it was still the same number of 24 hour days as I was told when I made the reservation, but he said it was an extra day. Ok, I paid it.

He had the van driver check out my car and note mileage, fuel and damage. We had trouble communicating as he couldn't speak English. My black STS is nearly perfect. He found one scrape on the left front bumper and he looked very carefully. They did not give me a copy of the damage notation. Assured that the car would be ok, I left it. Ok, dumb move on my part. At airport drop off, I and the old unidentified van was descended upon by 6 Cops when they saw me give the driver a tip. I had to explain the situation. They look for unlicensed gypsy taxis. Why not just hang a Park N Ride sign on the door like most parking companies???

On arrival, the car had an obvious door ding with yellow paint residue and a tiny dent. The desk manager, who also picked us up, thought it must have been there and missed when they checked for damage. No way! This was the same guy that was at the desk when we dropped off the car. It was getting dark and hard to see. He got some rubbing compound and took off the fresh yellow paint. He made no offer of compensation. He said it has never happened before. Impossible! It was so dark I couldn't tell if the ding would be visible and require repair or not. We left and drove across the state to our home on the West Coast.

This is a poor second class joint. They are used to parking cheap beat up rental cars very tight and don't care about dings. Don't leave a nice car there.
- Plantation, FL

It was an easy process on line, quick drop off, shuttle was fast and when I called to be picked up on my return I waited all by all 5 minutes and the car is in good shape. Overall very happy and will use ECCR&AP again.
- Wellington, FL

I will use East Coast Car Rental every time I fly out of Miami airport.
- St. Augustine, FL

I would use them again! Great Price!
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