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Hilton Orange County Airport

John Wayne Airport
18800 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612 Map

Outdoor Self Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Distance from Airport1.0 mi
Lot Capacity80
Hilton Orange County/Irvine offers outdoor valet parking for John Wayne Airport (SNA).

Shuttle runs every half hour from 5:30am to 10:00am and from 4:00pm to 11:30pm. It runs hourly between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

What our customers say about Hilton Orange County Airport

- Oceanside

Love the ease & location, employees are great, but liked it better when you called for ride rather than wait for 30 minute intervals.

Fantastic location. Didn't even wait for the shuttle as the airport is a quick and easy 5 minute walk from the parking facility. Reasonably priced and staff was courteous and helpful. Highly recommend parking here if you are traveling through SNA!
- Los Angeles

The parking lot is close enough to the airport to walk. It took me approximately 10-15 minutes with one major intersection to cross.

Close enough to walk and not need a shuttle, especially after a long plane ride and the need to move.

Awesome experience. Will use Hilton OC airport again.
- Los Angeles

A Shuttle comes and leaves on time. It was very convenient location across the street from airport. I recommend it.
- Lake Elsinore, CA

This was an easy hotel to find, it is right across from the airport!! I parked and saved the ticket I received and kept it with the printout confirmation from this site and when I returned, I just showed the attendant and received a new ticket and got out with no issues. This is a better way to park, the shuttle load all your luggage (don't forget to tip!! They are all helpful!) The shuttle was on time both ways. This service was so good, I have already booked the parking again for next months flight!
- San Marcos, CA

First, it should be noted I don't use the shuttle. Since you are right across the street from John Wayne, it makes no sense to wait for it either coming or going. So, keeping that in mind I can't think of a better arrangement at John Wayne than the Hilton lot. Yes, you give up the roofed parking and yes, you have to walk, but you often have to walk anyway, and the onsite parking is usually so full you spend 10-15 minutes just looking or a space.

Booking at CAP you can pay half the price ( or less ) than you would at the airport structures, walk right across the street and cut directly through the middle of the parking structure, there is pedestrian access at the crosswalk leading into the airport and be at Terminal B in minutes, then walk to Terminal A or C as needed. When you get back no need to wait for the shuttle. You could, but it may take some time. I just walk through the parking lot, cross the street and am back at me car in just a little more time than it would take to walk to an onsite space. It really is the most convenient and affordable option I've found.
- Laguna Niguel

Location is the best part of this parking lot: I do not look for shuttle - if it happens to be there and the driver says we are leaving, then Yes, I will ride it; if the shuttle is invisible - I walk - it takes for me only 5-7 minutes to get to/from the airport.

Will always look for this choice again, unfortunately, it is not available all the time.
- Southern CA

What an easy way to park near the airport, but not pay airport prices. The location was less than 5 minutes away, the shuttle was on-time both leaving and returning. I will definitely use this parking option again when I fly out of SNA airport.

So close, you do not even need a shuttle. Just a short walk to Terminal!

I will definitely use Cheap Airport Parking again. I will really have to think about using the Hilton Orange County Airport though.

I was at the facility about 5 minutes before the scheduled shuttle trip (3:55). By the time I parked and walked up to the shuttles it was 3 minutes after scheduled departure time for the shuttles (4:03). They were in the same place as they were when I drove by. I walked up and the shuttle driver looked at his watch, then told me since I was late (by 3 minutes), I would have to wait for the next scheduled departure (a 1/2 hour later @ 4:30). He told me to wait on the bench outside. I sat down in direct sunlight with hot winds blowing while he sat in the shuttle until 4:28 playing on his phone (4:30 was next departure). At 4:28 he gets out of the shuttle goes back inside the hotel until 4:34, then says come on you ready to go now?
- Irvine

Excellent! Great airport parking service and with a smile!
- Irvine, Cal

Just perfect! They even waited for 15 minutes while AA found my "lost" bag!
- Laguna Hills, CA

1/2 the price of parking at the airport. We have not had a problem. Just call after you pick up your luggage and they are there. If I have to wait 15-20 minutes to pay $10 vs. $20 a day at the airport, it is worth it!
- Huntington Beach, CA

When I arrived in the morning the gate was up and no attendant was there to direct me or show my paperwork to. I went to the lobby front desk and they said that I would just have to show it to someone on the way out (seemed reasonable to me). I asked about the shuttle and was told that another would not be leaving for 30 minutes (I walked). When I returned the shuttle did not come, other customers were also waiting and they called only to be told that the shuttle doesn't come unless we call (was not told that when I dropped my car off). When I got my car and exited the lot again there was no attendant and the gate was open. I suspect I could have parked for free as no one ever asked for proof of payment (and also then not much security in/out of the lot). Not a bad experience, just not great... cheaper than the airport and walkable if the infrequent shuttle service doesn't work for you.
- Long Beach, CA

Family, I was meeting at the airport, recommended this site and I made my reservation online. The Hilton is just a couple blocks from the freeway off ramp and is easy to see from the street, valet and shuttle driver were friendly and courteous. I mentioned to our driver that we had never been to this airport and he gladly dropped us off right were we needed to go. I called for the shuttle as soon as I stepped off the plane and only waited a few minutes for pick up, driver called ahead for valet to pull the car up and it was waiting when we got back to the lot. Job well done.
- Bakersfield, CA

Great location and the wait when arrived back at the airport was only about 5 mins. Very impressive!
- Ladera Ranch, CA

I walked to the airport from the parking lot to catch my flight, my choice because I didn't want to wait for the shuttle. I like the flexibility of being close enough to walk. The shuttle driver provided excellent service and was quickly there when I called for it on my return. This was the best long-term parking experience I have had at this airport. I have parked in all of the lots except valet at John Wayne - this is an incredible value! Will definitely use this service again!
- Laguna Beacha, CA

Great rates and good service.
- GLendora, CA

I landed at 10:00AM and called the hotel like I was asked after I picked up my luggage at 10:13. I was told it would be 15-20 minutes. I waited until 10:37AM and I called back, they told me again it would be 15-20 minutes. I explained that I was not going to wait an hour to get picked up and walked to the hotel to get my car. When I got there, they told me that the shuttle was there and I should have waited. I said I did wait, for almost an hour. Nothing was said about an apology or nothing.
- La Jolla, CA

Overall good experience. Only thing is we had to wait 30 minutes for the next shuttle to the airport.

Car drop off and pick up went flawlessly. Only draw back was getting easier access to get shuttle to pick you up at John Wayne. S/b able to text in your auto ticket to have car ready upon arrival and a way to notify shuttle itself to come get you at John Wayne Airport. Had to work to get a phone number and call the hotel to contact the shuttle guy etc. Hotel is directly across the street from John Wayne and we had to wait 20 minutes to get picked up???
Otherwise a good first experience using this service for John Wayne.
- Mission Viejo, CA

I will be recommending you to all my friends and family!
- GLendora, CA

I usually expect the best from any Hilton property. However, this one was one of the worst when it came to the shuttle service. I landed at 10:00AM and called the number that was provided to me at 10:13AM. They said the shuttle would be there in 15-20 min. I called again at 10:37 to find the status of the shuttle. I was informed it would again be 15-20 minutes. Rather than wait for a total of an hour I walked to the hotel to retrieve my call where I was greeted by a staff that could really care less that I waited that long. Horrible experience. I am hoping that this review will help the staff understand that it needs to step up its customer service.

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