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Hilton Newark Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport
1170 Spring Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201 View map
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Hilton Newark airport parking Hilton Newark airport parking lot


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Park with a name you can trust in travel... Hilton Newark Airport. Secure gated parking lot, security 24 hours a day, shuttle service to and from the airport leaving every 20 minutes. Our lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What our customers say about Hilton Newark Airport


This is a convenient spot, and with a reasonable price. The location is close to the airport, but a little spotty if you need to get back onto the highways (let's just say NJ has terrible signs). The place is quite packed, and you will have difficulty finding a spot, but that's not to say you won't find a spot. Have patience and come with a few spare minutes. The shuttle is quite punctual, coming every 20 minutes at the hour, at 20 minutes from the our and 20 minutes to the hour -- plan accordingly. The shuttle staff was courteous and helpful. When you come back, make sure you get on the right Hilton shuttle -- there are shuttles for other Hiltons that go to the airport.

The only problem I had was with getting back, there was only one person at the desk to validate the parking, and they spent forever dealing with one guest's complicated concerns. Maybe that's a point where you tell someone you need help servicing the rest of the people in line while you deal with that guest?

Overall, not bad! We even lost our parking ticket, and with the printout we had, they just issued us another one. Thank you!

P.S. You don't need to show them the printout before you take the shuttle, but you will need it when you come get your car back.
Jane D H. - Flushing, NY
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Overall the experience was descent. Obviously I would prefer being picked up at baggage claim and not to drag my stuff to another location. The shuttle bus came in a resonable time even though it was later than anyone else. In all fairness I didn't know when the last one arrived before me. The internet coupon directs you to the front desk upon arriving when in actuality you only need it upon departure. When I returned I had to go into the hotel lobby and wait behind hotel guests checking in. Perhaps it would be easier if you installed an automated machine for this purpose it would have been quicker.
William J. - New City, NY
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The sequence of events:

1. When we landed the open garage was full, so we were made to park on the top floor (open area) of covered garage.

2. The covered garage had NO elevator. So had to carry the luggage down by stairs 2 floors. It was painful.

3. The ride to airport was quick.

4. On return, we have to go to P4 of EWR via Sky Train. The shttle came in 10 mins, but I witnessed an arguement of other passengers in the shuttle complaining that they were waiting for more than 40 mins. Since they had lot of luggage, it could not be accomodated on that shuttle that created more misery for those other passengers.

5. On return at hotel, I was given Hotel room key with no instructions on how should I get out.

6. Of course, I climbed 2 floors with my luggage to get to my car.

7. When I arrived at gate, I inserted the card that I had during entry. I was told by machine to pay $125. I tried swiping the key given to at # 5 above. It did not work. I had no clue how to operate. Fortunately after 5 mins, one gentleman came and swiped me out from his master card. Thank God! I was out.

Overall, I would never go back to this parking ever again.
Ajay K. - Parsippany, NJ
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First time I had experienced parking long term in a parking lot near the airport at the Hilton Newark on Route 1 and 9 South, and I am totally satisfied with their overall service. I will definitely use it again on my next trip and and recommend it to my friends!
Bonito S. - Monroe Township, NJ
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Incredible service and fast! The shuttle was waiting when I arrived. I was at the terminal in 15 minutes. For pick up you have to take the tram to hotel pick up area - waited about 15 minutes for bus. Went into hotel showed them my receipt and that was it - great location and for $6.49 per day how can you complain. Great location and what a bargain... if there is still such a thing.
CCAI - New Paltz
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The parking was fine. The shuttle rounds were frequent, so waiting time was minimal. The only problem was that there were a few leaks in the bus, so several seats were wet from the rain. I hope they get that fixed. Otherwise, it was a good experience.
Melodie S. - Kearny, NJ
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Waited for more than 45 minutes for the Hilton Newark airport's shuttle.
Nian W. - North Brunswick, NJ
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There was no personnel attendent at the facility; however, the folks at the Hilton were knowledgable and able to assist, so the overall experience was fine. Will park here in the future...
Jack M. - Ringoes, NJ
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We prepaid and unsure about how to proceed. No sign or instructions. We did get help quickly, but we had to go to the hotel reservation desk and sometimes when a shuttle comes in it can be crowded. We do like Hilton's facility.
Millard W. - Ledgewood, NJ
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The open garage that I supposed to park is full. So I went out and asked the front desk. The lady there told me to park in the garage building. It would be great if I knew I can park in the garage building at the beginning.
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