AviStar Airport Parking

O'Hare International Airport
3700 N Mannheim Rd, Franklin Park, IL 60131 Map

Covered Valet
Outdoor Valet
Distance from Airport1.0 mi
Shuttle Interval, min10
Park in a safe, secure, well-lit lot with attendant on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. Free transportation from your car to/from airport terminals is provided 24 hours per day every 10 min.

What our customers say about AviStar Airport Parking

- Cincinnati

I was not informed it had turned into Wally park. On the day of my arrival they were short staffed I waited a hour and a half for my vehicle it had snow they had issues finding the vehicles not to mention they were not organize at all I had a 5 hour drive to Cincinnati it was disappointing the office staff were no help at all only 2 reps were helping the customers and cleaning out cars don't be going there anymore not worth the experience.

Our check in was ok, but still very long wait. Our check out was a big disaster along with many other angry customers that day. We waited for one hour for a pick up from the airport, but never got a ride from the airport to AviStar so had to pay $20 for a taxi. Then we had to wait for one hour at AviStar to get our car key and had to find it ourselves which was very cold that day. There was no staff at the front desk. It was the worst experience. We will never use this company again.

Waited two and a half hours for my car to be returned. This is not an exaggeration. People there waited longer than me. This was the WORST system ever-no one knew what they were doing. disorganized, no one to help, 1 employee and 2 valets trying to serve hundreds of people. I am pursuing a total refund.
- Milwaukee

This was horrible! Our plane landed at 10:30pm and we did not get our car until about 1am. The people working had no idea who was there, where their cars were parked or, keys were located. There was only one person behind the desk and there was a line of at least 50 people waiting to check in.

People were going out and looking for their snow-covered cars in the lot and then trying to find their keys. It was a dis-organized mess. Some of the people waiting did not even have the correct phone number to text their ticket number to. We never even made it to check in at the counter. By chance someone brought our car up because of our text.
- Chicago

Really bad location, they charge me more money and they told me this is for Chicago tax even in the web the price was including the price, and the most impotent thing, they crush my car from the front and i could not see that when I took my car because it was night and no light in the parking anyway, and when i called them they told me we are not responsible.

The wait time for the shuttle to get to O'Hare was about 25 minutes. I called ahead of time about my car. My car was not ready and the snow removal on my car was horrible. I won't be using this place again.

I would definitely use them again.

My vehicle was not ready and waiting when I arrived on the shuttle from the airport.

I booked online. The site said it was the closest parking available to the airport. I drove by quite a few nice looking well lit parking areas - then saw this place - which was dark and had no signage. It looked like a construction site. Huge potholes in the lot. A terrible looking dark portable office was there. There is not even a fenced areas for the cars rhat are left. I would have left but haf a plane to catch and not that much time. We were informed that it was "valet" and to leave the keys it would be parked. I was very uncomfortable, and my wife and kids were kind of scared. My wife and I half joked that they pribably would rent our car out while we were gone, but it was not very funny! I wish I had checked my mileage. The shuttle driver was courteous and nice and got us where we needed to be on time. However, on the way we waited for shuttle at Ohare for an hour - they said there was only one driver. Do NOT use this place unless there are no other options! I would have gladly paid a little more money to feel like my vehicle was secure and be picked up on time.
- Lake County

Understaffed and facility in poor condition (trailer office and gravel lot with potholes), took over 10 phone attempts to finally reach a representative for airport pickup.

On the positive side, cost was quite reasonable and the shuttle drivers were friendly and helpful.
- Hancock, MI

Great place to park with friendly and efficient staff. Will definitely park there again.
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