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Orlando Airport Marriott

Orlando International Airport
7499 Augusta National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822 View map
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Orlando Airport Marriott Parking Orlando Airport Marriott Relax in the hotel lobby while waiting for your airport shuttle.


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Marriott Orlando airport provides convenient safe and secure valet parking.

Free shuttle service 24 hours a day. Shuttles run every 15 min 5am - 9am and every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour the rest of the day. We suggest the guest arrive at least 25 minutes prior to the shuttles departure time.


What our customers say about Orlando Airport Marriott


When I dropped my car off on 10/30/13 I was greeted quickly and courteously by the attendant. I had previously used the self park but had not used the valet service here so was unsure of what I needed to do, he quickly helped me out. My luggage was removed from the car and placed near the van pickup area while my reciept was processed and handed to me along with instructions for my return and vehicle pick up.

Now for the return!! Wow, I arrived at MCO after mid-night on 11/04/13, I called for van service, which took about 10-12 minutes, (I had just missed one). I was picked up and promptly delivered to the hotel, and there was my car, pulled up out front, driver's door and trunk open!!! Wow, this was awesome for me as it was now long after 01:00 AM and I was traveling with a bad case of Bronchitis. My luggage was quickly placed in my car and I was on my way in less than a minute.

Service?? I could not have asked for better!!
Use again?? You bet!!
Mary-Ann D.
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I love parking here. It's super close to the airport. I can drive in and park, get on the shuttle, and when I get back it's not long before a shuttle is there to pick me up. When I get back I show them my paid receipt and they give a card to get out of the lot and I am on my way. If you catch this one early you can get a great deal.
Scott C. - Troy, MI
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Being a first timer, I was very impressed. I was confused at first and made some minor rookey mistakes like where do I check in when I get there/park (called the number on reservation and was given instructions). Upon returning I messed up on where to meet the shuttle.... lower level). Then I went to front desk and was given a plastic card to swipe but did not understand at that point if it was a ticket or something else like a credit/debit card and I ended up goofing and getting it stuck in the ticket slot just because this card was what replaced the ticket.

There were lots of places at the gate to put a card in. Maybe a better label for those of us using just the airport parking? Maybe I missed it? Help button was nice on gate. Really most of my mistakes where due to doing it the first time. Now I know where to meet the shuttle and I will definitely ask which slot to put the card in to exit the parking lot! Live and learn. Still I felt safe and had a comfortable place to wait for the shuttle no matter what time I need to travel and park. For my next visit I now see the website has changed some directions. This shows me someone is listening! Thanks!
Gail C. - Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
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This is the third time I have used the valet parking at the Marriott. Every time when I have returned from a trip and called to have my car retrieved when I arrived at the hotel I had to request that the valet get my car. It was my understanding that when I called for the shuttle pick up and gave them my ticket number that my car should be waiting for me when I arrive at the hotel. None of the three times I have used the service has this happened. In fact, a friend used the self park option, took the shuttle the same time as me and had his car and left the hotel the same time as I did. I guess I will use the self park option next time as the valet is no better than self parking.
Steven D. - The Villages
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Very happy with this service - parked close to hotel entrance. It is a nice paved lot. Plus friendly folks.
Thomas P. - Orlando, FL
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Close, convenient, hassle free. For about 1/4 the price!
Eric F. - Orlando, FL
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We have used a number of times. Rates can't be beat and the service is all Marriott!!
Arthur F. - Palm Coast, FL
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Safe, convenient parking, I would definetly use again, the valet gentlemen & van driver very nice & helpful.
Karen H. - Ocala, FL
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Great location, the shuttle service was outstanding.
Pearl W. - Clermont, FL
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Thanks for Great experience
Tahsin A. - Longwood, FL
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