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SouthWest Parking

Bob Hope Airport
4500 Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91505 Map

Outdoor Self
SouthWest Parking (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to BUR: 0.4 mile
Type of Parking: Outdoor Self
Clearance: no restrictions

SouthWest Parking (formerly Empire Parking) offers convenient economy airport parking just 1 block from the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. Secure and 24/7 attended.

No shuttle buses are available to and from the terminals. Parking lot is located within 5 min walking distance (across the Empire Avenue).

What our customers say about SouthWest Parking

- Monterey

For the 2 days I was traveling, this was super convenient and offered at a great price. A quick walk to the terminal made it all the better.
- Los Angeles

I was just thinking last night as I was checking out of this lot how grateful I am for it. It feels like a family business and everyone is so friendly, even though i’m sure they have to put up with quite a bit. it’s so conveniently located and affordable, it makes my travel experience all the more easy.

Highly recommend, walking distance to airport.
- Ventura

Always a great experience. Quick and easy in and out process. It's looking good. Starting to see old cars that were junked there are being removed.

Park and walk.

From the time l parked / walked, l was through security and at my gate within 20 minutes. Probably less.

Staff was VERY friendly and when l was paying, the attendant even asked how my trip was!

Good service goes a long way and so does convenience.

Walked across the street to the airport, and just overall easy! Will park here again.

No shuttle it was a long walk. It was raining very bad experience. Will not use that lot again.
- Ventura County

The location isn't bad if you don't mind walking. There is NO shuttle. Attendant was on personal phone call and could hardly be bothered with my wife and me. However, the price was the best in the area by lots.

No frills, but for the price it can't be beat. Will park here next time.

Need to have an entrance and an exit. The narrow lot is one car length wide and no way to turn around. Place a station at the other end and let that be the exit. I now back out all the way back to the pay station. This is an accident waiting to happen!

Sure, it's across the street from the airport. And it's pretty cheap. But that doesn't mean much when there's no shuttle and you have to walk about a mile from your car to the airport door... in 95 degree heat. Security is zilch and the guy who works there can't be bothered to even say "thank you" when you pay.

Hate the 2-way tiny road to park your car. You have to drive a long way to find a spot, and if there's none, you have to turn around in a tiny space and come back the other way, trying to avoid hitting pedestrians with their luggage or another car.
- Simi Valley

No shuttle. Isn't needed it is so close!!!
- Los Angeles

Long, narrow lot along the tracks in front of the railroad that is a little hard to get out of and can be a trek to/from your car when it is fairly full. However, the price is great given that it is less than a 10 minute walk to the terminal.

There is no shuttle service to this facility, but it literally took about 5-7 minutes to walk there. I've waited longer for the shuttle to other lots. Will definitely use this facility again.

Convenient to Bob Hope Airport AND Amtrak/MetroLink. We flew up and Trained down, so it was perfect. Rather long and narrow lot along roadway - so drive your smaller car. No shuttle, so why ask that question. But if there are 2+ in your car, drop 1 + the luggage off 1st at the airport, then park - real easy. Last exercise you'll get for a while!
- Los Angeles

The location is great if you don't mind walking---across the street from the entrance to the airport and a 5-10 min walk. There may be a shuttle from the train stop next door but I'm not sure. The guy working the morning shift is either a) too tired from working his other night shift or b) thinks he gets paid too little to work there. In any case, don't expect friendly service or any help from him. Parking spots are tight and while it's one way to get in it makes it a bit difficult to exit going out the same way. If you're worried about security then go somewhere else----for a one or two day stay, it's fine and cheap.

The printout said there was a shuttle to the airport. There wasn't. There is zero security, with the exception of the parking attended. The parking shack is dirty looking and broken down. The parking itself is cramped and difficult to get in and out of. No thanks.
- SoCal.

Located beyond the rental car lots at the end of BUR runway and beyond. Not pretty. No shuttle. Depending how far down the long narrow parking lot you end up finding a space, you could be in for a long walk. But at $6.00 a day I cannot complain too much. I am glad to patronize this funky lot to save some bucks, and make a little market competition to the higher priced lots.

My car was hit while parked in this lot and my taillight is broke now.
- Los Angeles

The parking lot is a little sketchy when you walk towards the end. The side closest to the airport is well lit and feels ok. However, my car was parked way on the other end. As I was walking, it was getting a little sketchy. But it wouldn't deter me from parking here again, if needed. Also, like mentioned in other reviews, I got there later on Friday night (around 7 pm) and had to leave my keys. But on a high note, it wasn't difficult or time consuming to grab my keys on Sunday night. Only thing was the long walk (ok, maybe not that long.. but I was tired and feeling crappy) to the other end of the parking lot.

No good way to exit this lot which makes it a bit dangerous and inconvenient. Lot is OK, but not my first choice.
- Glendale

Great price for $6/day. No shuttle. 9 min walk. Based on other reviewers I found this place and as others mentioned tried to turn left when I entered.. it was coned off, even though there were empty spaces, so had to turn right. Handed the parking guy the print out of the receipt from cheapairportparking and he rudely said "What is this?" Anyway he accepted it said I would pay the $30 due when I return in 6 days. $36 total including $6 paid to had to park very far to the right end and it took 9 minutes to walk to terminal, which was fine… walking is good for you. However, upon return I handed my ticket and credit card and I as I was driving out I saw I was charged $36 not $30! I was on my way to pick-up my family from the baggage claim area so I didn't turnaround. So bottom line it's a great deal, but, be sure to check you charges...
- Simi Valley

This is a great place to park. I use it everytime I fly from Burbank Airport. The location is very convenient; just a short walk on a sidewalk to the terminals and a traffic light to cross the street...but best of all is the friendly staff serving the customers. I want to adopt them all!!

The woman who helped me when I checked out was very nice and friendly. I had a little hard time finding the lot. I didn't realize that it is past the Empire street entry into the airport. Cabbie helped me.

There is no shuttle service or driver cleanliness to comment on. It is an easy walk to the airport, last chance to stretch your legs before a long flight. Better yet, drop off one person with the luggage to check in while the driver goes and parks and walks back! Best price around, especially in light of the raised prices in the other lots. Just be sure to reserve ahead for big travel weekends.

Fairly long walk to a lot along train tracks. Questionable security and crowded strip lot.

No problems finding a place to park. Short walk across the street to the Burbank terminal. Can't beat $6 per day rate. Will use again.
- Pasadena, CA

Best airport parking near Burbank.
- Sherman Oaks, CA

Despite this being a little walk, it is worth it for the amount of money saved. The people who work there are very courteous. I would park there again.
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