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SeaTac Sandstone Inn Airport Parking

19225 International blvd., Seattle, WA 98188 Map

Outdoor Self Parking
Outdoor Valet Parking
Only 1/2 mile from SeaTac Airport. Open 24 hours. Lot is lighted, fenced, under surveillances and secure. Free USA TODAY, while supplies last. WI-FI and coffee availabe while you wait.

Free transportation to & from the airport on modern shuttle buses. Shuttles leave every 20 min 24 hours a day.

What our customers say about SeaTac Sandstone Inn Airport Parking


I have been parking here for a few years and have never had a bad experience -totally recommend.

Terrible parking lot and drivers did not help with loading luggage and I still was stupid enough to tip them. Will never park there again.

Great price!
- Seattle

Not much to complain about, especially given the price. The only downside was the wait for the shuttle, but even that wasn't too bad - maybe 15-20 minutes.

Great rate and very convenient to the SeaTac airport.
- Seattle

Parking and transport to the airport were fine.
Parking lot is a sketchy looking, but didn't have any issues.
Upon landing had to wait almost 40 min and call multiple times before the shuttle came pick me up. Others in the shuttle had similar experiences.
Would not recommend. Slightly cheaper rate is not worth the poor service and wasted time.

Price was right, called in for pick up waited 30 minutes, recalled and was told he came by, i know he didn't, wife and I were looking at every van, when he did show up there were 3 other groups waiting pick up too, so this confirms he never was through earlier.
- tumwater

This is the 4th time using this facility. Was glad to have parked here when my flight was cancelled and I needed a place to stay for the night. Have never had any problems here, although this year they seem to have a new person who only lets the shuttle run 3 times per hour. We had to wait about 20 minutes and he wouldn't let the driver leave any earlier even when it was apparent that nobody else would be checking in. I have used another facility from this web site who was cheaper but only has valet parking. They had faster shuttle service so I may go back there next time.

Great job everyone. Prompt pickup at the airport and good service all around. Couldn't be happier with the price unless of course if it was free.

The lot is about as far away from the airport entrance as you can get and still be in the county. With shuttle times to match. Add 5-6 lights and you get the idea. Their main lot is often full which leads you to negotiate a rough drive to the back, and I mean way back 40 lot. You'll need your 4x4 for this one and your steel nerves when you meet on oncoming car on their single lane "road".

Once parked put on your serious boots for the hike back to the office where you'll wait up to 20 minutes for their next 3-trips-per-hour shuttle. Coming back expect to wait 20-40 minutes for a pickup. I'll have to admit their drivers are helpful and the price is about the best around. But you pay dearly in time and frustration for all that money you save.
- Bellingham

We will definitely park at Sandstone again. Everyone was courteous and professional, and the location and price can't be beat. We paid more in bridge and highway tolls in the New York area than we paid to park our car for 8 days!

Overall great experience, wait time for airport pickup was a bit long.
- Wenatchee, WA

Best No frills place to park. Great people working there and always prompt taking to and picking up from the airport. I wouldn't leave my vehicle anywhere else.
- Port Townsend

Second time parking here. Totally happy with the staff and the timing of drop-off and pickup. Really courteous and helpful folks. I've already recommended to others. I'll be back!
- Portland OR

We missed the entrance to the Sandstone Inn, but there was a U-turn just south that allowed us another, successful shot at the entry. The counter person checked us in quickly and we caught the shuttle 5 mins after that. For our next use, I'll remember that the shuttles seem to depart on the hour, 20 after and 40 after. Pick up was a phone call and we were dropped off right at our car! Nice service.
- Seattle, WA

Definitely affordable, but allow extra time on both ends for the shuttle. I had to wait at least 20 minutes on both departure and arrival. When I arrived, the rest of the shuttle passengers turned over twice while I was waiting for my shuttle.
- Dewey, AZ

The price, location, service, wait times, and personnel were all excellent. We'll definitely use this facility the next time we're in the area.
- Vancouver, BC

Great experience! Will come again!
- Yakima, WA

Over all good experiance. Hardly no wait time for shuttle, good service.
- Bothell, WA

Arrived at 5:30 AM on Thursday. The Sandstone lot was pretty easy to find and is close to the airport. There were several other travelers checking in and waiting for the next shuttle which was scheduled for 5:40 AM. Was able to park and walk back in time to catch it. It was about a 5 minute trip from the lot tot he first airline drop off.

On the way back, I happened to catch the shuttle right when it was picking up two other travelers so I cannot truly comment on wait times for pick from the airport. Ride back to the lot was very short. I was dropped off right at my car and the asked for the claim ticket which I did not have handy. Will have to remember that next time. The driver did accept the parking tag I had in the car (I had the keys after all).

I was not not sure where the courtesy phone was at Seatac to call the shuttle company but this was the first time I have tried off-site parking and the overall experience was positive.
- Sandpoint, ID

Awesome parking for Seatac. Totally recommend and will be using them again.

Recently we used for finding a reasonably priced, convenient, safe place to park while on a short trip out of seatac. We were perfectly pleased with parking at the Sandstone Inn on international blvd. 5 stars for everything except the condition of the actual lot. It was fine, but it was not paved, so do not be surprised. It was close, secure, fast, friendly.
- Olympia, WA

We would recommend this to our friends and come here again.
- Gig Harbor, WA

Could have received more info at front desk about the bill and how payment works. I thought I paid on line, but was surprised when the lady asked for more money. However, she eased my mind that I wasn't paying twice. Overall, I would use you guys again.
- Oak Harbor, WA

Great experience on check-in. Courteous staff, and the shuttle was almost immediate.. Loved it! On our return, we had to wait about a half an hour for the shuttle (this was ok), but the driver zoomed around your crowded parking area like it was a speedway contest, causing some concern for our safety, as well as the many cars parked in the lot. The driver was very courteous, but he needs to lighten his leadfoot in your parking areas. I am very likely to use your parking service in the future.
- Tacoma, WA

Only one van running the night we got in. Had a longer wait than a tired traveller may like.
- Monroe, WA

Was unabe to locate because cheap airport parking is very unclear as to location of lot. Didn't realize it was Sandstone parking until later.
- Duvall, WA

It was plenty close to the airport. The shuttles were running very efficiently on both ends and the customer service was just fine by me. I'll definitely be back!
- Seattle, WA

Attendant at the hotel was a bit snippy when I was checking in... on the way back, the shuttle took well over 30 min to show up from the time that I called them to let them know I was waiting at the curb.
- Mt Vernon, WA

We park here every time we need airport parking and I've recommended it to many of my friends, people I meet at work and standing on the platform waiting for the shuttle.
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SeaTac Sandstone Inn Airport Parking