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Park Place at LAX

11333 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Outdoor Valet
Indoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min10-20
Park Place at LAX (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 3.0 miles
Type of Parking: Outdoor Self, Outdoor Valet, Indoor Valet
Clearance: no restriction

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: $1/day

Park Place at LAX is located minutes from LAX, across the street from Lot B and features brand new indoor facility. Our state of the art security system is connected to a professional security service as well as the police department. Free shuttle service is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Additional services:
Simple and deluxe car wash, exterior or interior detail, complete detail, engine cleaning, gas fill up, oil change, smog check.

Additional information:
Upon your arrival to LAX call pick-up service to dispatch a shuttle bus that will pick you up at your terminal.

What our customers say about Park Place at LAX


Paid to park indoors, so car would be cleaner after 21 days. Imagine my surprise when picked up car and it was covered with bird poop from top to bottom. Talked to Moh and he was very sorry about it and gave us a card for a free car wash next time and a discount coupon. He handled it very well.

I love everything about this parking place EXCEPT the wait times at the airport upon returning. I'm usually left waiting there over half an hour while everyone else's shuttle shows up.
- Pasy

Very good facility, convenient proximity to the airport. Good shuttle transport. The only issue is that they do not tell you that there is a $1 surcharge per day for an SUV.
- Lake Forest CA

Best prices, service keeps getting better and better… Have used them many times.
- Diamond bar

My reservation is for indoor valet, but our car is outdoor valet when we come back. I have paid the extra fee, but they don't park my car indoor. That's why I only give one star for my overall experience.
- Lancaster, CA

Very good as always. That is why whenever we fly out of LAX, that is where we park for the last four years.

I have parked here several times, but the service is going down. Wait time on a Saturday afternoon was to long, then when we got the car, there was a scratch down the dvr side to the rear. They took a picture, and said someone would contact me, No one ever did. I will not park there again.

Everything was great!

The staff at Park Place at LAX were fabulous! They were fast and made sure me and my two daughters got to the airport on time and helped us with all of our bags. I really loved the convenience of not having to look for my car in a parking lot when I got back from vacation. Their shuttle was ready and waiting for us at the airport when we got back. I would park there again and recommend it to everyone.
- , CA

Waited a bit long for a pick up, but you had a lot of folks clearly coming in - so no real gripe. I think you all really do a good job and your drivers are great and pricing is right!

Great value for the money. Shuttle took some time to pick us up, but overall a great attitude and great service.
- Burbank

I would revisit Park Place at LAX. Their price was good and overall service was good. Our shuttle driver was outstanding.

Upon return, we waited a few minutes for our shuttle. The problem was when we arrived back at the parking lot. There were maybe a half dozen parties waiting for their cars and it took them FOREVER to get our car. It was late, we had two toddlers with us, and even though we were towards the front of the line we were the absolute last people to get our car. And after all of the waiting... they just handed us the keys and pointed to where it was parked. Left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of an otherwise positive experience. I don't understand why they can't have your car waiting for an expedited checkout... I'll give them another try, but if it happens again I'm going back to Fox Park.

We have used this lot for the past 3 years and have always been completely satisfied with the price, location, and service. The only problem we seem to have is the time it takes to be picked up at the airport to get our car.

Every time we have used your services we have been happy. We particulary love how quickly you get to the airport to pick us up; we are always anxious to get home and it's great that we don't have to wait long.
- los angeles

The best on all accounts.

Shuttle was pulling out for airport as I arrived so had to wait 15 minutes for next one so make sure you give yourself extra 30 minutes. Got me to airport on time.

Pick up was same. Shuttle was arriving at same time as I got out to curb so just missed. But another was on it's way.

My car was pulled up front and waiting for me after checking out.

Overall good experience for the price!
- Duarte

Wait times were 20-30 minutes for pickup.
- Los Angeles

Good place for cheap parking. The time varies from 5 to 20 minutes to get picked up or dropped off, but the service is courteous and helpful.

Check-in was swift, departure shuttle was swift, check-out was swift, but waiting for the shuttle at the airport took longer than expected.
- Los Angeles

I wasn't sure because I had paid for a covered parking - valet experience and the lot was in an area I wasn't familiar with (being south of the airport. But in actuality, the lot is only a couple of minutes away, the driver was nice. We had a 15minute wait on our return - and I didn't recognize the shuttle that picked us up (not sure that I was in the right shuttle) but the driver re-assured us that he was the right shuttle and he took us directly to the correct lot (less than 2 minute drive to my car.) My vehicle was ready for me and checking out was a breeze. I was out of the office and back on the road quickly and I have nothing negative to say about my experience at all. It was the best price of any of the inexpensive, long-term parking sites in the area and I would use them again when I fly out of LAX again.

I have been using this parking lot every couple of weeks for over a year and will be using them again next week. Great group of guys.

Used this place for the first time. The location is convenient - right off the 105. The place smells like bad B.O. The shuttle to the airport was fast and the driver was helpful. The biggest problem I had was getting picked up at the terminal coming home. I had called like instructed and was told the shuttle would come within 10-15 min. It was 25 minutes after we called that the shuttle came. After flying for a few hours, the only thing I wanted was to get into the car and get home. The rates are so much cheaper than other places so you really have to weigh the $ vs. waiting time and decide if you want to pay the extra money to be picked up right away. Once we got to the facility, checking out was fast - they had our car already out and ready to go. Not sure if I would use this facility again.

45 minutes to get picked up, after 4 phone calls, the driver is there, over and over, and the pick up driver was rude.
- La Crescenta, CA

It's OK. Not bad. The only thing to concern is that the shuttle is not noticable. I was looking for a shuttle to be arrived at the LAX terminal after calling. The shuttle face was different from I expected. Finally I could catch the right one when the drive found me.
- West Hollywood, CA

Very friendly. Pickup time was OK bc airport was very packed. Quick service & my car was waiting for me when I arrived in the valet area. Will be back for long term parking. Highly recommended.
- Los Angeles, CA

This was my first and last time using this service. They have a petty thief in their midst for an employee. I keep a small sack containing approximately $15.00 to $20.00 in quarters and dimes for parking meters in my trucks center console. The day after picking up my truck I discovered all my coins missing and only the empty sack remaining. Don't park here they can't be trusted.
- Lompoc

It's a tad bit pricier than I expected, however it's nothing compared to the airport parking fees. Also I have to say the drivers and staff were pretty courteous, and that's worth alot. I called the shuttle and then went to the bathroom and the shuttle showed up before I even made it to the bathroom. That was quick! Additionally, once I arrived at the place, my vehicle was there. I see myself parking here again because of the professionalism. However, to be honest, if there is something else available that costs less, I may try that offer.

I think the Parking Place listened to our reviews and improved their service. I was taken to the airport in 5 minutes and on the return trip had to wait only for 15 minutes. Thanks for the excellent service.
- Whittier, CA

Service was great and prompt, especially being picked up at the airport upon our return. Very courteous and efficient staff!
- Long Beach, CA

I like this place a lot especially the price!

Ok, lot is somewhat farther than other lots and shuttle is not as frequent as some of the other lots that are closer and have more shuttles, but those other lots charge $15 a day so it's a good trade off.

Staff is great and the shuttles are clean with friendly drivers. If you park here for a long time, I also suggest the car wash. It's great coming back to a sparkling clean car after a long trip.
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