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Marriott Airport BWI

Balt./Wash. International Airport
1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 Map

Outdoor Self Parking
Distance from Airport1.6 mi
Shuttle Interval, min20
Located less than 2 miles from BWI International Airport, the Marriott is a great choice to park your vehicle. Our shuttles run every 20 minutes daily between the hours of 1:00 am and 4:00 am. The process is so easy, simply go to the front desk with your parking confirmation, the desk agent will provide you with a hang tag for your car, park and board the next airport shuttle. Our parking lot is safe and secure, so relax and enjoy your trip.

What our customers say about Marriott Airport BWI


Upon arrival at the Marriott, the receptionist was having a conversation with another employee, while looking at their phones together. She looked at me, and continued her conversation. I stood there and looked at them have a conversation for about one minute. When she tells me that I could approach her, I let her know that I’m here to park my vehicle. She looks at the reservation on my phone, has me sign some form regarding my check in and proceeds to finish her conversation. As I stood there and held the clipboard, she looks over to me and asked me if I was done, as if I was still writing and I wasn’t waiting on her to check in. She hands me my hangtag without telling me where to go, so I asked her where should I park. She tells me that the shuttle comes every 20 minutes and that one just left however I could catch the next one. If she and her coworker weren’t talking in front of me rudely, I would’ve been able to catch my initial shuttle. Nevertheless, I was not late . I got on the shuttle and a kind individual drove me to the airport. I was the only passenger and he chatted with me until we got to the airport. He dropped me off and I checked in.

On the return flight back to Baltimore, I knew that I would have to contact the Marriott to get a shuttle. When I called the number that they have listed for the airport parking, they’re only giving option number three for shuttle information. This tells you to wait at specific gates and to call the Marriott when you need a shuttle. I called about seven times and did not receive an answer. I ended up calling reservations and they told me to call the same number I called and press zero. That did nothing except for loop the introduction message. At this point I’m irritated and called as I was standing outside between doors 14 and 15 at shuttle courtesy zone three. Finally after calling the ninth time, a shuttle driver approaches. The other passenger waiting was an older white male who flagged down the shuttle because the driver was speeding so fast and almost flew past us. The driver was an African-American man and immediately greeted The white gentleman, asked how his flight was and what airline he flew in on and took his bag. As I approached the gentleman, he said nothing to me. I had two bags that needed to go in the van so after he took the first bag and still said nothing, I said hello and asked how he was. He gave me a very dry response and I could not understand why as he had just very cheerfully greeted the older white gentleman in front of me. He took my second bag and I got in the van. Upon getting in the van, it smelled as if someone had been smoking black and mild cigars. I do not know if this came from a prior passenger or the driver, however the smell was disgusting. We arrived at the Marriott, the driver open the door and handed the white gentleman his bags first. That gentleman tipped the driver and walked away. I would have also tipped the driver, however the service I received compared to the other passenger was zero out of 10. I took my bags and he looked at me appalled as almost if I was supposed to give him something. Needless to say I will never park at this establishment nor stay at a Marriott ever again.
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