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Sheraton Miami Airport Parking

Miami International Airport
3900 NW 21 St, Miami, Fl 33142 View map
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Sheraton Miami Airport Parking Miami Airport Parking Sheraton Miami Airport Parking Covered Sheraton Miami Airport Parking


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Located only half a block from Miami airport, Sheraton MIA airport parking is the closest off-airport parking facility in the area. Our low daily rates give you the best parking services at the most affordable price.

When you park at Sheraton Miami Airport, we help you carry your baggage, there is no waiting in-line, your car is safe from dust and airplane sooth.

You must check-in with the park & fly Attendant at the front door of the hotel. Valet attendant will instruct you where you park your vehicle. We offer 24 hrs a day shuttle services to and from the airport and we are 5 minutes from the airport guaranteed.


What our customers say about Sheraton Miami Airport Parking


One problem, i paid for indoor valet and was parked outside for 4 days, not indoor. My car was just detailed and now spent 4 days outside.
Zachary S.
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I was a Little scared to prepay a 3rd party, but this was so worth it. We were going to be gone for 19 days and this had a garage. I called before and they were so helpful and then when we arrived it was great. Valet service was right on point with water, assurance it was going to be in garage, even gave me a card with cell.

Short shuttle trip to airport and we were off. Upon return the shuttle was on time and the driver called ahead after I gave him our ticket number/slip and our car was waiting for us. Such piece of mind when traveling and the car was out of the hot sun and rain. Dusty, but in great shape. Thanks for a great experience!!!
Jack D. - Bradenton, Florida
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Great attitude of staff and drivers the type you would expect in a retail setting. GREAT JOB GUYS. However, i must point out that i had to use a GPS and it had your location in another place around the corner at a warehouse.
Earl R.
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In all a good experience. The shuttle wait time on the return was excessive. We waited over 30 minutes and watched as every other hotel in the area passed by, some twice.

Finally called the hotel and they informed us the shuttle was on the way. It arrived 5 minutes later. For a hotel so close with no traffic to deal with, this was unacceptable.

The staff at the hotel and on the shuttle are always very helpful and attentive.
Carmen R. - Miami, Fla.
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Sheraton Miami Airport is the only place I park when flying out of Miami. Excellent and friendly and prompt service.
Ruth - Islamorada, FL
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Worked like a charm!
Gail B. - North Fort Myers, FL
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I used the Sheraton for all my MIA Airport Parking. They are great and I save lots of $$$ over the airport! The time I spend waiting for the Shuttle is the same, less than trying to find a space at the airport parking! Highly recommend!
Carlos R. - Miami
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Found my car crashed. They said they are not liable when self-parked nor they had video of how it happened. Parked here many times as it's cheap rather than good, this was my last. I would recommend to park in a safer place even at a higher price as fixing a crash is more expensive.
Sergio T. - Miami
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Pick up times are not every 15 minutes, so you need to be patient. Drop off at airport are somewhat reasonable.
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Have been using you for the past 3 years - should say enough!
Gerrit D.
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