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Sea-Tac Airport Value Parking

Seattle/Tacoma International Airport
22246 Pacific Hwy S. or International Bl, Des Moines, WA 98198 Map

Outdoor Self
Outdoor Valet
Self and Valet parking are available. Minutes from the airport. Light, secure, fenced parking lot. FREE shuttle service to and from the airport & help with luggage are available from 4am till midnight.

Upon your return from travel, call from one of the airport van island phones and our shuttle van will pick you up.

What our customers say about Sea-Tac Airport Value Parking


very good experience... thank you

This is our first time using the SeaTac value inn parking. We will definitely use you guys again. From the reservation and having to talk to all the employee which they are very friendly and very nice people. We got stuck in the airport for one day and we are suppose to pick up the truck on Monday. The employee was very nice. I would like to thank you guys, Diana, mindy and Cindy for the fast service and being able to talk to you guys. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you very much!
- Yelm

The shuttle was nice and fast. We didn't have to wait long at all. The people were friendly and helpful. I will definitely consider parking at the Value Inn next time I need airport parking. The price was right, too!

Fast and easy!

It would have been nice to have a stool to step on from the van to the curb, for short people it is a big drop.

I've parked here before but this time they misplaced my keys in a drivers pocket who left. I had to wait over half an hour for them to get my car. Let alone find it! I had to go point out to them which was my car and then they still didn't have my keys in the bucket they were carrying around. Very frustrating when all you want to do is get home!! The driving is a bit scary but that seems to be the norm with cabs and shuttles.

Everyone was VERY nice however, so that was awesome!

The parking lot was a fair distance from the Airport. I think next time I will choose a lot that is closer. The lot where they part the cars isn't well lit. But there is someone there 24hrs. I didn't like where they put my car when I was picking it up. It was parked in the back in a dark corner. Also I called the shuttle when out plane landed they sent the shuttle out but they left without us and since they only have 1 shuttle car we had to wait another 15 mins for the shuttle to return.

Would have helped if the clerk had told us when we called for a pickup that the driver had yet to leave the dispatch. We waited for quite awhile because the clerk made it sound like the driver was circling and looking for us. That we were in the wrong spot. We were in the right spot and had to go to the bathroom and then wait and wait.
- Oak Harbor, WA

Great price, very fast seamless service provided by the airport parking lot.

One of the seatbelts in the van was broken. There was little communication between staff and myself upon arrival so I was unsure how to proceed. I registered for self-service parking but that was no longer an option. My van was driven to a different lot which I was unable to see or check out before having to leave to make my flight. The location was quite far from the airport and made overall travel times even longer.
- Tacoma, WA

When we dropped off the car, the experience was great. The staff were friendly and kind, especially the shuttle driver. He even helped us load our baggage on to the shuttle.

However, when we returned from our trip, it was entirely different. Daniel was a complete jerk and was extremely UNFRIENDLY and UNHELPFUL. When calling from the courtesy phone, I asked to be picked up and was placed on hold for 10 mins without being told why and before I even told him which "island". I called from another phone and was told "you need to hold on", followed by a frustrating silence. After 15 mins of waiting with my 4 and 7 years old in the cold, I asked my wife to call from another courtesy phone, within 30 seconds, she was told a shuttle will arrive within 20 min. I feel like I was mistreated because of my English barrier and strong accent. I wished I was told that the hold could take up to 15 mins, so I could've at least brought my kids inside where it was warm. The nightmare doesn't end there, when we came to the office (motel) to pick up the car, I asked Daniel to help us load the baggage into our car, but he refused to claiming he was busy. Instead, he exit an alternative door (right of the office entrance) to have a conversation with a man smoking a cigarette on the stairs. The treatment I received when departing from Seattle was completely different from when I returned. Daniel definitely lack training or the company doesn't focus on customer service at all.

If you are looking for a cheap place to park your car, have a lot of time to spare, don't mind being on hold for 15 mins along with UNACCEPTABLE customer service, and wait another 20 mins for a shuttle to arrive, I would highly recommend this place. If you don't mind spending another $5 to save yourself from the headache and be respected by staffs, I would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND this place. Saving money is important in a tough economy, but respect and customer service is important in ANY situation, even a cheap parking service. Definitely a terrible way to end a vacation to Disneyland with the kids. Thank you for reading and I hope your vacation does not end like ours. And thank you for ruining it Daniel.
- Seattle, WA

When I arrived at the Value Inn, I was told that I would have to wait 30 minutes for the driver to return and take me to the airport and that I was 15 minutes away from the airport. I think 45 minutes is much too long from arrival at parking lot and drop off at airport. The receptionist was good as was the driver. It was just the time that was unacceptable. I would not park there again.

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