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Premier Parking Tampa Airport

Tampa International Airport
5015 W Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33634 View map
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Park your car near Tampa International Airport simply, inexpensively and quickly. We offer free shuttle service to and from your departure gate. Our customers enjoy less stress and hassle when traveling - so should you. Take comfort in our safe and secure parking just minutes from the airport.

Premier Parking TPA is located just 1.5 miles from airport, just a 5 minute shuttle ride. Wait in our air-conditioned, comfortable lobby.

When you return from your trip and have your luggage in hand, just call our local number on your claim check, and we'll pick you up. Take the hassle out of parking at the airport, book your reservation today!


What our customers say about Premier Parking Tampa Airport


This was the worst parking lot I have ever parked at. What a huge mistake just to save a couple of dollars. I called to have them pick me up and they advised it would be 15 to 20 minutes. 60 minutes later they finally showed up. I heard them telling others the same thing. Some advise to Premier Parking - Just be honest with your customers about the wait times. Lying only makes us more upset. The parking lot leaves a less than secure feel and the staff is not helpful. Park with them at your own risk but it is not worth it just to save a couple bucks.
Matt T. - Valrico, FL
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The driver of the shuttle was very nice but the ride was very bumpy and we had to leave some passengers behind because of space. Other than that, it is a great savings!
Jessica - Tampa, Fl
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Making our reservation was easy. I completed everything online. That was the only thing that was easy. The rest of our experience was NOT.

First, finding Premier Parking on Hillsborough Avenue was a nightmare, especially in the dark at 4:45 am. There are no lit signs to signify where it is. It is NOT on Hillsborough Avenue, but BEHIND Freedman's Office Furniture store, which is on the main road. They have 1, count it, ONE van to shuttle passengers to and from where we needed to be. What if something happened to the van?
On our return, we called for pick-up and waited nearly an hour, because the dispatch person said they had a party of 18 people and it took a while to process them. Remember the one van? Also, while waiting for our vehicle at Premier, it was stuck behind four vehicles and the driver had called our claim number in as we boarded the LATE shuttle pick up at the airport (mentioned earlier). If Premier doesn't have enough help to work the site, don't open at all. We had to wait another 1/2 hour for them to free our car from the jumble of cars in the lot. The attendant was rude and we will DEFINITELY NOT use this service in the future. Needless to say, nobody got a tip from us. It was NOT worth the discount. I will park elsewhere next trip.
Louise G. - San Antonio, FL
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No problems at all. Parking went well and I was promptly taken to the airport. The car was waiting for me on my return.
Henry E W. - Hernando, FL
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Hard working gentlemen, impressed that my car was ready when I got to the lot with the A/C on, thanks guys!
David R.
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My only challenge was calling and getting "on the other line..." message and not knowing what to do next - except keep dialing. Got to a live person on the third attempt.
Jerryjessika1 W P.
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Very convenient and fast pick up. The hardest part was finding the entrance to the place, had to make a u-turn as I missed it! I would definitely use this business again.
Terps - Longboat Key, FL
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Location - looked run down and scary to pull into at night with gang of young people hanging out at business that sat in front.

Shuttle - van was worn and used step stool for in and out. Ok, but seemed tacky.

Pick up - waited over an hour due to only one vehicle to do pick ups and confusion as to location of pick up area. Card I was given did not have enough info.

Driver - was courteous and knew I was not a happy camper. I was careful not to take it out on him. He was doing his job and did it well. I gave him a fair tip.

The whole operation was way below the standard I expected, and I have used many off site discount locations. I travel fairly regularly and definitely the "most challenging" parking experience I've had.
Brian D. - Fort Myers, FL
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I selected this parking lot based on information posted on the website. It said shuttle service every 15-20 minutes. I arrived at 7:10 am and did not get to airport until 8:00 am. This made me very nervous about missing my flight. Since the traffic is heavy at that time of the morning, I suggest having more than one shuttle going back and forth. Return service from the airport at 7:00 pm was fast and efficient.
Shannon C. - Tallahassee, FL
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There is only one person working at parking spot. Parking lot is not paved.
While coming back we keep going from one pickup area to other pickup area back and forth. It took more then half hour before we get out of exit. When we came back to parking lot. Everyone but our car was pulled up. Our car was still some where in the parking blocked by some other car! How that can happen? There was only one person so he was busy with getting new customer answering phone and pulling the car. We had better experience at some other parking lots much better.
Abhaykumar S. - Lakeland, FL
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