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Marriott Orange County/Irvine Airport

John Wayne Airport
18000 Von Karman ave, Irvine, CA 92612 View map
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Irvine Marriott offers premier outdoor parking for John Wayne Airport (SNA).

Free Airport Shuttle runs every 30 min between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Shuttle runs every hour and half hour from the hotel and every 15 and 45 min from airport.


What our customers say about Marriott Orange County/Irvine Airport


I love the convenience and the savings by parking through your site.
Carolyn P. - Santa Ana, CA
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We have used this parking for at least 4 trips out of John Wayne Airport and we will continue to do so. Good job.
Eileen H. - Placentia, CA
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We feel Marriott is very good based on location to John Wayne, but they really need to be more organized when they pick up at the airport. Those who were there first s/b those who leave first. The driver let bags for 9+ get loaded then only had seats for 6. Someone took another row of seats out of the van? Not smart guys.
You had alot of upset people who could not get on and had to unload their bags (us included), some got pissed an took a taxi, and we saw some walk to the marriott they were so upset.
You do not require us to call for when we are getting in so you are setting yourself up for alot of grief and disappointed customers you may lose in the process.
On heavy nights with holidays around the 4th of July which this was, you are just asking for reviews on your service.
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Perfection on all accounts... I have used the service for a few years and has always been easy and I know my car is secure. The wait times are minimal and the shuttle is always on time. There are no long waits.
Jay B. - San Juan Capistrano, CA
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It was my fault but I forgot the receipt. The gentleman at the checkout booth kindly let me pass. It would be nice if they could look it up on the computer.
Thomas M. - San Clemente, CA
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Very pleasant experience!!! My husband and I waited inside the hotel lobby for the shuttle to arrive and the hotel staff was very friendly, eager to help with smiles on their faces and great attitudes. We even joked that we might want to stay at the hotel sometime just because everyone there was so nice :)
Staci M. - Carlsbad, CA
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Less than a mile from OC airport. You could walk to the airport (although it may take you 15 or 20 minutes). Staff were friendly, shuttles ran on schedule. (I gave it a four star because shuttles ran every 30 minutes. If you missed the shuttle by a minute or two, you would have to wait another half hour). Overall, a great place to park and much cheaper than the airport. As a side note, please remember to tip the drivers. This is how they make their living.
SK - Irvine, CA
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I was a little hesitant about using this site and this service, but after my first experience, I will definitely use it again!

Thanks for a great service!
Eva - Irvine, CA
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Completely excellent and very well priced!
Sheila T. - La Quinta, CA
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This being the first time use of this facility, on our part, for long term parking, we were unfamiliar with the where's, what's, and how's, but all the personnel with whom we spoke were very courteous and helpful.

We would certainly use this airport parking facility again for future long term parking.
PN - North San Diego, CA
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