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Mega Airport Parking

Los Angeles International Airport
11200 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90304 Map

Outdoor Self
Outdoor Valet
Shuttle Interval, min15
At Mega Airport Parking we are dedicated to providing you the best level of SERVICE! Not only we offer you a bang for your buck, but also provide all our clients with a SAFE and SECURE parking lot. Unlike other machine operated lots, we have Friendly Staff at the parking lot 24/7 that can assist you with all your needs. We have FREE airport shuttles running every 10-15 minutes, 24/7 365 days-a-year.

What our customers say about Mega Airport Parking

- San Fernando Valley

I use them about 10 times a year. Love them!

Always park here. Great rates.

From now and on I'm parking there all the time.

Great value for money!
- Pasadena

Absolutely awful. I've parked at many LAX lots (405, 105, Wally Park, Fox, Quikpark, Parkingspot, etc) over the years. This one was by far the worst. It's super far from the airport, they seem to have only one dingy old van which smells like body odor, and the wait was atrocious. I've waited up to 30 minutes before at other budget lots which is annoying, but at Mega Airport Parking it was an hour and fifteen minutes which is totally unacceptable. I will never park here again and I'd highly recommend you don't either.

Overall, a very good experience for the price!
- Las Vegas

Thieves. These guys just can't help themselves. Never Park here if you want piece of mind.

Even after reading all the bad reviews I decided to give these place a try since we were gonna be gone for 16 days. Big mistake! Drove my old 99 Odyssey so even if they scratch it, its not gonna be a big deal. Drivng from Vegas, I had to bring my old 20 buck power inverter for phone charging and that was my mistake. I already got a feeling that they will take it. Locked it in the glove compartment and sure enough, when we we got the van back, it was gone. Not only that. I always made sure the things in the glove are arrange in a certain order, and its very obvious that they went through it and just shoved everything back and forgetting to lock it. I am 100% sure that they took my inverter. Who else? They made sure they get the key when you drop off the car. So its not a self park place. Even if its advertised as such. So, that in its self is a flag. The shuttle is another horror story. I did not mind the old, beat up van, but to have a broken seat and no ac was bad. It was hot inside considering we left mid Dec. Very uncomfortable ride to the from the airport. BTW, the other guy in the van had his car scratched.

I wanted to make a written complaint with the manager and it seems that there are multiple managers there. They will not even give a form to fill up. Said that they are not responsible for stolen items only outside car damage. Counter guy even said that its useless. Told them if I did not leave my key with them, then I would understand. But that was not the case. Furthermore, if it was broken into, why are there no signs of break it. Liars and thieves is what these guys are. Gave them a good shouting. But that is all that I can do. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST.

This is the very first and last time I will do long term parking in LAX.
- Visalia, CA

This has to be the WORST parking spot in LA. Money hungry greedy owners jam pack cars into their lot. You have to leave your keys with the attendant (for the entire stay) and he parks it. As a result, we came back to a scratch on the side view mirror. And of course they were claiming it was already there. Our truck is brand new so that was impossible. We also came back to 3 extra miles on the odometer. They claim that the cars have to be rotated and that causes the extra mileage, really?! The guy working the day we picked it up was completely unreasonable. Also, just to get picked up from the airport was an ordeal all in itself. It took about 10 literal calls to a cell phone (which stated mailbox was full) to finally get a call back. We were starting to panick since we weren't getting through. Two other passengers on our shuttle had the same experience. Never again will I use this place, all to save a buck. All of the 4 star reviews must be written by employees or family members, since the attendant told us it was a family owned business.

Sketchy looking chain link fence surrounding an overcrowded lot possibly run by some sort of gang. Their "shuttle" is a beat up van with broken seats and a cardboard sign. I'd say "you get what you pay for" but our car was filthy INSIDE when we got it back (wishing we recorded the mileage before leaving, the shuttle driver was going 65 mph in a 40 zone in the rain with no seatbelts in their van, we waited 25 minutes for pickup while every other garage drove by and then halfway back to the lot, the driver turned around and went back to the airport for more people! For $0.95 more, I could have booked at a secure lot I've used before with more comfort and success. Lesson learned.
- Mario De Jesus

First of all my parking experience at this facility is the worst ever in my experience at parking at the airport.

#1 this is not self parking. They park car and you leave key with them for the duration of your trip.

#2 Only 2 shuttle buses running. Have to call for pick up, took 30 min for them to come and pickme up from airport courtesy shuttle pick up area.

#3 Arrived at parking lot. It took them more than an hour to find my car so i can leave. I had to make a scenne for them to expedite getting my car for me.
- Los Angeles

OMG, I arrived in their parking garage at 12:30am, I had been waiting 3 hours to get my car back, when I sitted in my car it's already 3:30am. They parked all the cars randomly and also the keys, that is why they can't find where the cars are and what are the right keys. All the cars parked bumper to bumper. And some cars are already hitted the other car's bumpers. No rules at all. If you choose them, you take all the risks. Welcome to Mega Airpot Parking. Enjoy!

After I came back, I called the number for shuttle and they said wait time is around 20-30min. I asked can it be faster, they said they have only 1 driver and it is the wait time. Then after 20 minutes I called to check, they said shuttle should be there in 10 min. I said ok since I don't have any other options. After waiting another 15min, they called me back and asked me to take a cab and go to the parking by myself.

I took a cab and went back. They reimbursed for the cab but it wasn't a pleasent experince to wait 35 min after a long flight. During these time all the other shuttles came several times.

Also it is far from airport, account additional 15-25min taking the shuttle to reach the airport + waiting time of 15-30min. Total of 30-55 min of time after parking.

I don't suggest this place.

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