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Indoor Self Parking

Alejandra P. - Aventura, FL

Great! They were very helpful, the parking lot was safe, its the same parking lot as the Crown hotel, so that made me feel better. Shuttle was fast. I did have a very late flight returning and I had a doubt that the shuttle was doing there regular 15 min runs, so just in case I called and they arrived right away. Great!!


Indoor Self Parking

Fredrik - Bakersfield, CA

I've been using this location a few times and now that for the first time I tried a different garage I have to say the differences are significant and I now prefer QuickPark at the new location (although in fairness it's in transition and might change for the worse at some point). Compared to QuickPark the waiting time at AC is a lot longer. There are less free spots so you have to circle around for a good while to find one. When you do find a spot it's super cramped. some big cars taking up two spaces. So you're always worried you're car will get scratched when the other people try to squeeze in their cars. And because the garage is very big chances are you'll be walking very far to the elevator to get down. There are no restrooms that I know of which may not seem like a big deal except when you have to go! The price is good though so it's still a reasonable alternative. Just make sure you're early. It's not the place you want to be when you're late.


Indoor Self Parking

Jan - Los Angeles, CA

Looks like another company just took over management/ownership of this parking garage...there was no signage on the shuttles, the wait was long and the employees were all frustrated from hearing the complaints from the passengers who expressed their concerns... get it together! I wont' stay until the new company gets themselves situated... wasn't like this just a week ago.


Indoor Self Parking

PHIL N. - Corona, CA

Excellent services. The shuttle was there within 5 minutes to take us to the airport. You will have to drive to the 4th floor of the parking garage to have this rate, I have no problem. When we got back, the shuttle picked us up within ten minutes after we called. The operator and the driver were both courteous and professional. Just remember to drop off your luggage at the shuttle station before you drive up.


Indoor Self Parking

David D. - Los Angeles, CA

I have been successfully parking here for the airport since 2006. It's a multi-story parking garage with roof parking next to the Crown Plaza Hotel, practically walking distance to the airport. Turn off of Century Blvd right before the Crown and drive to the rear and entrance is on the right side or back side.

You are not permitted to park on the first three levels because that is reserved for the tenants of the adjoining building (5959). Some of the spaces on those floors have the reserved names of those tenants. A large percentage of the available spaces in the garage are narrow “compact” spaces and are marked accordingly. If you don’t have a compact car, and park in one of those spaces you are at risk for “door dings.” My car has so many dings that it does not matter to me if I get more, but if dings concern you, this may not be the right parking for you. You can get more space for your car and park away from other cars by going to the upper levels or the roof, but of course on the roof your car is in the sun all day. There are some full size car spaces, but you may have to hunt more to find them as they go first.

The parking shuttles are numerous, more than at most lots, and when you wheel your bags to the yellow shuttle stand at the garage 1st level, they will help you load them on, and take them off at the terminal. (We always tip the drivers.) When you get back from your trip, go to the red parking shuttle stands and look for the yellow shuttle or call them and let them know that you are waiting at X terminal and they usually come fast. There is an elevator in the garage on one side only, to take you up and down, as well as stairs.

The garage security feel is so-so in my opinion. Could use improved lighting, but we have never had any trouble there. When we returned from our last one-week trip, our car alarm had been activated, but there was no damage or entry to the car—could have been caused by vibrations, or someone trying the door handle, not sure. If you park here, you want to be constantly aware of your surroundings until you are safely down at the shuttle pick-up spot, but again, I have not have any trouble there yet.


Indoor Self Parking

LJDC - Huntington Beach, CA

We had the BEST driver!! I wished I had gotten his name. Fast pickup, quick return to the lot. Easy!!


Indoor Self Parking

angry customer - Whittier, CA

One weekend i came back a day early and they did not give me full credit for the extra day. the next weekend i forgot my online receipt and they charged me $42 for 3 days. normally i only pay 27. i won't reserve any more at airport center until i get my $42 refund.


Indoor Self Parking

Roberta A. - Pasadena, CA

Excellent experience. Departure - Parking was easy, shuttle was waiting to take us to LAX airport. Arrival - called to advise I was waiting for pickup, wait time was about 10 minutes. Best kept secret in Los Angeles airport.


Indoor Self Parking

Alice - Huntington Beach, CA

I had a good experience using this lot. Although the parking lot was crowded I found a suitable space on level four. I choose a parking space a bit far from elevator, but it only took a few moments to get to the shuttle pick up. The two men working the shuttle were friendly and helped with my luggage. It took less than ten minutes to get to my terminal. The only comment I have is that it wasn't clear where to pick up the shuttle on the return flight. Signage would have helped. All and all it was a good experience and I would use this lot again.


Indoor Self Parking

HM - South Gate, CA

Very fast and courteous employees.


Indoor Self Parking

Lelah S. - Montebello, CA

I like this place. It's VERY close to LAX. The shuttle runs frequently. I've used this parking on more than one occasion and never had to wait more then 5-10 minutes for a shuttle. The drivers are nice. It's a pleasant experience and a great price!


Indoor Self Parking

Victoria R. - Moreno Valley, CA

Best experience for the first time user of the facility. The drivers were very friendly and very helpful. I'm using this company again for sure.


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