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Indoor Self Parking

JBB - Camarillo, CA

This was so much easier than taking the shuttle, especially for short trips of just a few days.

The shuttle to the flight was fast. The pickup shuttle took a little longer (we saw some of the other companies drive by 2 or 3 times) but it still was not a huge wait. The crew on duty for both coming and going were friendly and polite (even helped me with my one bag - love that).

A few travelers tips:
1) Make sure you get to the parking lot in plenty of time for them to get you to your flight;
2) Always print your reservation out before you leave home. You will need this to confirm the price and get out of the lot unless you enjoy paying more money.

Would I use this lot again for short trips? You bet!!


Indoor Self Parking

Jonathan N. - Los Angeles, CA

Great job! Fast shuttle. Driver took us to the airport with only two other customers rather than waiting around for other "possible people". Fast pick up too when coming back. Runs 24 hours.


Indoor Self Parking

Richard R. - Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Parking was quick and easy but return wait times was awful. Waited for 45 mins. On the curb, no shuttle came. Called 3 times before one came to pick us up.


Indoor Self Parking

Phyllis J. - Playa Vista, CA

Quick check in and out, shuttle readily available. Did not have to wait a long time at the airport for a pick up. Personnel very courteous.

An overall good experience. Will try again if the parking rates remain competitive.


Indoor Self Parking

Richard R. - Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Never will use this QuikPark again! Waited 45 min. for shuttle at 8:30am on a very light Sunday morning....sorry, no excuses!


Indoor Self Parking

Lisa V. - Riverside, CA

The wait time was very good when we dropped off our car but on our return . . . we had to call and tell them we were waiting and needed to be picked up. I was traveling with my 5 year old grandson and the driver was EXTREMELY rood to me and didn't want to let me on the bus (he argued with me for 5 minutes) and then finally let us on the bus. When he dropped us off at the parking lot he helped the other people on the bus with their luggage but didn't help me! This guy needs to find a new job. Other then this driver all the other people we dwelt were very nice and helpful.


Indoor Self Parking

NHS - Camarillo, CA

My overall experience was pretty good except for the forty minutes for the van to arrive after I called for a pickup. A number of other parking service vans appeared three or more times at our American Airlines pickup location while we waited for the QuickPark van.

I will try QuickPark again but, if the wait time becomes unexceptable I'll make future arrangements with an other parking service.


Indoor Self Parking

HM - Torrance, CA

Had to wait about 30 minutes for the shuttle upon arrival even though called right after deplane. Should have walked to the lot because it was very close to the airport.


Indoor Self Parking


Easy covered parking and very convenient.


Indoor Self Parking

Fredrik - Bakersfield, CA

So this review is for the new location on Avion Dr. As explained to me they're in a transition phase that prevents them from advertising the location using signs on the facility. Consequently it's not straightforward to find the place. Google directions indicates it's on the right side after turning onto Avion Dr. and so while looking for an entrance I passed it. It's actually the first garage on the left. But even as you see it you're not sure it's the right place to enter because again there are no signs. Another confusing thing is that once you drive in you're supposed to stop by some guy to get a decal to hang on the mirror. Initially I just passed him and was wondering where the heck to park since there are no signs that says park on level x-y so I drove back down, When I got there there was only one car ahead of me but if there was actually a rush I'm wondering how efficient this will be as opposed to the other locations where you drive in and proceed to just park the car. Once I got passed these initial hurdles I found a lot of empty spaces and when I came back down the shuttle was waiting. On the return I called and was picked up promptly. Despite the lack of information I'll use this garage again they are cheap, fast, and very close. I'm sure this review will help some people. Second time should go a lot smoother. Keep in mind, since it's a transition phase things might change.


Indoor Self Parking

Ryan - Los Angeles, CA

Convenient place to park is why this place is great. Annoying to have to drive up at least 5 floors to get a spot, then having to wait to take the elevator down to floor 2, then having to walk down a flight of stairs to get to where the shuttle picks up. Elevators are dingy and run down (only one was working when I was there). Drivers are friendly and courteous, helpful with bags. Quick pickup when getting back from flight as well. Cashiers are less then enthusiastic, but get the job done.

Overall, good enough, one of the better places to park for the price, but far from fantastic.


Indoor Self Parking


Location was great, and almost no wait time. Everything could be great but, when we came back I had only 1 gallon of gasoline left in my tank (I had 1/2 tank before I drop off my car there), a nice surprise after a long trip. I know they are not liable and all other legal crap, but still ...
Anyways, if your car is like mine when you can easily access tank from outside think twice before parking here.


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