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Indoor Self Parking

Linda Diep - L.D.

Very happy with the parking location and the service. I have parked here several times and great experience every time.


Indoor Self Parking

S Roberts - Clovis CA

Good service, good price, wait time was less than 10 mins. I will use this facility again.


Indoor Valet Parking


Way better than parking at the hotel next door, simply because the shuttle doesn't take forever. Has the option of self or valet parking. No more expensive than other options. Although they offer car wash, the employees were honest enough to discourage getting it, since rain was headed our way.


Indoor Self Parking

Falko - Santa Barbara

My second time at QuickPark and still all positive (see my May 2014 review for details) - nothing has changed.

PS: Earlier I was complaining about the shuttle bus labeling (hard to identify from the front of the bus). Now they clearly say QucikPark.

When we arrived at LAX we were picked up in less than 5 min (Sunday, around 6pm).


Indoor Self Parking

Gerhard T.

Awesome location. Can easily walk from terminal 1.


Indoor Valet Parking

Nicole - Bakersfield

This was our first time with QuikPark and we will definitely be back! Very close to airport, quick transport to and from the airport! Great location, great service, great rates!!! Very, very impressed.

Tips that we used and we recommend paying attention to - if you prepay, when you return to the facility, make sure you get your exit ticket from the Customer Service office before you go to your vehicle. And, when looking for the shuttle, look for a purple shuttle and the name QuikPark is on the side, not the front.


Indoor Self Parking

Sheri R - Huntington Beach, CA

Using this place again in January. Great experience, no problems. Didn't wait for shuttle long and parking was easy.


Indoor Self Parking

Russell Ringl

This is the first time I've used Quik Park at its new location. I used it extensively at the old location, and will now use it extensively at the new one.


Indoor Self Parking

Steve Voelker

Awesome new place!


Indoor Self Parking

Michael L - Los Angeles, CA

If you're flying Southwest at Terminal 1, this lot is only a 10-minute walk away. I parked, took the shuttle to the airport with no wait time, and upon return, didn't even look for a shuttle but just made the 10-minute walk. It worked really well for me.


Indoor Self Parking

Al C - South Bay

Parking here was a breeze & the people were friendly & helpful.


Indoor Valet Parking

Cheryl B - Newbury Park

Have parked here twice. The first time I had difficulty with pre-paid parking, as I wasn't sure where to park. An employee told me to park in a handicapped spot, as I had a small cast on my foot. He directed me to the office, and assured me that he would re-park my car for me. When I returned that evening, I didn't think to check to see if the handicapped placard was in the car. However, when I took my 90 year old to the doctor the next morning, the placard was nowhere to be found. My car was only parked in the QuikPark lot for approx. 10 hours, then was locked in my garage overnight. Just saying.

The 2nd time I parked there, I knew the drill so I had no problems. FYI: I removed the replaced handicapped placard before leaving my car there!

I love how close it is to the airport, but the last time I needed the shuttle, it passed me by without stopping. So, I had to call again & wait about 15 mins for another one.


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