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Outdoor Self Parking

William K - Laguna Niguel

The location, shuttle and driver were all pretty good. I'm usually disappointed most with the time I spend at the airport terminal waiting for the Marriott shuttle. This time the wait was 22 minutes. I can understand a 15 minute wait. When it starts to get longer than 20 minutes, though, I start to begin thinking I have the wrong service provider.


Outdoor Self Parking

Nicole Ha - Riverside , Ca

I'm a happy customer all the way around!!


Outdoor Self Parking

Gene M.

Marriot LAX was overbooked, but took care of it with upgrade parking.
Waited more than 50 minutes for pickup on return flight.


Indoor Valet Parking

Diane D J

A Big Shout Out of Thanks to Ty Marmaras! Great job in customer service in handling a problem I experienced.


Outdoor Self Parking

Sue Lynn - CA

We waited over an hour for our shuttle. We called twice. Website says a bus will be by every 15-20 minutes. We will not recommend the Marriott or use it again. The other hotels had plenty of buses. We could have saved money and made it home earlier on the van nuys fly away.


Indoor Valet Parking

Christina M T

Everything was great, except I paid for my car to be garaged and it was filthy when we picked it up, so it was definitely left outside the week we we left it there - so we are disappointed with that. Otherwise, eveything else was great.


Outdoor Self Parking

Anne Bruce - Ventura County

Great LAX parking experience! Valet team at Marriott LAX is awesome and make my traveling easier! See you next trip!


Indoor Valet Parking

Don - The Valley

Waited a long time for a bus and ticket did not have a phone number to send text message to have car waiting for me as previous experiences.


Indoor Valet Parking

Peter - Simi Valley

This is my go-to place to park. Have parked here many times over the last several years.


Outdoor Self Parking

Greg. Conant

The Marriott lot is an excellent choice for LAX travel, easy access and in a well supervised and well lit location.


Indoor Valet Parking

Richard M.

I've been very loyal to this place for a long time, but I'm tired of their long wait times and horrible customer service.

It appears they only have two shuttles working the entire airport. I had to wait almost 30 minutes for a shuttle to pick me up and once I'm inside it's completely empty!? I text them, so my car is ready when I arrive and no car in sight, although there were 3 attendants standing around just chatting it up.

I'm done!


Outdoor Self Parking


Great location, outdoor parking, no wait time for shuttle, parked and was dropped off straight to my airlines within minutes.


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