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Julie I. - Anaheim, CA

I like parking in the structure, however the wait times at the airport are always long - about 30 minutes.


Self Parking

Bonnie P. - Whittier, CA

Parking was quick and very convenient. Staff was GREAT!


Self Parking

Natalia - San Diego, CA

Most things I rated high. The one thing I didn't like and it was part of the first impression is... despite the fact that I had a reservation, we were told self-parking was completely full. It was only after I hassled the guys that they admitted there were a few spots available. To me the hassling shouldn't have had to happen. You are stressed enough before a trip. The only other complaint is that the elevator didn't appear to go all the way to the roof which can defeat the purpose of the elevator. Otherwise the staff was very helpful. We had about 10 pieces of luggage plus a toddler and the drivers were very courteous in helping us with all those pieces.



Lynne - Orange County, CA

Great experience. Quick and easy! Shuttle was ready to go when we arrived. When our flight landed, got our luggage, walked outside and a shuttle was right there! Thank you for an inexpensive, efficient parking experience at LAX!



William N. - Millbrae, CA

hardly any covered parking space
has to pay more to do valet all the time


Self Parking

Philip C. - Arcadia, CA

Waiting for the lights to get into the lot from 105 Westbound was tedious. Roof parking does not have an elevator so you need to walk down a flight of stairs to then take the elevator.

Wait time on return was about 20 minutes which is not bad but not great either as many other shuttles passed by. Considering how close this lot is to LAX, it's too bad they don't run shuttles more frequently instead of only when you call.


Self Parking

Leobardo M. - Visalia, CA

honestly.... great job!!!!!!


Self Parking

Daniel N. - Palm Springs, CA

The parking is close to LAX and feels safe. I had to circle 7 flights to self park on the roof. The elevator is fine, but doesn't go all the way to the roof. The circling and parking are tight.

Shuttle pickup at LAX wasn't so easy. The courtesy shuttle red signs are short and many vans are there at one time. I waved at one shuttle, I guess he didn't see me for he paused for 4 seconds as I was trying to get around others that were loading a different shuttle, and the 105 shuttle just drove off. I called the provided number 3 times and finally got a ride. I like how it is easy off the 105 to get to the lot.


Self Parking

Valerie C. - Aliso Viejo, CA

Everything went smoothly. Will definitely park here again!


Self Parking

Alex - LA, CA

Out of the "budget" self-park lots around LAX, I've found this one to be one of the best. Parking spots are wider than usual, the shuttle comes within minutes IF you call them when you are almost outside and it's priced right. Sure, they often overbook so you have to park on the adjacent dirt lot or spiral upwards to the top floors, but otherwise it's fine.


Self Parking

Joseph N. - Los Angeles, CA

Took awhile to find a spot and the elevator's pretty slow, but it's a clean, well-lit garage and the shuttle service was great. I will be parking here again soon.


Self Parking

Michael V. - Los Angeles, CA

Information Booth directed me right where to park. Shuttle was there within 5 minutes. Takes a little longer to pick up at the airport though. Can't beat the price, I will definitely be using this place everytime.


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