Easy Park LAX

6101 West 98th St., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Map

Self Parking
Shuttle Interval, min12-15
Easy Park LAX (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 1.8 miles
Type of parking: Outdoor Self
Clearance: no restrictions

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: No

Self parking just 2 blocks from LAX Airport behind the Sheraton hotel with direct Access from Century Blvd. Well lit and 24/7 attended parking lots with security gates. Free continuous shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with "LAX Easy Park"; logo on each. Luggage assistance is complimentary.

Additional services:
Car wash and detail are available upon request (at the front drive of the Sheraton Hotel).

Additional information:

To arrange shuttle pick up when you are back from your trip call Easy Park LAX or simply go to the shuttle pick up location (in front of each of the terminals) and shuttles will be along shortly to take you back to Easy Park LAX.

Alternative Shuttles: Sheraton Hotel is within walking distance and offers free shuttle transportation to and from airport terminals as well.

What our customers say about Easy Park LAX


Quality of parking lot in disrepair, asphalt needs repair, spaces are managable but tight. Intercom to relay confirmation number at exit is in poor audio quality.

Great service, I will use it again and recommended to anybody.
- California

We had a long wait time for the pickup from the airport, 25 minutes. Add that to the stop at every terminal and traffic and it added almost an 50 minutes to our trip. We saw competitor parking areas with several shuttles in the time we waited for our pickup. I will try those next time.
- Los Angeles

The wait time on the way back was about 40min.

Everyone's super friendly and it's either a 20min walk or a 10 minute suttle ride which they have going through the lot often. Had a plane land at 9, I was on the shuttle for 9:30, got out of the lot and to venice before 10.

Prepaid parking reservation can take time. I have to wait for the operator, give my confirmation, parking ticket, and name. If we disconnect, I have to wait for the next operator and try again. During my previous visit it took 3 people to process my final payment.
- Nalin Desai

Wonderful experience of parking. Very quick shuttle service to and from airport. Good help at the exit gate. Good price too. I will certainly use it again and would recommend to all my friends.
- Tehachapi, CA

We traveled to Hawaii with my mom who was using a walker. Driver helped us get her on and off the shuttle when we departed. When we came back I saw a shuttle that was just pulling up to the curb and left my mom with my wife on the sidewalk just outside of baggage claim. I ran up to the shuttle and I explained to the driver my mom was handicapped and was trying to cross the four lanes of traffic outside of the baggage claim. She told me she would be glad to wait for her and once my mom got there the driver helped us get her on the shuttle. Will always use this lot when flying out of LAX. They are really convenient, fast and courteous.
- Orange County

I've been using this parking lot for years. It seems to always be changing. They took out the tellers and now it just a pay stall. You always have to wait a long time with this company. They also pick up for the Sheraton and what that means to the consumer is that they pick up the flight attendants and crew and so they are generally full and will pass you by to take care of them first. I found a great deal through cheap airport parking so I was happy but my plans had changes and there was no way to modify through this website so I called easy park directly spoke with a nice lady and said its no problem they would honor the same price just to tell them when I'm leaving.... Well, guess what the day it came to leave I did just that pushed the call button and the rep said she couldn't honor it. As I'm trying to explain a car behind me start honking and screaming at us and the car next to us to hurry up really,!!! That man behind us went crazy we feared for our lives and what was worse as I'm trying to tell the rep on the call button to forget it and charge me she can't hear me because it was a one way Wilkie talkie speaker and she just kept talking and talking. No I didn't feel safe and they need to figure out a better system because it does take forever to exit with the prepaid system. Needs security around the exit.

I've parked here 4 times.
1. Shuttles come frequently (although ones a shuttle stopped very far away and left before I could run up to it, ARGH).
2. Very close and quick to LAX (about same distance as lot C from LAX, the shuttle takes that same little bridge that the Lot C shuttles take which bypasses the traffic on Century).
3. Self parking, which is easy.
4. Drivers are nice and are efficient with loading and unloading luggage.
5. Inexpensive.
6. Behind the Sheraton, so you will get the pilots who are spending the night at the Sheraton on the shuttle with you.

1. Check out is a pain. It's unstaffed, so you always have to bring your printout of your reservation which is one more thing to remember.
2. Huge uncovered lot, sort of like parking at Lot C, so car gets pretty dirty.

For a first timer on these type of services I was satisfied with the entire process. The drivers were friendly, The staff processing my payment very helpful and patient. I definitely would consider using their services again.
- Long Beach, CA

This is the 2nd time I've parked here & I was running late due to a move. The shuttle driver who's name was Effey? was extremely accommodating, saying that he would take me right away. Especially since my terminal is at the end on terminal 6. I was the only one on the shuttle so I got dropped off right away. He went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly for me & I felt bad that I couldn't tip him very well. Hopefully I'll be able to catch him on my return.
- Bakersfield CA

It's extremely easy to use this parking lot:

1. Reserve online. You will be issued a receipt with a Confirmation Number (Print out this receipt). You will be charged only 10% of the total cost of parking.
2. When you arrive at the gate of the Easy Parking, press the button. You will be issued a Parking Ticket (Keep this ticket as you will need this to check out).
3. Park your car at any parking space. Remember where you park your car as there are signs indicating 1, 2, 3 etc. (Be sure to keep the Parking Ticket and Confirmation Number handy for check out later on)
4. Wait at the Shuttle Stop by the entrance.
5. Returning from LAX to the Easy Parking Lot. Wait at the Red Sign indicating Hotel Shuttle.
6. Look for the Easy Parking/Sheraton Hotel Shuttle.
7. Customers will be dropped off at Sheraton Hotel first, then the Shuttle will be heading to Easy Parking lot.
8. Once you are ready to leave, drive to the exit.
9. Press the intercom button where an arrow pointing to it. A live person will be speaking asking for the last 6 digits of the Parking Ticket and Confirmation Number.
10. Then the final cost of the parking will appear on screen.
11. Insert your credit card and a receipt will be issued.
12. Then the gate will be lifted and you drive out of the parking lot.

I will park at Easy Parking again!!
- Diamond Bar, Ca

I have used this lot around 10 times. Great price. Great, very close to LAX location. Easy and quick check in process - grab a ticket from the machine and go park. Equally as quick check out process - insert ticket/credit card and you're on your way. If you have a reservation with a special rate, simply press the help button at check out and a person will be online to guide you through the check out process very quickly. As far as the shuttle, I've typically experienced minor wait times both coming and going. The drivers I've encountered are friendly and helpful.
- Diamond Bar, Ca

Very convenient parking option. Very close to LAX which makes for a quick ride to the terminals. The price is great. Shuttle bus pick-ups for both departures and arrivals for the most part have been pretty quick. Check-in is a snap - just take a ticket from the automated machine. The check out process is very quick which gets you on your way. That is especially nice after a long flight. I've parked here approximately 10 times.
- Tustin, CA

If you want to wait and wait for the shuttle as everyone else gets picked up, chose Easy Park. What a frustration after a long trip to have to wait almost an hour for your ride back to your parked car.
- Long Beach, CA

Loved parking here. Everyone I came in contact with was very sincere. The shuttle driver went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly for me.
- Los Angeles, CA

Parking was easy! Shuttle was fast to and from airport. Will use this park and ride again!
- Los Angeles

No issues, parked and shuttle picked us up promptly. Return wait for shuttle was about 15 minutes, which was not bad at all. Would park again.
- Austin

Hubby lost his tkt and everyone was very helpful. First time users. We'll be back.
- Los Angeles, CA

Solid place to park. Super close to airport. Bus came in the 15 min window as promised. Book ahead of time online because you can usually find deals. Only negative is that it is outdoor parking.
- Lakewood

Defnitely will be using Easy Park LAX again! Nice, simple and friendly!
- Santa Maria, CA

The parking lot was very close and convenient to the airport. The staff was helpful and polite. Very easy to board their shuttle vehicle. They helped me with my luggage. Gave me instructions on how to get a shuttle on my return and how pay for my parking. On my return as soon as one shuttle departed another arrived. I will use them again.
- Temple City, CA

I really am very happy I found you… had a long wait to get to the airport, but very little wait for my return. Your drivers are really fantastic & helpful!
- Canyon Country, CA

Good price. Had problems with the pay station when we returned but the lady at the other end of the intercom provided excellent help.
- Temple City

Everything was excellent except for when we were checking out. I pushed the button and when the attendant answered I gave her my code and she told me that I did not come up in the system and that she would have to have a person come to the location to see my paperwork. A few minutes later she came back on the intercom and said that she located me and the reason that it didn't come up was that I had indicated that I would be checking out at 6 pm and that it was after 6 pm. I told her that she had better take another look at her clock, that it was only 5:40 pm. Then she completed the credit card transaction and we were on out way. Otherwise, everything was excellent.
- San Clemente, CA

Great experience!
- Riverside, CA

Very close to LAX, behind the Sheraton. On the way to LAX, shuttle was there waiting for us. On the way home, their phone didn't work to call to say we're here, but the shuttle is constantly making its rounds, so it just depends if you catch it right at the right moment. We might have waited 15 minutes.
- Los Angeles, CA

This parking lot is close to LAX and affordable. I even messed up and didn't follow the instructions, but they were accommodating and refunded me in a timely fashion.
- Santa Barbara, CA

I booked this one just because of the price and the location. Both is hard to beat. I read the negative experiences about the shuttle waiting time and in fact I was waiting for 10 minutes before I started walking to the terminal (I am a very impatient person and do not mind some exercise though). Took me 15 minutes to get to Terminal 5 which is okay. I will come here again unless I buy a brand new car or my wife is with me (although I felt safe walking to the airport, the streets were pretty empty at 11pm).
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